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The Renaissance – the Age of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci (2/2) | DW Documentary

The Renaissance – the Age of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci (2/2) | DW Documentary

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  1. Although interesting, I found this documentary too declarative and speculative rather than factual. Time keeping was one such topic, but also the accusations that Da Vinci was openly homosexual, when in fact, like other people of history, he simply didn't talk about his sexuality. The ONLY reference to ANY recorded possible sexual encounter was that of a sodomy charge that was dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence, when at the time, people were known to accused as a way to be 'put in their place'. So, as is the fashion with todays parlance, people ('scholars'), automatically assert the negative. Imagine being accused of something, having been cleared of it because their was no way to prove or disprove something and 500 years later, this is the thing that scholars are determining as your legacy. Da Vinci may or may not have been a homosexual, but its weird that with such little to no evidence of proving either, people draw conclusions. I think this says more for our times than his.

  2. Another incredibly insightful and wonderfully made documentary by DW. Please keep them coming, they are among the best on this platform.

  3. Yt users tend to recognize the greatness of a video when it's about something in history that doesn't hurt their feelings because it has no side in the present. But if the video is about something which does influences us now, they say the documentary is biased or that it's fake news.

  4. Miguel Angelo is nothing but a myth. Our generation MUST put to graves people from the museums, fountains, and cemeteries all over the planet. Terrible feelings to see Giant of Monterosso or Colossus from Demidoff's Villa. They have HUMAN DNA and it is the SHAME FOR ALL OF US!

  5. For this crazy age, this is an absolutely astonishing documentary. Inspiring yet not pompous. Truthful without need to stick to conventions established on wrong conclusions of our ancestors. I particularly enjoyed the bit about Colombus. Well done!

  6. only the yankis came up with the idea that America is a country!!! I suppose they are still stuck in the renaissance age.. America, as we know it, is a continent.. A beautiful continent. America..

  7. A German oratory on leftist views. He has little concept of how people were exploring with ancient historical views from what they knew of the Christian ideologies as opposed to the wars and loss of great civilisations that had enslaved people since Babylon and the barbarism in Africa that enslaved many Europeans and Africans. There was political mayhem and wars, but Christianity brought the fight against slavery and changed western culture. Today in the Middle East slavery and oppression and stoning of women honour killings of their own children, continues today.

  8. back on the days 14:10 the discovery that earth goes around the sun, 2019 flat each is, for some people an argument, where is evolution guys

  9. Thank You for this documentary.

    One wonders, how rigid are we NOW in our thinking ?
    Are we trapped into an extension of the Renaissance ?
    Or are we actually thinking fresh, and new ?
    Is European thought and deeds the past, to be forgotten and trampled over ?
    Or is it, in fact, a springboard into a better future ?

    Can we take what is best from our thinking, and build on it, with it ?
    Or are we mired in archaic thoughts of which is best or right, only to destroy our civilization and ourselves in a "bonfire of our vanity"?

    These are thoughts I have, when I gaze, in wonder,. at what our forefathers overcame, invented, and conquered. Not perfectly, but always with at least one open side, to grow into.

    Where is OUR "side" ? What can we "grow into"?
    We had better start thinking anew about the future of our species.

  10. "The renaissance was when people started keeping track of time." – facepalm…. totally right and its just a strange coincidence that their hours and minute system was created over 2000 years earlier, they just didnt start using it until the 16th century. The invention of mechanical timepieces is not when humans started keeping time….

  11. very good documentary, but the disaster of the natives, it was not only the germs. It was a genocide followed by centuries of exploitation and slavery. It is important to say things by their real name, because you still see the consequences of this.

  12. Interesting because Isaiah 40: 22 speaks of the earth as a circle or sphere and Job 26:7 He suspends the earth upon nothing.

  13. Thank you for telling the TRUTH about wht Columbus "discovery" really did and did not do.
    You have gained a subscriber, for your honesty…

  14. Being forced to pray for our landlord and their family to get a roof over our head,would not fly this day and age.. There would b no landlords since they would get sued and homes taken and given to the person who sued em.
    Plus how would they know if the people really did pray for them? Or if the person wasnt praying for their downfall etc. Thats just crazy to me..
    That goes to show u how much people trusted one another back then.

  15. Jedna italijanska princeza je da bi vratila dugove, odigrala i organizovala kartašku igru i u guldenima dobijenim isplatila kraljevske dugove"*E satovi sa rubinima, ne treba im baterija! "*
    U ekonomiji se sve svodi na Filosofiju" *salvation!

  16. 20:30 my people were slaughtered and killed it wasn't no disease that took over 60 million people. It was savagery and destiny.

  17. the way he holds the pencil or brush it cannot be a Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci 2:25 no master painter holds the pencil or brush like that.

