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They Let a Dog in a Lion’s Cage. What Happened Next Shocked Everyone…

They Let a Dog in a Lion’s Cage. What Happened Next Shocked Everyone…

Nature has brought together an incredible
array of diverse living things that not even the greatest sci-fi writers could’ve dreamt
up. While out in the wild, animals must compete
under the rule of survival of the fittest to get by, some unbelievable creatures have
found a more compassionate way to get through their day to day lives. Today we’re going to be getting up close
and personal with some of the most interesting, shocking, and downright unusual animal friendships
that the world has ever seen. Ready to take a look? Let’s get it on! LION AND DACHSHUND! They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but
apparently that’s not the whole story. At Winwood Animal Refuge in Oklahoma, a variety
of exotic animals have an awesome home where they get to play and enjoy life, and among
these wild residents are a few animals we might view as a bit more domestic. Meet Abby the dachshund, a little dog who
probably looks like a tasty sausage to most of the carnivorous residents of the park. Still, against seemingly every law of nature,
Abby has formed an unusually and totally adorable bond with Bonedigger, a full-grown Barbary
lion. While seeing a little dog this close to the
mouth of a lion might alarm most animal lovers, just a few seconds of looking closer reveal
the loving friendship between these two distantly related carnivores. From the time Bonedigger was just a cub, Abby
and a few other weiner dogs were introduced to him, and it was love at first bite… I mean sight, my bad… While time might have brought a big size difference
between these unlikely pals, nobody seems to have told them, as they constantly play
and chase each other around their enclosure like they’re one big happy pride. When the animals have to be separated for
just a few minutes to clean the enclosure, Bonedigger sulks around miserably without
Abby by his side, and when they all come back home just a moment later, they jump for joy
as if they haven’t seen each other in forever! LION, TIGER AND BEAR! Let’s face it, these three animals are some
of the most terrifying animals on the planet that you’d never want to come across alone,
let alone all at once. Well, it seems the keepers at Noah’s Ark
Shelter in Georgia didn’t get the memo, because they ended up with that exact combination
of animals working as perfect friends. These three super predators have really spun
our understanding of nature on its head, because a friendship like this has never been seen
before. The three were owned illegally by a kingpin
who was arrested in 2001, leading to them being taken in at Noah’s Ark. Apparently, they had formed a bond from the
time they were little to overcome the squalid conditions they had to endure together, and
when keepers tried to separate them they each got extremely depressed. I guess going through something like that
really forges friendships that can even transcend species! The trio have happily spent every day playing
and cuddling together ever since, being totally inseparable and surprisingly being complete
sweethearts even after their rough upbringing. It really goes to show that no matter how
hard things might get, you’ll always be alright if you’ve got good friends by your
side. ELEPHANT AND DOG! To most people Myrtle Beach in South Carolina
is little more than a nice Spring Break getaway where people can enjoy swimming and hanging
out with their friends. Well it seems like the sentiment doesn’t
stop at humans, because Bubbles the elephant and Bella the dog spend their days doing exactly
that. Originally rescued as an orphaned baby, weighing
only 300 pounds, which I promise is not a lot for an elephant, Bubbles spent most of
her time around the watering hole. As the young pachyderm grew to, well the size
of an elephant at over 9000 pounds, her love of swimming seemed to stretch right alongside
her, and eventually her watering hole just wasn’t big enough. The team at the preserve hired a contractor
to construct a massive pool built to suit a full grown elephant, and somehow they ended
up dropping off Bella, a Labrador puppy, to be raised by the staff at the preserve. While it might seem like a totally impossible
match, Bubbles and Bella found a mutual love of splashing around in the massive pool and
ended up becoming best buds. Bella never seemed to notice that her new
best friend was about a hundred times her size, except of course for when she started
doing cannonballs off Bubbles’ head when they swam together. Bubbles loved having the company, and even
figured out how to play fetch with Bella, teasing her with a tennis ball that she’ll
sometimes pretend to throw just like a human would! ORANGUTAN AND DOG! Most people think that humans are the only
animals who keep other animals as pets, but it turns out our close cousins the Orangutans,
are coming up on this awesome advancement themselves. Suriya is a very talented Orangutan, growing
up under the care of a wildlife agency in South Carolina. One day when the staff was walking to work
a stray dog followed them into the park, and all on his own Suriya walked over to meet
the canine newcomer. Right away the great ape and the dog took
a liking to each other, and the orangutan seemed to instantly want to take in the dog
named Roscoe by the staff, in the same way a human would take in a pet. The unlikely pair ended up doing everything
from going for relaxing swims together to even sharing food, two phenomena that researchers
had never seen from an orangutan before. Suriya loves to pet and cuddle Roscoe just
like any proud dog owner. The two have grown to become a totally inseparable
duo, and spend all their time hanging out. You can really tell that these two are best
buds. CHEETAH AND LABRADOR! Cheetahs are well known for being the fastest
animals on land, and apparently that statistic doesn’t just apply to their running speed,
because at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida, Kasi the baby cheetah set a record for making
one of the fastest and cutest friendships the world has ever seen. When Kasi was just a baby, the zoo keepers
decided that she needed some companionship, and since they didn’t have any other baby
cheetahs on hand, they went with the next best thing: a Labrador retriever puppy named
