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The Best Alarm Clock! – Philips Wake Up Light + Radio Review

The Best Alarm Clock! – Philips Wake Up Light + Radio Review

This is the Philips Wake Up Light, which is
by far, in my opinion, the best and most practical alarm clock you can get as of January 2017. So on Amazon, you can find this product in
white and black. Here I have the black version, and there’s
a different and more expensive model that can do a better job at simulating the sun,
by using different colours, but that’s not what this video is about. This product isn’t new or anything. In fact, it was posted to on the
twenty-eighth of April in 2015. Also, before we start this review, I just
want to note that I’m a very heavy sleeper so my experience with this alarm clock will
probably be different than your experience with it. So I’ve tried various alarm clocks in the
past, including using my phone with an app called Sleep [Cycle], and a different app
called Sleep [as] Android, which was honestly a great app. They were both great apps. I tried using two different Fitbit’s, and
an Android Wear smartwatch that vibrate on the wrist to wake me up. But I kept finding myself coming back to the
Philips Wake Up Light because it’s just practical and easy to use. You don’t have to wear anything on the wrist,
which could get in the way of a good night sleep. And your phone doesn’t even need to be anywhere
near by for this alarm clock to work. Setting up the alarm clock is super easy;
anyone can do it. All you have to do is plug the power cord
into the wall, and then the other end into the alarm clock. And then you can set your time using the plus
and minus buttons on the bottom. On the side, you can chose between three different
types of sounds to wake you up. The first two are natural sounds that include
ambient noise and birds chirping. The second option is a little heavier on the
ambient noise. The third option, which is the one I personally
use, plays the radio. So, you have this antenna that sticks out
of the alarm clock; it’s more of a wire. And it has the flexibility to allow you to
manuever the antenna around to get a better signal. You can then use the buttons on the radio
(alarm) itself to tune it to your favourite FM radio station. Now this is great, but the main function of
this alarm clock is the light. Which actually simulates the sunrise, and
in theory, this would get you out of bed gradually. The alarm clock will let you chose a setting
between one to ten to wake you up. (With) ten obviously being the highest. And it will probably surprise you how bright
this alarm gets. When set to ten, this alarm clock will output
200 lux. Here is the studio, albiet small, being lit
up by just the lamp (alarm) itself. And here it is again, being lit up by a 480
lumen light bulb. So it’s not bad at all! It can actually double as a lamp for your
room. The screen itself can also be dimmed pretty
low with the button on the back of the alarm clock. So how effective is it? Well, like I said earlier, I’m a very heavy
sleeper. So this alarm clock worked (really well) for
the first week that I had it. Maybe a little longer. But that happens to me for all alarm clocks. And when this alarm clock works, it works
really well. If someone were to ask me to recommend an
alarm clock, without a doubt, I would recommend this one. For other heavy sleepers out there, I would
highly recommend looking into this product, because it is my favourite alarm clock on
the market right now. And it’s just really unique and practical. If there’s an alarm on the market that’s likely
able to make you wake up without feeling groggy, [it would either be] the one that cooks bacon,
the one that automatically makes coffee for you, or it’s the Philips Wake Up Light. That’s it for this video, thank you for watching,
and I’ll see you in the next one. So I just finished editing, it’s currently
10:37 and I have not noticed how tired I was when I recording the voiceover for the video. Listening to my commentary, it sounds like
I was sick… Had a really long day, I’ll be more energetic
in the next video.

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