  18. " Openly homosexual". A report of accused sodomy by the texts I've read. A charge dropped and never proven. So now that it's fashionable, let's just assume he was ? Where is the primary, secondary and tertiary historical evidence ? One should be careful in assuming. Of course, 500 years gives documentaries a lot of wiggle room. Vanity is part of ego for many artisans, entertainers and many scientists.

  19. What a movie script to make us feel "NOT" special! So Satanic! The earth is a flat disc surrounded by ice and satellites hang high up there with helium balloons (search on YouTube for PROOF!). When they add all these bullshit planets to the equation, they make us feel we're not special. It's not education but brainwash!

  20. I strongly disagree with the idea that war benefitted anything. I see it as a response to the desperate and degenerate mode of competition between states at the time.

    Could they not compete directly in art? Why was the war even necessary? Because a certain group of people wanted power in their own way, they wanted domination not competition.

  21. Why are you INSIST and INSINUATE that this genious artist, and revolutionary inventors, almost alien mind, were GEY'S?! THEY DIDN'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! IN THAT TIME – HEAD IS CUTTING OFF FOR SUCH A CRIMEN! So, in the Renesaince they love poetry, had strange and weird communication because they wore mostly analphabets in writting, but genioses in MEDICINE ANATHOMY ( They did not butcher dead bodies, that was do it patologists but, Medical Schools in Italy need drawings anathomy for their Students, draw by professor Leonardo Da Vinci !), ARCHEOLOGY, ATCHITECTURE, INVENTIONS, SCULPTURING, DRAWING AND MASTER PAINTING!

  22. If Mona Lisa had been married …she would have been Dona Lisa. The English are hopeless linguists. So what's the point of watching this?

  23. only that it was Isabella of Castile and not her husband Ferdinand of Aragon who gave money to Columbus, in fact, Ferdinand was reluctant as he wanted that money to go to military expenditure. Ferdinand and Isabella had agreements to lend each other money (Castile and Aragon) so if the money for Columbus was coming from the Aragonese funds, most likely was to pay a debt to Castile anyways… but the champion of Columbus was Isabella, not Ferdinand…

  24. The keeping of time was a medieval fascination, as was the obsession with mechanics. Every town wanted a mechanical clock. It was a matter of status. When Bessarion fled at the fall of Constantinople and brought with him the remains of the ancient Greek culture, he remarked that the West was already far ahead of the Byzantines in the mechanical arts. The "Renaissance" was in many respects a retrograde movement, and did not really reflect the genuine culture that was beginning to bloom. Those who wish to understand should read Spengler's "Decline of the West."

  25. I personally think the Mona Lisa's smile is a flawed focal point. A pinch point that slightly collapses inward. An unintended consequence is the illusion of a smile. Something Leonardo was still working on.
    I say this because the Mona Lisa's eyes are not smiling in unison. We are facinated with the painting in the same way as we would be with a slightly assymetrical face, a quirk we cannot figure out.
    There you go. I am calling it.

  26. Absolutely Astonished that they would darken Da Vinci’s personage and making lies about him being homosexual. There has NEVER been any empirical proof found that he was so. Seems like another bias narrative to encourage the masses. Nothing but lies and pure speculation.

  27. Leonardo da Vinci was and is not a CONFIRMED homosexual. I'm so tired of this popping up. There is no proof beyond a getting arrested for sodomy which was thrown out for lack of evidence and a conspiracy by a fellow artist trying to stop, ruin, deface his reputation.  Stop trying to make people from history part of the LGBTQ+ group when there's no proof.  Use fact, not theory!  Add the individuals from history to the LGBTQ+ who really were part of that group.  Stop pandering. SMH

  28. While there is a wealth of good information within this documentary and much of it is based on documented facts, there is an unexpected plethora of unproven speculation that is also presented as so-called "facts" as well. This is unconscionably misleading and reprehensibly wrong on so many levels. There is also the rampant claims of various skills and things being beyond the capabilities of local peoples when there is ample evidence that others from similar and even earlier time periods and locations were able to accomplish such things. Scandinavians, Chinese, and Japanese cultures being some of the first that come to mind. The crushing stupidity of the Middle Ages, wherein any spark of knowledge or creativity that was not born of the "nobles" or the church was harshly and cruelly eradicated, was not a global condition nor a total reflection upon mankind as a whole, but rather upon the greed and power fueled oppression's of an elite few.

    As with many things, take such entertainments as this with a grain of salt. They are created and presented in such fashion to garner your attention. If a subject brought up was particularly intriguing, research about that subject for yourself. You will often find even more fascinating points then these "documentaries" provide and a richer understanding of those times and influences.

  29. I gave up on this after ten minutes. It's common knowledge that Da Vinci loved dressing in a showy way, loved having young men around him, had a dubious male companion for years and rarely finished a project. He didn't have the technical background he should have had. But he WAS apparently a really gentle and lovable person – open minded, curious and not some stupid suspiciously Germanic-looking buffoon as shown here. He was universally described as physically beautiful and was not some clowning, porky looking twit. DW should drop this 'sexciting' style because, as we all know, Germans can't get that right at all. German and sexy? Sorry, like oil and water.

