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Stocks Plunge Following Trump’s Response To Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News

Stocks Plunge Following Trump’s Response To Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News

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  1. The virus isn't the problem, it's just the catalyst. Don't bail out the billionaires. We are tired of subsidizing the BILLIONAIRES. When it is them causing the problem in the first place.

  2. These reports make it look like America is the only falling economy so is everyone else people. trump is sacrificing profit for humans peoples loved ones that if they die can’t be brought back but the economy can. chill

  3. More Tax cuts for the Rich…. You watch and see,…
    Trump does not care about the poor and the middle class. He is more worried about his own bottom dollar.
    #Dump Trump 2020

  4. If Pelosi and Schumer weren't s busy TRYING to Make this Worse maybe THE STOCK MARKET wouldn't be falling this way.The Democrats are pushing this to PUT THE COUNTRY in Turmoil just to make the President look bad,WITH THE HELP OF THE CORRUPT MEDIA OF COURSE. The media's Reporting has been the cause of it!! Just like the past 3 years the Corrupt,Lying Democrats have been trying to destroy our President!!

  5. How can anyone trust Donald trump to control the stocks or the virus, he can't even control his dam mouth from lying !!

  6. Liberal reporters are so foolish. If any had brains they would advise the public that this short term dip in the market is a great buy opportunity. Buy low, sell high! Then get high! ????

  7. The prob is that the market will not rebound anytime soon. People are being laid off, NBA indefinitely suspense, all men's and women's NCAA games, no fans and no travel to get them there. Just those few things are in the, potentially, tens of billions. Now even if, somehow, it is only down 600 or 700 today, were boinked. Nobody smart will travel here for months. Airlines, out of business, big oil companies could declare bankruptcy. Small shale producers will declare bankruptcy. The NHL may suspend it's season and the MLB will likely delay games. Nothing coming in to major ports, tens of thousands of dockworkers outta work and road construction will be greatly slowed or halted. We're already seeing layoffs to retail, hospitality and leisure fields. Plus, teachers can't teach @ closed schools. Parents can't work if kids are home. We will probably see a few months of CONTRACTION soon, aka the great DEPRESSION on a smaller scale.

  8. tr*mp brought to his knees by his worst enemy: An invisible foe totally immune to name calling, extortion, bribery and threats of war.

  9. Hate to be a told you so but I said 2 weeks ago get out of the market while you can. Oh don't listen to me I'm a nobody. Why in the world have we not closed the schools here in America get real people it's coming. Look past your wallet. It's all a hoax blame it on the news blame it on Obama, blame it on Hillary but God sake let's not blame anything on little Donnie orangutan

  10. After all trump has "bypassed" this, this THIS, Is what will make him fall??? Should just let pence do all the talking here on in. Rolls should be reversed. Pence is way smarter with his words.

  11. The coronav is under control too the hospital dont even have swaps ???they alwas say that control even when the terrorist attack.

  12. A lot of people are depending on credit to pull them through right now, not me, but I'm seeing it, and hearing the stories!?

  13. It is true without dispute that the markets would take a hard hit, HOWEVER, if DJT and this administrations would have been more forthcoming and HONEST about the situation of the Coronavirus the Markets would not have been hit so strong and hard nor as sudden that we have seen over the past few days. I will predict that foreign nations and government blame DJT and this administration as being setup and tricked (as well as maybe they DJT and this administration should be), it would appear that all they know is to lie and deceive any and all they have business/transactions with….they are simply HORRID.

    Our best chance of getting back to some level of normalcy is to elect Biden and have him appoint Obama as VP (if he would take it) or a close advisor. AMERICA WOULD FEEL MORE SAFE AND A LOT BETTER KNOWING THAT OBAMA IS OVERSEEING TO SOME EXTENT OF RECOVERING FROM THIS MESS THAT THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS INTENTIONALLY CREATED WITH ALL THE LIES AND DECEPTION.


  14. 60,000,000 Americans were infected with the swine flue…300,000 were hospitalized and 13,000 died and it was all Obama's fault… just like Trump!

  15. Stocks plummet after NBA postpones season. Let's blame the NBA since we like playing these little games, that might be more fun.

  16. I sold EVERYTHING feburary 21st. My broker had TO THREATENED and he was fired IMMEDIATELY. LMAO listening TO brokers say ride this out.

  17. Well, we know the Virus can tell the difference between a US citizen, or a legal resident, and a European visitor. What a clown show this President is.

