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Titan War Cost? Beast Titan SECRET REVEALED! Attack on Titan Chapter 105 Shingeki no Kyojin 105

Titan War Cost? Beast Titan SECRET REVEALED! Attack on Titan Chapter 105 Shingeki no Kyojin 105

so did Isayama major death finally
happened in attack on Titan? Anyway what’s up guys Foxen here! Attack on Titan
chapter 105 is out and boy this chapter Isayama really knows how to
feed his attack on Titan fans. So another juicy chapter this month just in time
for Golden Week here! This time you got some important mystery answered as well
as the return of a certain beast Titan. Unfortunately at what cost? A certain
potato got smashed but we’ll get to that first things first the beginning of the
chapter you got the older bummed out Eren getting on board the blimp.
You see Armin helping his little buddy there. Here take a close look at that
hand panel shot. I mean come on super symbolic or what? If you want to go
even further just look at the background light versus dark. Although really a look
at Armin’s face you could tell that he’s not too happy.
Anyway quickly following this you have Levi interacting with this older Eren.
Levi still seems to be like his older self that line about falling into
some crap hole, expected of Levi Although notice right here there is some
conflict with everyone. You immediately have Levi kicking Eren in the face. I
guess some things don’t ever change. Years later Eren is still getting his
ass kicked by Levi. Even Levi’s making a joke out of it. Although things here
quickly get serious. As predicted by some of you Eren was put under arrest. I mean
you even have these to Survey Corps members holding guns up to him. From the
previous festival actions a good chunk of people who did expect Eren to be acting
on its own and to some extent not to be following the survey corps. With this
chapter that has now been confirmed but let me come back to this. Alright so
probably one of the major things from this chapter unfortunately you got Gabi
sneaking on board of the blimp randomly shooting someone and it happens to have
been Sasha. So about Gabi being hated before looks
like this Gabi hate isn’t gonna stop anytime soon! It even did get me pissed
off at her for a moment there. I saw Sasha I’m just thinking about how this
will look in the anime. It’s gonna be like ten times worse and sadder. Although
about Gabbi right after she sneaked up and shot someone. I am really surprised
that neither Gabi or Falco got instantly shot and not just shot, like instantly
filled with bullet holes. I mean just look at her from a Survey Corps’ point
of view they don’t know what the frickin hell is going on they’re obviously gonna
shoot these guys with guns and then try to fully address the situation. Meanwhile
you did have that line from Floch about chucking them out the blimp. So screw
you Floch but that is a good idea but I’m only joking just a bit though. Anyway
as for Sasha being taken out here what the frigging hell! Why did I have to be
her why not Floch? In case you don’t know Sasha was originally supposed to die for
years back during attack on titan season two. It would have been during that scene
of her helping out that little girl. Sasha ultimately would have failed been
grabbed by the titan and perhaps crushed to death. This time just known as a
parallel back then Sasha rescued and gave life back into this young girl. This
time she spared this young girl and died by her hands hmm. I do wonder how people
are gonna handle this. Are there gonna be any over of reactions or people causing
drama online over this? We’ll see. Anyway as for Eren during
this you actually have Eren crying a bit. What actually hit it for me was Connie
confirming Sasha’s death. I mean I was a bit surprising this to reaction from
Eren. Eren so far seem to give this impression of being this war torn
emotionless person but that seems to be not the case at all.
Anyway next major reveal this chapter Zeke working with the scouts has been
confirmed! Let me just say that I’ve been saying this for like the past half a
year now maybe a whole year now and I’ve had so many people call me insane,
stupid whatever other insult you could think of now. Here you have it confirmed
but who cares that doesn’t really matter now. What is interesting here is what
is confirmed specifically that secret Marley spy agent it turns out that it
was just a Zeke fangirl so yes that’s right it was not Connie, not the stallion,
not secretly Annie it was this person that admired Zeke so a potential Zeke
lover? Some love interest? But perhaps what’s more important here is that this
newcomer was supposed to be the one that made sure that Jaws and Pieck did not
get involved! So great job right there. I guess to be fair it wasn’t an entirely
her fault. Some of those Survey Corps members for example could have stayed
back and watched. As for some more info about this person and also a little from
Pieck, which by the way it’s another small confirmation that Pieck is just alright.
She’s still totally wrecked but that Titan regeneration is gonna
make her all better! As for the soldier that was wearing that
fake beard turns out she was one of the people sent to Paradise Island three
years back so this just has me thinking how many other soldiers from Marley are
also helping out Paradise Island right now? You couldn’t have just been her.
Anyway as for Zeke himself finally getting some more words from him and I’m
freaking loving this little banter between Levi and Zeke. It makes it even
more fun seeing their interaction given their special history from the previous
arc. Just notice right here how Zeke specifically mentions how they’ve
gathered the founding Titan and royal blood. I think all this really confirms
that Zeke has known some certain Titan past secret from the Beast Titan
memories. At the same time perhaps Eren now has seen something from the past
memories too after tasting some delicious Warhammer juices, which by the
way there still is no confirmation or lack of one about the Warhammer status.
I’m still saying 80% chance that Eren has it! Also another thing to notice here
is specifically from Eren about that royal blood. Eren previously held back
that information about needing this Titan born from royal blood,
that is to use the coordinate power. He chose not to tell the Survey Corps
members or even Hange about it but notice now from this interaction it
seems like that’s all out in the open. I’m just wondering when did Eren inform
them about it? Or perhaps has more important what is their
plan going forward? We’re going to be are you gonna see the Beast Titan and Eren’s
attack Titan fist bump then see all the wall colossal Titan is coming into play