  30. honestly this woman narrator is terrible. Tone, intonation, inflection, everything is wrong about her voice. ughh

  31. "Without Copernicus, today there would be no satellite communications or space travel…." Oh REALLY!?!?! How about KFC or the Big Mac?? You guys are way out there. Be careful not to fall of the edge of the flat earth. AND it so balanced and impartial to get a Catholic German to opine on how virtuous and modernizers the popes were at the time of the coming of Martin Luther—-so very NOT!! He speaks of a fable world of a religious Catholic, not a historian or a scientists. I cant believe DW (Deutsche Welle) has fallen this low!

  32. Drenched in wrong preconceived ideas and plainly WRONG information. Sloppy, ignorant and presumptuous. Leonardo paints because he needs the money? Give me a break. Where did you hear this crap? In a Munchen beer hall?

  33. Enjoyed hearing the epic achievements of renowned artists -Donatello, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. They were the Renaissance men.

  34. but calven did his sisters ,and it was fre fre fre. see the bibles LOTT. HERE TOO [the origins of war in child abuse] then [the family international]

  35. Many things were left unanswered and me puzzled too like about start of Renaissance ( from which place, when, important people in this etc), but overall it was captivating. Good work.

  36. The man himself recognized the silver-lining of elitism, and was of physically active hardy rural Italian stock w/ insatiable nonconformity and cognitive perseverance. Portraits of him indicate a long-cranium shape, angular features, and blue Nordic eyes. But this documentary is merely another predictably modernistic interpretation of Europe's past glory (though admittedly an imperfect complicated time in European evolution). These documentaries try to sway us w/ implicitly Marxist story-telling plot lessons. Modern interpretations of Leonardo's life seek to portray hierarchical role-based society as some kind of villain, when in actual fact, a societal model without ranks and groupings renders a society without order, whereby social decay accelerates. Many of these documentaries seek to paint the concept of legitimacy vs. illegitimacy as some kind of wicked disservice to enlightenment. Implicitly criticizes gender roles as baseless or callous and unnecessary superstitions or something illogical, when in truth, it's self-evident that gender-roles have been shaped by thousands of years of evolution for a reason. That's why (one of the reasons, at least) Italy is so screwed up today.

    All I'm saying is, it's good and natural for us to know what we are, biologically and culturally speaking. As for the upward mobility of Da Vinci's life, did he not possess just the right amount of societal ascension? It seems he lived in a time of favorable societal flexibility (compared to 12th/13th century) linked to the Enlightenment, and yet a healthy challenge of societal barriers to help motivate his inner fire to overcome it.

    These filmmakers' disapproval of hierarchical order, and they express this in documentaries attempting to rewrite European enlightenment as mere "humanism". Da Vinci was elitist. Da Vinci was unequal to you or me. Da Vinci was extraordinary. Competition and aspiration is the stuff of life, without such things degeneracy and debauchery takes hold of a society disguised as relativism and love.

  37. So it was the religious movements in the 15 and 16th century who changed our world from a resource-based society to a financially based oppressive society we have now which is responsible for all the sorrow and wars and hate and division and poverty and etc and etc

  38. This documentary series may be interesting but highly disappointing. It did not talk about the actual Renaissance, what was it, where, when and how did it start, flourish, end the major turning points. It just overly described a few personalities and moments. We can say that it had more drama than facts and science.

  39. I’ve only watched the first 10 min and there are so many errors. It’s incredible. Da Vinci earned money through patronage of powerful families not solely through painting. He was payed handsomely for his works in engineering, architecture, and for inventions of war. He is considered a Renascence man because of his mind. He delved into Botany, Anatomy, hydrodynamics, Human Flight, and even robotics. What made him such a man to remember is He did not separate the Sciences from Art.

  40. The known world then is just a European Perspective. Places like Southern India were at the peak of scientific and engineering advancements much before the renaissance period.

  41. In the Middle Ages, human thought stopped. Although ancient times had the same level of science as modern times, somehow humanity lost memory in the Middle Ages. In modern times, we only recall ancient civilizations. So it's weird to evaluate the Renaissance.

  42. Sorry to burst your bubble but long before the flea infested Europeans figured out how to map planets, their orbits, and the cosmos, the Egyptians, Mayans, Incas had already mastered that task.

  43. 0:01 "The Renaissance was when people started keeping track of time", no. The worlds first clocks were invented by Persian muslims in Baghdad long before the Renaissance.

    It has previously been pointed out in the comment of part1, this documentary's Eurocentricism skews the facts.

  44. While this documentary talks about renaissance I am struck with the realization that religion was the worst enemy of people. And it was not religion per se, but man's religion interpretation and abuse. Dark ages, and even certain times during and after renaissance, were at the mercy and abuse of priests and pope who were the rulers of the land and this continues these days in different religions of the worlds.

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