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Three O’Clock High (8/10) Movie CLIP – Jerry’s Sexy Book Report (1987) HD

Three O’Clock High (8/10) Movie CLIP – Jerry’s Sexy Book Report (1987) HD

Jery, did you
actually read a book? Would you gimme a break?
Well, could we– – l’m tyin’ to make
a point here.
-)ery– You don’t think l could
tell you about a book l read? ls that whatyou think?
[ Laughs ] 1ery. The book. Fine. The book. Honey Goes to Holl_ood. [ Coughs ] lt’s a good read. Fast, angy, sexual. l was, uh– l was thinkin’ about the syntax
and how it affected the overall mood. Particularly during the more…
expositoy passages. The fifth chapter… where Honey meets the whole
Australian soccer team. ln fact, l gotta tell ya, it kinda made me
think ofyou, Miss Farmer. There l was, in bed,
reading my book, Honey’s adventures gripping
my imagination. ljust knew l had to tell you about
a book that was this good. Hey, Mama. Jery, l hope
this is going somewhere. [ Sizzling ] What’s your favorite book,
Miss Farmer? What’s
the difference? The Turn ofthe Screw.
What a coincidence. Now, that’s what l call
a book report.

Reader Comments

  1. Instead of blood rushing down below it rushed upstairs lmao how do you faint after a kiss lmfao. Still love the movie.

  2. Miss Farmer was played by Caitlin O'Heaney. She looks just like and has the same birthday as actress Lesley Ann Warren.

  3. One of my childhood movies. The track in this clip is awesome, someone please, take out the talking and put the music. Great tracks on this movie.

  4. that is by far the best part of the movie …I love the music that plays in the background and that kid at the end saying now that's a book report its just so classic 80s school movie

  5. Sure miss the 80's techno movies. hollywod bastards should have given Caitlin O'Heaney more gigs while she was in her prime.

  6. I'm sorry but Tangerine Dream make some unbelievable music. It just fits the scene perfectly. I bet the person editing the movie at the time was just like 'wow, this music is phenomenal'

  7. Can not believe I just found this classic movie last night. Never heard of it before, but after watching this scene I knew it was gonna be one of my favorite movies ever!

  8. This scene alone makes the whole film worthwile. Shame this clip cuts the initial 40 seconds of it, which is just as funny.

    The best part is how I'm aware this movie is just god-awful piece of 80s popcorn movies… and I can't stop loving this scene.

  9. I hope this movie stays underground. Moments like this are what made 80s and 90s movies so iconic and culteralized. I love how the theme music emblazons the script to build the overall tension that makes these scenes so perfect. I feel like it's more or less gone from the film industry now.


  11. This is one of those movies that cost pennies to make and you get a million miles out of it. Prob the only thing even remotely close to a big name in1987 was the buddy revel. Only cause he dud kindergarten cop. Rest of these people were almost off the street.

  12. This movie can be underestimated anywhere, but it is a true phenomenon here, in Brazil. EVERYBODY who was a child in the 90s knows. Here it came out with the title "Te Pego Lá Fora" that can be translated as "I Get You Out".

  13. I have always felt this scene and the whole film overall was one big dream in the eyes of Jerry, a fantasy…. The end of the film especially gave that feeling with the teacher and the two other women that it was all a dream.

  14. This movie will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, the music here is so good. I don't know why. I just love it.

  15. Is that what you think? Heu ah ahahahhhah ahhh hahah.. 😂

    Honey goes to hollywood..

    Fast .. angry s*xual

  16. I thought it would be awesome if there was sex at the moment when he said "it's going somewhere" then after the guy at the end says his line"now that's what I call a book report."PERFECT

  17. I tried this and it didn't work. Also, I have to stay at least 500 feet away from my English teacher at all times now.

  18. No special effects no CG, just great writing an old school movie making. I watch one movie every three years if I'm lucky and I'm always disappointed. Movie industry sucks now.

  19. WOW what a culture law shift because everything in this scene was totally legal in America in the 80’s and in most countries today (age of consent in Italy 🇮🇹 is 14). If this happened in America today her life is totally ruin and Jerry 16ish and everybody in the classroom goes to lifetime therapy. This movie scene is totally cool but wrong this is so weird.

    Watch the 60’s movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s for even a bigger cultural shift.

  20. I love how 80’s movies like this and The Breakfast Club can have such simple premises and still keep you entertained the entire time

  21. Miss Farmer: "Turn of the Screw." To paraphrase, now that's what I call a double entendre. This film is perfect on so many fronts! The manner that the student life, the entire school environment, and the people who purport to make it all go is depicted is off-the-charts accurate! Miss Farmer seems like she would be a fair and decent teacher who would be extremely popular with all of the student body, including the females. The principal and his secretary, the nurse, and "The Duker" are portrayed to a "T." Buddy Revell would have turned that Duker dude into "a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone" to quote the late, great Jim Croce ("Bad Bad Leroy Brown"). Such a fun and YES vastly underrated movie! One of my all-time favorites to be sure. BTW "Weaver High" is actually Ogden high School, at about 30th St. and Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah. The "Weaver" is probably inspired by the name of the local college just south up Harrison, one Weber College (Now Weber State University). I lived in the area and drove past many times going to the college and it's a beautiful school situated just below the local Wasatch Front mountain range. I thought other fans of the film would like to know (o:

  22. I would love to see a book report by one Buddy Revell. I wonder who his English teacher was? It's too bad there couldn't be sequels such as "Jerry goes to college." Or Buddy Revell…imagine the possibilities!

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