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Titan Raga Women’s Watch ordered from SNAPDEAL || Unboxing & Quick Review ||

Titan Raga Women’s Watch ordered from SNAPDEAL || Unboxing & Quick Review ||

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Reader Comments

  1. Nick ji agr ye original nhi h to billing me titan kyo likha h phir hum log titan or snapdeal pe SC me case file kr skte h..
    Itna bda gadbad bin tata ke ho hi ni skta… tata company apna logo or brand name kisiko kaise use krne de skti h…or agar tata company enhe authority de rhi h to esme kuch gadbad h

  2. Nick maine amazon se magai h fastrack watches original price pe jo ki uska real MRP h 1995 Rs me kya wo bi duplicate hogi

  3. इसकी असली नकली की पहचान करना हो तो घड़ी सुधारने वाले के पास जाओ खुलवा कर देख लो मशीन चमकदार स्टील की है तो ओरिजिनल और अगर मशीन काली प्लास्टिक की है तो नकली

  4. मैंने टाइटन रागा की यही वॉच मंगाई है और यह मुझे आज ही डिलीवर हुई है!… मुझे भी इसे देखकर ऐसा ही लगा कि यह नकली है …..मेरी वॉच के साथ तो कोई वारंटी कार्ड भी नहीं है ! मैंने सोचा है कि जल्दी ही इसे टाइटन वॉचेस की ओरिजिनल शॉप पर दिखा चेक करवा लेना चाहिए कि यह ओरिजिनल है या डुप्लीकेट!!

  5. Abey… Woh itna Kam price meh itna acha watch Mila… Ek dham original jaise.. aur Kya chahiye tume.

    5000 ka 500 main tume dheney ke liye…
    Snapdeal pagal Hain Kya .?

  6. I mean how can u expect that they give uhh original product in this price….I hv a titan watch wid the price oF 3000 …and that is really soooooo fake..

  7. Snapdeal lk a online chorbazar …. there can replace their name???here u can get anything …in low price with the tag of original

  8. I have ordered Titan 2486 watch from snapdeal. It has not come with any Titan price tag or warranty card. It's fake. Returning this watch. I just wanted to check what snapdeal delivers. Now I confirmed

  9. I dont get.. why you people are blaming snapdeal.. they are not selling fake items in their original f**king price.. There are selling it in a price way lower. I bought the watch and it is of good quality. Of course it is not the thing that we get from a Titan outlet.

  10. I bought nike airmax shoes Rs 2700 from snapdeal.
    The box, the shoes everything was duplicate.
    The model was also different.
    The price was showing Rs 2300. But when i ordered it was increased.

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