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Hey guys Keaton here with TechSmartt and over
the last few years a lot of manufactures have jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon. From Samsung,
Google and Pebble, they all offer great solutions, but which is the best? Based on popularity,
sales and features we’re narrowed it down to the Samsung Gear 2, the Samsung Gear Liv,
LG G Watch and Pebble Steel. So lets find out which is the best. First off, lets start
with the Samsung Gear 2. This is Samsung’s current generation smartwatch and it is running
Tizen: Samsung’s own platform. The interface on Tizen is very simple and easy to use, and
there’s actually an app store that can be downloaded via a companion app on your Samsung
Galaxy device. In terms of hardware, it has 2MP camera and is IP67
certified. And
on top of all that, the display looks very nice and the touchscreen is very responsive.
It features
a 1.63″ SuperAMOLED display with a resolution
of 320×320 and it has deep contrasts which make the text pop.

Reader Comments

  1. Is it really worth spending around $200 on the gear live? And how accurate is it's biometric sensors; especially the heart rate scanner. ???

  2. why does every tech reviewer have this exact desk with the same shelf in the back with the same android doll in the same position? 

  3. I really miss your "bye bye" at the end of each videos, you haven't said that for weeks now – please bring it back! 😀

    TT: I'm rocking the Pebble Steel and I really love it, it has a great build quality, stunning display (which is always on), and offers a pretty classy look.

  4. Had the pebble steel and found it sub standard especially build quality. The screen got so scratched up and battery life certainly didn't last a week lol. In fact after kit kat update on my phone battery only last up to 3 days at best. I'm keen to see what apple bring out if anything. Android wear is what you said too fussy at the moment.

  5. I have Pebble Steel I love it bit moto 360 looks good but Iwatch is being built by Tag. That going to be cool

  6. Best smartwatch ever belongs to Michael Knight…and it comes included with its own smart car: KITT. 😀

  7. In my mind, of what's available now, Samsung Gear Live has it won for smart watches now. The Moto 360 will definitely be a winner for Android Wear users. But it will be interesting to see what Apple brings to the table.

  8. You forgot to mention that you can take and make call's on the gear & Gear 2 watches, which is a deal breaker for me, as i need this function.

  9. I bought a Black Pebble Steel about a month ago, and I absolutely love it. It's waterproof to 5 ATM which is about equal to 50M or 156 ft, so it's perfect to go for a brisk swim or to shower with (I still wouldn't though). The watches in this video are only IP67 rated for dust and splashes, so they're not water"proof". The 5 day battery life is also a huge advantage. I'd recommend this watch to everyone, I'm honestly not even disappointed that I didn't wait for the Google Wear products 😀

  10. Sony SW 2 with fully customizable low power always on display with great visibility in direct sunlight is the best smart watch. Everything you see on your home screen of your phablet can be populated on to SW screen and available at a glance. I have time, date, %charge, weather, SMS notification (can see who it is from), G mail notification (can see who it is from), next appointment and total notification counter.  

  11. I vote new Casio G-shock bluetooth watch. Its not that 'geeky' but does notifications well and works with iPhone and some Android phones. Packs some nice features like 'tap to silence' and button mapping for custom controlls.

    About charging? 2 years of 12h daily use 😀 6 years warranty. Plus i just like G-shocks. 

  12. None of these watches are worth. Why don't people just answer their phone and check their email on their smart phones or computers? Heart rate? Until they put this feature on the watch, no one without a bad heart or or over 60 was walking around checking their heart rate. After exercising your heart rate is faster, but that's normal. Stop wasting money, you have this technology on your phones and in some cases tablets. They are just making millions off of overpricing these merchandise.

  13. You forgot to mention that the gear 2 is also a universal control remote for any tv….. and it's water proof…. and you can even record video…. still gave you a thumbs up though for letting me see the other smart watches out there.

  14. What editing software do u use please respond becasue I've got my own YouTube channel JJ Game & Tech & the editing software I use isn't very good

  15. No Sony Smartwatch 2?  Bluetooth and NFC connectivity for any Android 4.0 and up so you don't need to match the phone with the watch brand and there are absolutely tons of downloadable free apps and even games for it.  Additionally the battery lasts at least a week even on heavy usage.

  16. $250 for a non touch screen and black and white display?! yeah right. Maybe in the 80s. Have already owned the Gear 2, It's by far the best one here and in contrast to what stated here, it WILL connect to any iOS phones BUT will work only with phone calls, and this is right out of the box. It also works on many(I have the Sony Xperia Ultra) Android devices running on 4.3 or later, you just have to pay $8 for an app to get the Samsung Gear Manager. Having said all that, I will say the much anticipated Apple Watch which will debut early next year will absolutely destroy all these, including the much limited Moto 360, all very much like the iPhone did with any other phones out there

  17. I just purchased the Samsung gear live watch and I absolutely love it! I also ordered the original Samsung gear only because Groupon had it on sale for $99. I'm glad that I'll have both because I'd like to see the differences between Samsung Tizen and android on the gear live. Great video as well!

  18. I've watched some of your videos and you did good. There are more innovative smartwatches out there launching soon. I hope you can also make a hands-on review about the new modular smartwatch from blocks. Thanks and a lot of great videos to look forward to.

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