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The Third Day (2020): Official Teaser | HBO

The Third Day (2020): Official Teaser | HBO

(GENTLE MUSIC PLAYING) JESS: Who are you? This person
something terrible happened to. But you’re not that here. When was the last time
you really let go, Sam? WOMAN: There’s something
special about this place. Long way from home
on such a day. MAN: Times have been hard. We’ve been through some
bad things. But helping people’s
what this place is all about. SAM: Thank you…
but I can’t stay. MAN:
But you need to come with us. Before that causeway closes, and you have to stay here
in paradise forever. Well, you can’t leave. Excuse me? WOMAN: Something appalling
happened here. And it’s raging inside. Most people
are scared of pain. But they don’t know
how warm it can be. (INAUDIBLE)

Reader Comments

  1. The color grade here is really nasty. Lots of gross green / blue tint and distractingly darkened shadows.

  2. HBO, as always, is at its best and makes original expensive projects, according to the most modern standards.

  3. Suggested
    Watch now
    Fcuk Suggested !
    Movie Minute. I can't watch it alone.
    Put it in your a ss.

  4. I wish I knew what this was about so that I could give some sort of feedback on expectation for it. But alas… Wtf was that?

  5. I hate that horror or fantasy is the trend these days… can’t get a good straightforward drama like they used to make.

  6. Is anybody else going to discuss that this is from the same writer/director/composer as Utopia? (The color scheme is very similar etc.)

  7. I’m guessing The Wicker Man, Midsommer, The Village, and hell while were at it some Storm of the Century flavor……

    I’m in.

  8. This is giving me Midsommar/The Wicker Man vibes plus a hint of Hereditary tongue audibles. And Emma Watson is deliciously scary

  9. Everyone's talking about it being similar to various films- I''m just imagining this show kicking the genre's ass!

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