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  1. When you have a fight planned to settle a beef in the back alley with a dude that (apparently) got them hands at 10 p.m, but have to perfom at SNL at 11:30p.m

  2. i’m so happy that there finally is an artist that has been making good ass music for over years now and still gets better everytime he puts out music. damn what the fuck did we do to deserve this man right here

  3. You know why his music hits different? Because he makes music not just for releasing something, he makes songs that depend on his personal feelings, he's always so sincere with them. And that's why his music is unique.

  4. After 10sec I knew he was gonna kill this new song. This upcoming album will definitely be the one of the year. #MichaelJackson’sLegacy

  5. and MJ? We are witnessing this man become one of them. Maybe he’s not there yet, but he’s on his way just like they were at some point. He’s on another level.

  6. This album is a love triangle WC involves two ladies
    Like abel is letting one go en asking forgiveness frm someone else, after hours asking forgiveness frm someone en dnt be scared is letting another go , it's not abt one person wen u listen carefully

  7. People saying he's lip syncing got me weak 😂You clearly never seen any of his other performances to know he's that good live, huh? Give the guy credit where it's due…

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