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The True Cost of Your Favorite Things

The True Cost of Your Favorite Things

Here’s how much your favorite things actually
cost! 10 – Nike shoes
Just how much does it actually cost Nike to manufacture a pair of shoes? It costs Nike an average of only $28.50 to
make a sneaker that will sell for $100. For example, the Nike Air Max 2016 cost $33
to make. But it sold at a retail price of $190. The Nike Free Run 2016 cost a mere $18 dollars
to make but it sold for $100. The average 100 dollar Nike sneakers are sold
to wholesalers at $50, meaning Nike will get back $21.50. Of course, not all of that is pure profit
as there are other costs involved. The final profit on the 100 dollar sneaker
comes to around $4.50 a shoe. Multiply that 4.50 by millions of shoes sold
a year, and that’s a lot of money! One way that allows Nike to outearn their
competitors is with their overseas sales in lower-taxed countries. Continued overseas expansion has helped Nike
to continue to grow its bottom line. Quick, do us a huge favor and hit that like
button because you like helping us out! 9 – Cosmetics
The cosmetic industry in the U.S. generates $50 billion in revenue each year. The price of lipstick, makeup and various
skin care products isn’t driven by the cost of the products. The real cost for companies come in the form
of marketing. Beauty companies get celebrities to market
the products to their fans. And that costs money. A lot of it! For many people, price isn’t the deciding
factor in their purchases. If they think one product is of higher quality
than a cheaper one offered by a rival company, they’re willing to pay more for what they
perceive to be a better product. And this is precisely why marketing exists! It’s all about the perceived value, not
the actual value something delivers. People just want to FEEL like their products
work, even if it actually doesn’t! As a result, the average retail markup on
cosmetics is about 50 to 60 percent. The big names in the beauty industry are able
to achieve high gross margins between 60 and 80 percent! You can almost always find a cheaper drugstore
product that will do pretty much the same job of an expensive cosmetic item. 8 – Daniel Wellington Watches
In the era of social media, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of Daniel Wellington watches. And chances are, you may know them better
than any other watch brand that’s been in the watch industry for many more years! But here’s the story that’s not being
told by all the Instagram influencers you see wearing Daniel Wellington watches. They’re mostly priced in the $149 to $229
dollar range – pretty affordable for a great watch, right? Well, it’s a good price for a nice looking
watch. However, many people would disagree on the
word ‘great’. The quartz movement is made in Japan while
the watch is assembled in China. The materials used don’t justify the price
that it’s sold at. The cases are thin and barely waterproof. With such a cheap manufacturing process, you
can actually buy one with the same design at just around $10. Is it worth paying extra for just the name? Are you enjoying learning with this video? Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button
and the notification bell! Because you don’t want to miss our upcoming
video on the most counterfeit items! Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington
watches, has built himself a fortune. But despite the crazy growth of his company,
he hasn’t done anything to change or improve the quality of his watches. But really, does he have to if people continue
buying the watches? The company would much rather focus much more
on marketing and branding, rather than improving the quality of their watches! 7 – Eyewear
For many people, glasses and sunglasses are a basic necessity. But if we’re keeping it real, designer eyewear
can get really expensive! Designer frames can easily cost north of $400,
while standard glasses from a company such as Pearle Vision can start at around $80. But it turns out that these prices are marked
up, way up, depending on the brand. There’s essentially just a few select manufacturers
for designer eyewear. The biggest eyewear company is the Italian
group Luxottica. They own and control a large portion of the
eyewear market. Luxottica makes eyewear for brands such as
Dolce & Gabbana, Oakley, and Ray-Ban. They also manufacture glasses for ultra high
end brands such as Prada, Chanel, and Versace! Yep, even though the brand on the stem is
different, they’re all made by the same company. And by doing that, Luxottica manages to earn
a hefty gross profit of 64¢ per dollar in sales! Experts say that the actual cost for frames
that are at a middle level of quality is around $4 to $8. For the higher quality designer frames, the
cost is at most around 25 dollars. Yep, designer sunglasses that cost 500 dollars
or more, cost less than 25 dollars to make! 6 – The iPhone
So what exactly is the cost to make an iPhone? Let’s take the 256 gig iPhone XS Max. This phone retails for $1,249 dollars. But it’s actually pretty expensive to make,
because it costs $443 dollars to make an XS Max! Let’s take a look at the breakdown! Unsurprisingly, the huge 6.5-inch OLED display
is the phone’s most costly component at $80 dollars and 50 cents. The A12 processor and Intel modem is $72 dollars. The memory costs $64.50. The mechanical parts and housing cost $58
bucks. And the cameras are $44 dollars. The remaining cost of $124 per phone is what
the testing and assembly costs average to. Back during the iPhone’s heyday, Apple reportedly
made 74 cents on every dollar of revenue on the sale of each iPhone. However, earnings have gone down since. Obviously, despite the dip, Apple is still
doing just fine. Even though iPhones account for 18% percent
of smartphone sales, Apple earns a whopping 87 percent of the industry’s profit! 5 – Diamonds
If you’re buying diamonds at all, you’re not getting much value for your money. A lot of people think that diamonds are an