Mtani. Labradors are some of the friendliest dogs
in the world, at least, when it comes to joining human families, but it appeared that Mtani
doesn’t see species, because he and Kasi became best friends right away, playing and
cuddling with one another right from the start, and producing some of the most downright adorable
photos you’ve ever seen in the process. As the two grew up alongside one another,
they’re bond only got stronger, almost too much in fact. When Kasi grew up a little, he had no clue
how to behave like a member of his own species, acting more like a playful Labrador than a
deadly African predator. Luckily another Cheetah showed him the ropes,
but when it comes time to play with his canine companion, Kasi goes back to being all dog
with lightning speed. POLAR BEAR AND HUSKIES! Bears are some of the most fearsome and powerful
predators on the planet, and none among them is more deadly and dangerous than the polar
bear. These fluffy white giants may look cute, but
don’t let that fool you, standing at up to 10 feet tall and weighing nearly a thousand
pounds, polar bears are absolutely lethal monsters. That made it all the more amazing when a group
of wild polar bears came across a pack of domesticated sled huskies and rather than
taking the easy meal that was right there for the taking, the bears and dogs went straight
to playing. Yup, these clips are some of the most wholesome
and genuine interactions that mother nature can produce, and they’re between the craziest
predator in the entire arctic and man’s best friend! Now while these hugs and cuddles might seem
like all fun and games, researchers actually think that this kind of interspecies bonding
has an evolutionary benefit that trains both animals brains to deal with future stressors
more calmly and with less untamed panic. Now, while that sounds cool and all, I have
a little theory of my own: playing with dogs is super fun, and these bears just wanted
in on some of those awesome canine cuddles. CAT AND BEAR! Getting into a cage with a massive carnivore
is the kind of thing only a crazy adrenaline junkie would ever even consider, and most
of them would probably prefer to just jump off a mountain or something, after all it’s
way less dangerous. But we all know that when it comes to crazy
creatures with no sense of fear in them, cats have got to top the list. To prove my point, somehow a stray black cat
named Muschi managed to get into the enclosure of a 40 year old Asian bear at the Berlin
zoo. While at first Muschi would sneak in and out
of the old bear’s cage at her leisure, one day the keepers came in to find the cat cuddled
up next to the massive carnivore, seemingly having slept over. From that point on the two became inseparable,
spending all their time together, and the cat was officially adopted by the Berlin Zoo. These days the odd couple do everything together,
from sharing the raw meat and fruits the zoo provides for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
to lounging out in the sun and even getting a little exercise in. According to the zoo keepers, the bear seems
to have gotten the idea that Muschi is her own cub, and are pretty sure the cat has adopted
the old bear as her mother. Whether it’s a case of mistaken identity
or just an incredibly unlikely friendship, one thing’s for sure: these two just can’t
bear to be apart. HORSE AND DOG! Horses and dogs were some of the first animals
man ever domesticated, and it’s not hard to tell why, I mean they’re both totally
awesome companions. Of course, across that long history there
have been plenty of interactions between the two species, but none quite as heartwarming
as the unlikely friendship formed between a watchdog in training named Titan and his
equine equal Indy. Titan was bred to take care of animals on
the farm, but rather counterintuitively, he was super scared of horses, the very things
he was supposed to spend all day protecting. The ranchers nearly chalked Titan up as a
lost cause, until the day that he came across a young foal named Indy. Somehow the little horse set something off
in the canine, and before he knew it he couldn’t leave Indy’s side, constantly licking and
kissing him to show his newfound affection. It seemed like his natural defensive instincts
kicked in, as suddenly Titan was a model watchdog, if only around Indy at first. At a young age the foal got sick, and Titan
never left his side, giving him emotional support and helping him recover his strength
quickly. While we’ll never know if the duo understand
that they’re members of different species, the distinction has never seemed to matter,
and the two remain the best of friends to this day. SHEEP AND ELEPHANT! The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Shamwari
in South Africa is one of the highest ranking refuges for wild animals in the world, boasting
thousands of animals reintroduced into the wild so far. One of their heartwarming rescues was that
of Themba, a baby African elephant who was having a hard time settling in at first. After trying without much success to calm
him down enough to feed, the keepers decided to try a bit of an unorthodox style of therapy,
and introduced Albert, a young sheep into Themba’s cage. While at first Themba tried to scare Albert
off, the encounter at least got the orphaned elephant running around like he would in the
wild. After just a day, Themba was spending most
of his time by the dividing wall separating him from the sheep enclosure, and the keepers
sent Albert back in for round two. What happened next made the whole park’s
jaws drop. Themba loved playing with his wooly new friend,
and Albert didn’t seem to mind the baby elephant’s company much either. Over the next few weeks Themba became more
manageable, so long as his fluffy friend was around. The pair took to regularly taking naps and
cuddling together in the sunny savannah, and it wasn’t long before the unlikely friends
were totally inseparable. While at first the staff worried that the
young elephant might grow up thinking he was a sheep, it seems the exact opposite happened,
with Albert mimicking every move Themba made, and it’s helped a great deal in getting
the infant elephant on track to head out into the wild. Until then though, you can find him hanging
out with his best buddy Albert.

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