here? But anyway back to Zeke just look at this final panel shot of his. Zeke
must be thinking all according to plan. Because really even if some sort of
alliance or truth has been confirmed with the survey corps you still better
not fully trust this guy. Keep a close eye on him! I’m talking to you Levi.
Anyway as for a couple of other things as chapter worth noting first off at the
beginning of the chapter you have the mentioning the garrison group. Now it
seems that old garrison members are in line with the survey corps. I’m really
just wondering what the hell is going on back home on the island. What happened to
the military police and other survey divisions. Did they don’t just merge? Is
everyone just an honorary survey Corps member? Next up how about that early
celebration flag that they triggered they talked about how they had six
deaths total for the Surrey Corps which is practically nothing. Just that +2 to
that now. By the way at the same time you have Floch mentioning this Eldian Empire.
I’m just wondering how many of the others feel the same way as him?
Trying to fully resurrect this? I mean is paradise island now officially
renamed itself as just Eldian empire? W2 of course? As for the stallion this
chapter you do have a moment from Jean reflecting over all of the deaths from
this insane battle or perhaps beginning of war and this really just shows how
far the stallion has come. Although to serve as a counter you do
have Floch which doesn’t care much at all.
Hs focus is entirely on their victory. As for Connie Connie did have this lovely
moment at the beginning hugging his best buddy Sasha and the stallion. Right now I
am just wondering what their relation is to Eren Mikasa and Armin now post time
skip. Did all these guys get closer or some of them started drifting apart. Next
up Gabbi this chapter before she did a certain something which I’m really
trying to not hate her right now so this chapter you do get a better
understanding of what’s going on in Gabby’s head. I gotta say I was really
surprised to see how much thought she actually put into this whole Eldian
situation. GabbI pretty much had the goal of showing the world that they were
wrong about the Eldians. Unfortunately now that has all been lost
thanks to this other Eldian group’s actions. So from all of this it was pretty
surprising to see a lot of people have called Gabby the female Eren but then
you get moments like this which sure that isn’t the case at all.
Gabby wasn’t or isn’t and just as little angry kid running around. That being said
unfortunately gabby is still only a kid one who’s been brought to believe this
Marly propaganda about how the island guys are all some sort of different evil
Devils. As for falco at this time falco does have a deeper understanding of why
all this is happening within Marley which is all thanks to sitting in on
Eren’s little talk with Reiner earlier on. You can’t really discount the warrior’s
atrocities committed against the Paradise Island Eldians all those
years back. Given the present situation casualties really seemed unavoidable for
both sides especially a given Willy’s declaration of war on the island next up
take a look at this I really like how you get this close-up shot of the new
gun they give some detail about the new 3d maneuver gear it seems that these
guns have this double trigger mechanism was for the gun and the other is for
that cable that they launched and pretty nice to see the details
as for Falco sneaking onboard with Gabby Oh Falco you’re still trying to save or
protect your dear lovely Gabby but what’s this some innocent love and
attack on Titan you should know way better than that Falco I’m gonna call it
now Falco is definitely gonna be taken out trying to protect Gabby in some way
next up back to older air in this chapter so seems there is trouble in
paradise quite literally right now has been
confirmed that aaron has been working alone to some extent Aaron’s actions
here forced a server core to come in I do think that Hajis line here fully
captures their thoughts on those previously the survey corps had complete
trust in Aaron which he fully knew what is Aaron do he goes ahead and takes
advantage of their loyalty for his goal and what is the result won’t you now
have this outcome morally has practically been destroyed the war
hammer has been wrecked and very likely captured what is a cost well the world
is all against Paradise Island now although to be fair whether Aaron took
action in this festival or not thanks to Willie they would have
attacked anyway as for suruc or casualties so far you have like under 10
although really the only major one has been Sasha mm ouch
and finally the survey Corps members have now lost their trust in Aaron good
behind good buddies now the question is is it all justified let’s just hope this
doesn’t drag on too long although I got a feeling that arming Kony and
definitely the stallion are gonna have some heavy words for Aaron coming up
anyway as for petitions that came true this chapter of course I mentioned
that’s the go-to Mellie working with the scams I still can’t believe how many
people just got pissed off at the thought when I brought this up and then
you have a second one I call it which was Gaby and Falco getting on board then
getting captured so hey Reiner buddy time to return to
the island soon have fun but seriously both of these two getting
captured very likely means that the upcoming chapter is coming soon are just
gonna be Paradise Island focused Gaby and Falco will serve as this morley
perspective I do see Falco potentially working with them and maybe even cabbie
will change science to who knows as for the ending of all of this supposing
nothing within Marley is capable of taking down there floating ride so next
chapter are we gonna see Aaron an acerbic or returning to Paradise Island
I do think so Marley seems to be done now where this Marley Ark ultimately end
with only one major death for the server core or cuz someone else be
the chopping block next what do you think anyway let me go ahead and hear
all your thoughts on this question of the day
did you call Zeke working with a Surrey core or are you totally surprised and
then how about Sasha did anyone cry a little seeing potato girls final moments
hopefully Sasha isn’t a better place now with a lot of meat and what do you think
about Gabi now should they go ahead and pull the Sparta on Gabi anyway it
definitely gives us a call sums up and subscribe more attack on Titan videos
are coming including a follow-up video for this one soon also I am working on a
more detailed breakdown for the attack on Titan season 3 trailer definitely
subscribe for more juicy attack on Titan videos every week and I’ll see you guys

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