investment…..they’re not. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, the
diamond industry is basically a massive scam. First of all, diamonds are nowhere near as
rare as we’ve been led to believe. There are other gemstones, such as rubies,
which are in far shorter supply. Yet, thanks to aggressive ad campaigns since
the 1930s, we still believe that diamonds are the jewel to beat. They’re not even a sound investment, thanks
to fluctuating values. Shoppers in the market for a diamond should
be prepared to pay anywhere from 50 percent to 200 percent more than the wholesale cost! Tiffanys is one of the most well-known luxury
brands there are, but are you really getting what you pay for? If you buy a diamond from Tiffany’s, you’re
pretty much just shelling out extra money for the name. And the blue box. Other jewelers sell diamonds without the steep
prices. A diamond is a diamond. A Costco diamond of a quality similar to one
sold at Tiffany’s can be thousands of dollars cheaper! 4 – Starbucks coffee Americans drink coffee more than any other
packaged beverage product! People in the US drank an incredible 88.8
gallons of coffee per capita back in 2016, which is more than soda, tea, and juice combined! But coffee is also one of the products with
the highest profit margins. Chain coffee shops such as Starbucks know
this all too well. The actual coffee in a grande Starbucks Cappuccino
costs roughly 31 cents. But the drink itself sells for around $4. The margin in this scenario is around 90%
on the coffee alone. Research confirms that on average, the usual
margin for coffee shops is around 80-90% per cup! True, your local coffee shop will probably
have slightly lower margins as their bulk pricing isn’t likely comparable to Starbucks. But still, even at 50 to 75 cents per cup,
the margins are still high on a cup of coffee! 3 – Movie theater Food We all know snacks at the movies are expensive. And that’s why so many people try to sneak
stuff in. But have you ever wondered just how crazy
expensive it is? Popcorn, for example, often sells at a price
that reflects over a ONE THOUSAND percent markup compared to the cost of the kernels! The true cost of making popcorn is around
$0.35 per bag, while we buy it for around $6 or $7 bucks! A medium soda costs a few cents for the theater,
but they sell it for $5 or $6! But, there is a reason why prices are this
crazy. It’s kind of a double edge sword. Well, that’s if you actually buy snacks
at the movie theater. By charging high prices on the concessions,
theaters are able to keep ticket prices low. After all, movie theaters have to rely on
concession sales to keep their businesses viable. Although concessions account for only about
20% of gross revenues, they represent roughly 40% of theaters’ profits. That’s because ticket revenues are shared
with movie distributors, while 100% of concessions go straight into the theater owner’s pockets! 2 – Luxury Sneakers
As luxury brands look to gain a stronger foothold in the so-called “sneakerisation” market,
competition remains fierce. So many chunky shoes are out there today,
much to many people’s dismay. But we’re going to look at Gucci as an example
anyway. A pair of ACE Gucci sneakers cost over 500
bucks – but what’s the cost to manufacture them? Well, for starters, luxury brands definitely
have higher margins. One of the reasons the industry is so attractive
for investors are profit margins of 18%-25% percent, which are both achievable and sustainable
in the long run. With the higher craftsmanship and higher quality
materials, a premium gucci sneaker is going to cost more than any regular pair of Nikes. If a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers cost 600 bucks,
the actual cost of manufacturing that shoe is most likely going to be anywhere from $75
to 100 dollars, depending on the materials used. Just because a gucci sneaker has a lot of
canvas on it, Gucci isn’t going to bring the price down! Remember the roughly 30 dollar cost to make
a pair of 100 dollar Nike sneakers? The process to manufacture Gucci shoes really
isn’t ALL that different. The material is going to be a bit more expensive,
and the workforce is probably a bit more skilled. But the cost to manufacture isn’t going
to get astronomical until we’re talking completely handmade shoes. And the Ace Gucci sneaker is definitely not
one of those shoes! But the more perceived value you can put in
a sneaker, the more you can charge! The reason for the high sales price tag is
two fold. Luxury brands have a lot more to pay to have
their product reach the right people. That and to give the feeling of high quality. People tend to associate high priced items
with quality. But that’s NOT always the case! Luxury brands also have to spend a large chunk
of the MSRP on advertising and marketing. Then they have to spend a chunk more on store
design and branding. Then it’s another slice for producing fashion
shows! 1 – Designer water Bottled water is wildly popular but also,
wildly overpriced. In fact, for the price of a single bottle
of Evian bottled water, you could pay for 1,000 gallons of municipal tap water. And you probably know by now that 40% of bottled
water is just filtered tap water anyway. With bottled water, you’re not paying for
the water, but rather for the packaging and the convenience. Beverage companies make billions of dollars
by rebranding water. Obviously, the water itself is actually one
of the cheapest parts of the final product. It usually costs only a few cents or less
to make it drinkable. After the cost of packaging, shipping, and
marketing, companies are usually left with a healthy 30% profit margin. Just to give you an idea of how much companies
earn by selling water: Fiji profits 90 cents per bottle, VOSS makes $1.20 per bottle, and
Evian manage to make $2.10 for a limited edition bottle! Watch this next video to find out about billionaires
who don’t care about the cost of anything!

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