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Teen Titans Season 6 Trailer Explained – Post Credit Scene

Teen Titans Season 6 Trailer Explained – Post Credit Scene

They need to know we’re still here. Booyah, we’re transmitting! This is the Teen Titans
can anyone hear us we think we found a way back. That looks
like us but better these Teen Titans were about character
development drama and heart I used to be so much cooler I want to watch Ahhh whoa What? That’s how it ends?! And there is no
6th season to resolve the plots hanging from the cliffs you ended that
show you monster We think we found a way back! Hey everybody is Charlie there like us
only better so apparently a Teen Titans season six is a real thing if you saw
Teen Titans go in the theater this weekend this is the mid-credits sequence
so if you don’t know what’s going on the animation suddenly changes from
traditional Teen Titans go to the original Teen Titans animated series and
they say we found a way to come back so it sounds like they’re pulling a Clone
Wars and they’re actually going to do a season six somewhere so let’s break it
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recap on the history of the Teen Titans animated series before it became T
Titans go they did five seasons they’ve been primarily using season 5 to
introduce the Doom Patrol and deal with beast boys origins he used to be called
changeling when he first became a superhero character he joined the Doom
Patrol they had all kinds of crazy adventures eventually he aged up he
matured he joined the Teen Titans and became the beast boy that you know today
but every once in a while they would interact with the Doom Patrol because
they’d be off having their crazy adventures to really became a big
popularity thing like Grant Morrison has this awesome Doom Patrol run that
they’re using to do a live-action Doom Patrol series but they were never quite
as popular as Teen Titans became so that’s just where Beast Boy stayed for a
long time so they have a season 5 but they end on a cliffhanger and supposedly
there was a plan season 6 but instead of doing that they canceled that show used
all the same actors to do the same characters and just rebooted everything
into Teen Titans go so everybody was really surprised like this was a popular
show everybody liked it what was going on why would you cancel a popular show
there were a lot of theories that went around mainly that even though they were
finding an audience it wasn’t the audience the Cartoon
Network wanted to market to so they traditionally program for very young
audiences remember how we’re getting Young Justice Season 3 on the
see streaming service next year that was also a really good show that Cartoon
Network cancelled the reason why it’s coming back is because it was such a
good show but it had a hard time finding the right audience because of the
network that it was on. No Muss, no fuss. Prince Brion. You tested positive for the meta gene. princess Tara would likely have tested positive as well which explains why she
was taken something daring must be done if I have
to save markovia meta-gene activated let’s see what we’ve got so when Cartoon Network has a popular
show but it’s not popular with the little kids that they’re marketing
towards they usually get rid of it it’s a really common problem with child
driven Network that is some serious hero work Titans
Aqualad we came here to clean up your mess but
it looks like you have everything under control perhaps you can admit you
misjudged us if there’s a show that’s really popular and goes on for a long
time the audience ages out of the marketing demo that they want to hit so
suddenly you’re not the audience that they want to market to that you were a
couple years ago there were rumors the Cartoon Network felt like that younger
audience they were trying to hit wasn’t able to follow the heavily serialized
storylines in the kids did not like the anime look of the series the original
series is very heavily inspired by anime the new series much simpler animation
style there was a joke that an animator on Castlevania made about the difference
between one of their characters faces then all of Steven universe show this
program for young children so I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why they
rebooted Teen Titans into Teen Titans go is that they just wanted to simplify
everything for a much younger audience which kind of sucks but that’s why
Cartoon Network has Adult Swim for shows like Rick and Morty that want to play to
the adult audience not for young children they have not said anything
about where this apparent season six is going to drop so even though Warner
Brothers animation made this movie and Warner Brothers released it Cartoon
Network I think technically owns that Teen Titans series so if they did a
season six they would get first crack at it but I think a good example to look at
is Clone Wars so Disney is bringing back Clone Wars again Clone Wars save it was
a big thing during comic-con last week but they’re going to drop that on Disney’s
new streaming service next year when it launches so they might be doing the same
thing with Teen Titans season 6 they might just drop it on this new DC
streaming service next year but just because they dropped this teaser doesn’t
mean that they’ve started animation like nobody has said anything official about
it what’ll probably happen is is after
everybody goes to the movies this weekend sees this and starts talking
about it then they’ll make an official announcement like oh yeah you saw that
teaser well this is what our plans are for season six but all signs point to
that happening sometime next year I don’t think they would have dropped this
teaser now if they hadn’t planned on doing that in the relative near future
in the DC streaming service they’re launching later this month is starved
for content they need all the new shows they can get so it just seems like a
real easy slam-dunk for them to drop Teen Titans season six but we’ll find
out more about that role soon post all your reactions in the comments below you
may have heard this morning the Disney and Fox approved the merger meaning the
x-men are that much closer to crossing over with the Avengers I’ll do a video
about that later today and what I think some of their early plans for those
characters are because everything is pointing towards them getting that done
by next year there’s still a couple hurdles they have to jump through but
I’ll explain when I post that video but things are looking really good right now
so click here to rewatch The Young Justice season 3 trailer and click here
for brand new Avengers 4 thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome
I’ll see you guys tonight!