  18. If someone had balls, the market would've been frozen/ shut down period for the next month ( after just a few of those up down bumps )so people's minds could concentrate on what really is at stake here (lives) and work toward solving it, not the fluff of money and profit. Put all the thought and energy into saving all the lives we can. Do it free out of your love and heart for the people of this country. One extended family, right! Heck Gates and Buffet could fund this country, the necessary medical stuff for a month and not suffer a financial crisis!

  19. What trump gave a response? I thought it was another reality show. Very poor reading they should have used large letters for him,

  20. China Mass produces garbage commodities For their economy, and mass-produce garbage viruses for population control.

  21. Everytime trump opens his mouth, stock market crashes. Trump should keep his mouth shut. By next year, there wont be Corona nor the orange man.

  22. Be warned of stock market gurus who are demanding more Central Bank inspired liquidity.

    That is what built the bubble in past 10 yrs.

    Political fools sold that bubble as mark of their policy genius.

    Ultimately it'll burst.

    The guru will make money and scoot.

    You'll lose.

  23. This is just 1 reason why people need a freedom dividend ($1000 a month) aside from automation. The economy and the people would still be going alright

  24. Meanwhile, the GOP is blocking funding to stop the virus while trump is saying nothing to worry about as he's banned travel. And then there's Pence who has thoughts and prayers for everyone. Thank the GOP for this mess and coverup.

  25. the WH Psychopath is preparing to become a lifelong president (as Putin's example today). He'll use the National Emergency again to enrich himself. May he be blessed with the Covid19 and drop d…..

  26. Not the sort of great,beautiful and perfect deal they were expecting, but don't think for a nano second that Trumpy hasn't made a 'killing'.

  27. Imagine this all an elaborate pump and dump scheme between china and the us. It almost makes me want to open an etrade account and start buying. If you can see their little scheme unfolding why not try and make money yourself from it?

  28. But Trump said that our economy is strong and the best in the

    Also, no virus here in Alabama, but that is due in part of them not supplying us any testing kits.

  29. A European travel ban. That is a ban on tourists and businesspeople. I guess we will have to spend our money somewhere else than. ✌

  30. And now a 1.5 trillion dollar bailout is coming.
    Sure love that billionaire socialism. Seems no one minds that, but oh no, when Bernie talks is always oooh, socialism is scary, go back to Venezuela. Hmm… Hmmmmmmmmm…

  31. The only reason trump waited before making this statement is so he could fill his pockets with money before the market went Down

  32. I will have to turn the sail boat around and end my trip to Germany to pick up windows … Buy humantler music Stream it

  33. Hopefully things get a lot worse . Too many people in this country and world . Let’s get back to a time when everyone lives on a farm and is in touch with the land instead of a screen .

  34. Yeah what's the "circuit breaker" for the average American living paycheck to paycheck? Homelessness??

  35. LMAO as if Europeans would want to come to America. I'd rather live in Europe with the corona virus than live in America with Trump.

  36. NBC lies again. The market was not specifically reacting to the announcement by President Trump, but also , in large part, Statement by Biden, Sanders, Shumer & the rest of the Disgusting Democrats that they would rather play political juggle the flaming chainsaws with this than cooperate for the good of the Nation. There will be kinetic events over this. Disgusting.

  37. Trumps fault for crash, Obama's good deeds for last 3 years! Lol Headlines? Liberalism blame blame blame ! I bet old Joe would have the answers! Wait he has already endorsed Trump!

  38. Wow…. I knew Karma was looking for the one who caged innocent babies and children …made them cry in the middle of the night looking for mommy and daddy …. which some of them can never find their love ones …
    KARMA does not forget and has millions of invisible soldiers called viruses.
    God I know you are mad …?????

  39. Stocks The fact is we are waiting for the low, then we will buy and ride the wave to prosperity when the vitamin D kills the Virus!

    What its like when a
    real Man is on top of
    his game! Source :

  40. Are they even bothering to investigate THIS virus-matter, or is it just edge with an excuse, or pointing-game to build leverage against the final election?

  41. It's not Trumps fault the stocks are falling or anything to do with his address! Theres a dam* virus going around and people are dying fake news lying POS! I love how now you want to talk about how bad the stock market is right now but nothing said when the market was hitting RECORD HIGHS. All part of the bash Trump at all cost agenda right.

  42. The US stock markets should be indefinitely shutdown until the situation with Covid19 is contained to a safe level. Else a massive selling will likely happen that could literally crash the market. And then what?

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