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The Bizarre Pocket Chair – Does It Suck?

The Bizarre Pocket Chair – Does It Suck?

Now normally, it takes a lot to get me excited. Normally, then, there are other times where I’m not really sure why I’m excited… This is one of those times, cause this thing showed up, and at first glance you’re trying to figure out what it is. What am I? What the? Explain this to me. Then I looked at the name, and I used my better judgment, and I realized what I was looking at, is a seat! Look at the size of it, a seat that’s in a box that big! Now a seat in and of itself is not very interesting Sitting in a seat right now, so are you. Can I ask you guys something personal? I saw a poll on Twitter the other day. A surprisingly high number of people stand up to wipe. (Oh come on) Jack does, Jack does! Um, right okay. It’s a seat, sure, (laughing). The tag line a lot of People don’t know this but the original Tag line and still to this day of Of Unbox Therapy, Ryan do you know it? The tag- Line, I’m gonna tell the world is Unbox Therapy, where products get naked. That’s the tag line. We’re gonna find out If the Sitpack is worth your time, worth Your attention, and most importantly Worth your hard-earned cash. I know you Work hard for your money So, we’re going to treat you right. You remember that slogan? Let me hear it guys, I don’t trust you, what’s it from? For your money, you work hard for your money… Gonna Treat you right! Whoa. I don’t know, what do you say, should we crack one open? See if it will hold up, hold up old Uncle Lew? There is a Sitpack in blue, a Sit- Pack in black. Designed and produced in Denmark, alright we got Denmark on the Line now. You’re going to evaluate your Entire perception of Denmark based on this Contraption! It looks a little weird… Alright, I just realized that kinda looks Like a peg, going you know you know where it Counts, it’s hitting the target so to speak. Now these other boxes over here are a Click on cover with carry strap. This is A way to carry it. Now you’re wondering: “Why do I need a chair to be this small?” Well maybe… You like to, I don’t know, line up for things. You’re at a concert, and there’s standing room and you’re not about that Mosh pit. I don’t know, you’re standing up, and your Legs are getting sore you need a little Seat and so on and so on. It’s a chair that almost it almost fits in your pocket. Got a strap too. Let’s try The damn chair already, please. Oh man, and This guy up here (laughing), and look what happens If he does it wrong (little chuckle). Jack, can you see this? So this is the blue one. Apparently I don’t Know how to take a wrapper off the Thing. Oh my goodness gracious, what do we got going on? There we go. Open it like this, oh man. Alright Oh. Ohhohhoho… (laughing) Oh baby, and then I lock it? You know I’m gonna To sit on this and I’m about to take a Dive Can you call this a chair?? I mean it looks like A peg! Is this a chair? Alright, let me Try it this out, this could be this is very dangerous. Is This right? Is this more of like a leaning situation I mean, I guess I feel better, a little… Bit? I, it’s like having an extra leg coming Out of your rear end, good old three-legged Lew. Lew: Did I do something wrong I don’t- Ryan: No in the picture it looks like There is a seat. Lew: A groove. Ok good to get out Of your way I’m gonna get your way. Ryan: I Thought you’re gonna be able to sit I thought it was like a stool where you Could like get your feet off the ground. Lew: Oh, whoa whoa whoa Easy boy. Ryan: There’s nothing good About this what are you going to do. Lew: It’s not meant to be Pleasurable Ryan. Ryan: Does take some Pressure off you’re just leaning. I’ll give It about a Six out of ten. I had higher expectations I gotta say it. My slogan was sit back and Sit pack but, now I can’t… It’s Not fair. It’s not fair to the people! You got to have More cushion on it. Give me a front Picture here. Yeah. A gag gift maybe? Lew: Listen, it is what it is. I like it when People try things out manufacturer they go “I don’t know I’ve always wanted a little…” (laughing) I think that this might be meaningful to Somebody maybe it’s you I don’t know, let me Know down in the comments what your Rating is obviously you haven’t tried it But you’ve seen a couple different People try it. Can you sit on it yes, are you going to Be very comfortable no. Does it suck? (Oh man) How much is this thing? A couple of buddies having a few beers. On top of Their pegs. Yeah, look at this guy partying on his peg. Both: Hahaha. Lew: The Sitpack and cover is 87 bucks. I’m not going to say that it sucks I think that’s a little bit extreme. The idea of just, I mean that’s kinda cool, I mean that’s Kind of fun like you gotta give him some Points from an engineering perspective For putting that together. This ain’t Gonna replace your couch, but then again You can’t put your couch in your pocket So what are we talking about? I’m not Really sure (Dancing to song)

Reader Comments

  1. 0 Straight depressing on my Ass. Has a better use of giving it to your drunk buddy and having it use it as a fake winer

  2. if you cannot stand for a long time it could help a little but I don't think it will be good to seat for a long time XD

  3. Fucking comedy gold, funniest shit I've seen in a long time. And if you wont say it I will, that thing sucks. Maybe for $20 but that's pushing it.

  4. I dont know.. like this thing makes no sense. I'd keep it in my car and if I am making a quick stop to hang out for a bit, maybe? What the fuck, 87 bucks. Go fucken kill yourself.

  5. You are not very good at reading instructions, are you? You set it at an angle to lean against it. Also, you didn't even try the cushion and carrying case.

  6. I like going to music festivals, and after around 6-8 hours of standing, walking, and jumping, I can see this coming very handy

  7. Yeah my vaccum has a hose with the same style extender and it collapses in the lock position now that its old.. I cant trust this not to drop me

  8. I like this channel because it reviews the most absurd shit ever created. The saddest part about this is the fact this person was able to raise enough capital to get this to market.

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