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  1. Here's my new Teen Titans Season 6 Trailer video. They teased it for long enough, now it seems real. Post all your reactions in the comments!

  2. It’s coming. It’s simple economics there’s such a high demand for the original they just have to supply it. It will be beneficial for both the fans, bringing back our favorite childhood show, and it will also bring in a lot of $$$. They can’t just say they’re going to bring it back and not keep their word for it. Tell me how would that benefit them at all??? All that would do is just cause a lot of destruction by creating outraged fans after pissing them off and what would be the point of doing that? I believe they’re making a crossover movie w/ the original & TTG and then they’ll bring back the 6th season of teen titans. I believe that movie is just going to be a smooth transition to end TTG and bringing back season 6 for the original TT so it won’t be such an abrupt random end to TTG. Anyways there’s so much talk about season 6 from the voice actors (I have links to back it up) but nothing will be mentioned until 2019 so everyone just needs to stay tuned!!

  3. that guy I think will not come back and if it will not be like before (I think) this at the end of the dilme of the teen titans go movie should be just an episode crossover of the old vs reboot only this

  4. Well, today is January 4th and the original Teen Titans don't appear to be airing at anytime today like the page said it would. What a let down. 😔

  5. I really don’t care that I’m 16, but let me just say that I’m literally obsessed with the original teen titans, I hope they make it more darker… I’m so excited 🤩

  6. I think the reason Robin said "Weve found a way to come back" he was referring to the reboot of TTGO. Stating they already came back. But hope the season 6 thing is true

  7. oh my gosh i know im late but i was on my amazon fire stick and the season six is on there but there are no streams….

  8. Ok I'm not the only one who cried its coming some time this year so thankful and I always wanted robin and star to get together and when they kissed and got together at the very end of trouble in Tokyo k i cried I love teen titans kids my age few know about them its so sad I love the show and robstar forever

  9. Of course there will definitely be a Teen Titans Season 6.

    Because the fans of the older Teen Titans have built up so much goodwill with the people in charge of Teen Titans GO.

  10. Like if you were too young to understand a remote then did see the show and now your watching super hero HQ to catch up

  11. I remember when I use to watch this. Hope it's true. I need something to wash my eyes out after the Titans tv show

  12. Who else is happy (but also scared) that the original Teen Titans are coming back? I hope they make it mature, but keep the characters relatable and endearing. However, I don't want TTG to be mentioned.

  13. Im from irann but i love love and love the orginal teen titans but my engilish isnt very good and im 12 so i did not andrestan is teen titans seeson six come or not ? Please anser it it you see it

  14. Wait so does that mean in season 6 of teen titans Star fire and Robin are gonna be together because I’m the movie they end up together so at the end?

  15. I literally recorded in real time that I thought they were going to get canceled the Teen Titans Go. Lol ugh huge disappointment

  16. Me a child : what will we miss + I'm aware for the shows that got cancelled and me just didn't watch them it's like the sun horizon or whatever that event was called happened in front of me and I just didn't watch it man video games really wasted my life please help me😫🙏🙏💓

  17. Alright y’all.. hopefully they don’t mess this up. We’ve seen how Game Of Thrones & Kingdom Hearts 3 ended up 😩

  18. I LOVED teen titans and I really hope S6 does get made but it’s already halfway through 2019 and,,,,, there’s not any improvement in the situation

  19. Блииииин мне нравится когда Робин и рейвен обнялись😻


  21. I just watched another video it said that season six is confirmed sorry for everyone who was excited I was also excited

  22. They should bring back the animators who animated the old show, and keep the voice actors intact, or bring back everything that's old and throw TTG to the "A project to never be tried again EVER" shitcan

  23. Look, I don't give a SHIT if I have to rewatch all the seasons, anything to watch season 6, anyway they're all great so I won't mind

  24. I don't remember when I stopped watching the OG Teen Titans
    but I love it so much, I do love the TTG but I love the OG better😢😢
    Pls Comeback!!! We need season 6😍😍

  25. Hopefully we finally find out who the second red x was. That’s the mystery that’s been on my mind for years.

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