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The BMW i3. Pure electric vehicle. Introduction and interview with designer.

The BMW i3. Pure electric vehicle. Introduction and interview with designer.

A visionary vehicle concept. Sustainable mobility. And inspiring design. This is the all-electric BMW i3. We had right from the beginning developed a specific design strategy for the BMW i sub-brand where we want to combine the idea of sustainability, responsibility together with the idea of emotion. And this is something that we call ‘Next Premium’. “Next Premium” means defining sustainability on a new level. Renewable sources provide the energy for production. Electric power from a lithium-ion battery drives the vehicle. Long lasting materials guarantee less energy consumption. And these ideas take shape in a unique vehicle concept. The BMW i3 is built around a very innovative concept which we call “LifeDrive”. What is it exactly? It is pretty much the idea to split the driver and the passenger cabin to the drive train. The passenger compartment, as one part of this idea, is made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. Inside the new BMW i3 natural materials underline the extraordinary design – with the sense for sustainability. We’ve been using some typical BMW elements, such as the kidney, such as the emblem, but we could treat them in a totally different manner. U-shaped LED-headlights appear more present and the BMW typical kidney is lined in blue. The futuristic appearance of the BMW i3 stands for zero-emission mobility. Lightweight construction and futuristic design elements go hand in hand and make a vision become reality. It looks like optically light, but it looks also very modern. This is something that we definitely wanted to basically bring into the design of the i3. Adding to design, the innovative BMW eDrive technology allows distances of up to 160 kilometers per electric charge. You could write on this car with a big sticker: “I gonna change the world.” This is what this car is a bit telling you. This is a car which is unique for very unique people. The BMW i3 is the next step into a new way of mobility. A unique concept has become reality.

Reader Comments

  1. People who can afford these high end cars don't care about mileage. If i could have afford this car, I will not think of saving.

    If you really want to create car, You should create cars for normal people and not for premium class people. Because normal people are more concern about mileage and maintenance.

  2. It's so sad that BMW is turning to another make which does not respect traditions… FWD, downsizing.. engine sound generator in new M6 (sic!)

    R.I.P. BMW 1916 – 2013 [*]

  3. 120 km isn't much at all! how long does it take to recharge?
    the interior is great, but from outside it looks terribly wrong and unproportional.

  4. Don't get a full electrical car then. It's a constantly developing technology. They'll perfect it eventually. This car is mostly designed for city use. You're fucked if you try getting out of the city. Hybrid cars are the safest bet. They have two engines and use the gas engine to recharge once the batteries deplete. It's eco-friendly, yet powerful.

  5. Tesla said solar panels would have added to much weight and cost and only increase range by less than 5% driving it slowly. Just not worth it

  6. They offer an all electric or hydrid, electric is £26k, the generator, range extender engine is £2000 option

  7. great car, but why the fuck are they still using leather for the interior?!?! a product that stresses sustainability so much should be vegan!

  8. I love BMW and i think they have some of the most sexy and good looking cars out there but ewww this one is ugly >.< i would not drive that

  9. Ofcourse, Tesla Model S might be a better choice, but this one isn't such a dissapointment too. And it doesn't look so ugly to me.

  10. Comparing this to a Tesla model S, are comparing apples to oranges. The model S cost well over twice what the i3 will. It's like comparing a Prius to the i8, or why can't an Audi A1 look like an R8 lol.. The i3 is an electric CITY car first and form following function short stubby overhangs are advantageous in larger city's where space and parking are a premium. Try and drive a model s and an i3 in a big city like NYC, or Tokyo for a week and see which is easier to live with/park.

  11. I had to google melex to see what it was. Hehe, it has a sport mode button for more demanding golf courses.

  12. Why is the car so ugly? BMW were testing some 1 series electric cars that looked normal, and now this? And why are the kidney grills blue like Toyota hybrids?

  13. Why so damn hideous??! As a 3 and 5 series driver, I would jump at something Which looked more like my current car, This is plain horrid!!

  14. 150km! that's a joke or what? Check the tesla! How much km can it do? 400km advertised, 300km in reality, now that's a good range. And yes, I don't like it. It's not a men car. It look like a yaris… that a pussy car.

  15. BMW leading the way into the future! This is excellent. Kind of a work of art. Tesla's are nice, but the sedan is really just a toy for the rich and the sports car, however quick, is difficult to drive unless you are the size of Alain Prost. I like this. Reminds me of my beloved E21 320i.

  16. well, impressive design n' the most hi-tech electric car u can find in world BUT as it is…everything will be depend on what price tag they put on it.

  17. It looks disposable- like a trendy-a-couple-years-ago gadget, and kind of like Kia decided to build something out of leftover Soul and Sportage parts. BMW has so much design language to work with from the X-series vehicles, that this is very dissappointing.

  18. The problem is, it's so "futuristic" that it's going to be too expensive. We don't need those fancy gizmos in the dashboard. Why would you spend £30,000 on an electric car that can only go over 100 miles on one charge (That'll also take like 20 hours to charge), when you can buy a much nicer car like an M3 for less, and can go a lot further and can be re-filled almost in any town.

  19. at first i thought it was ugly but it has grown on me and its actually pretty coo looking, especially the solar orange

  20. 100 gas free miles, it would take less than 4 hours to charge and 30 minutes on a dc fast charger, an M3 is an ICE vehicle, it uses gas and has tailpipe emissions, the i3 is an all electric vehicle, usually electric car owners have the money afford more than 2 cars so they can have the electric for every day commuting and the gas for long distance trips (which rarely happen), you clearly do not understand the point of electric vehicles, we want to stop using gas, electric is much more effiecient

  21. thats perfect. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . i am telling you, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy 🙂 :

  22. BMW need to look at the Tesla S and X models. Far superior in every way to this model. In fact this is an embarrassment. I am a BMW fan and own a 5 series and X3 however I would never buy their electric car over a Tesla.

  23. then they are going to stop producing M cars and more of that shit till they kill all car guys in the name of sustainability.

  24. It's front design with the Kidney grill and the headlight placement look similar to the e65 (02-05) 7 series.

  25. I like to think of this whole "i" project as a way for BMW to stay on top of the market, when your on top you have more to spend. Therefore, there are more possibilities for iconic names like the 3 series.

  26. It‘s an ugly car! And how about a Lithium battery that will give us 1000 kilometers per charge? A plastic car that gives only 160 kilometers per charge is not worth the money.

  27. I like the car but I hate the back door design that forces you to always open the front door to get to the back….bad design especially in tight places…

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