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Starting Your Own Business | Advice from Entrepreneurs

Starting Your Own Business | Advice from Entrepreneurs

what’s going on guys John Santos and in
today’s video we’re gonna get a little creative with an event that we just came
out to so as you guys may or may not know the day after Black Friday is Small
Business Saturday and it’s an event where you support small local
entrepreneurs or brands that are in your area versus shopping at big-box retail
stores so the Good Wolf which was recently featured on our channel where
we actually shared and went into detail on how you could start up your own
boutique they hosted an event and I invited a couple brands out here to
attend and sell their merchandise and I figured what better way to really show
you guys or share some information or insight into the startup phases of a
brand or perhaps the growing phases of a brand and by speaking to a couple of the
people that came out today now there’s a variety of businesses here from people
that are opening up a pub their own brewery to clothing brands to swimwear
to everything that you could think of in between and we’re gonna be going into
some questions that are gonna really help anybody out there that’s starting
or thinking about starting a brand and we’re just gonna ask them some
rapid-fire questions and just have some fun with it so if you like these types
of videos make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on the post
notification bells and of course leave a comment with a future video that I
should create it’s a little cold today but we’re gonna do our best to go out
there and get these questions for you so let’s get started so I was filming this
intro I smelled the barbecue and I had and I had to come over here and figure
out the story behind this barbecue hey everybody my name is Melissa
I’m from Honolulu Hawaii I started his brand here in Las Vegas
it’s called obstacle we’re a lifestyle a clothing brand we make dad hats hoodies
and shirts we put like positive reminders on her clothing it was a
carried Nunnally I’m also a pastor I’m also a realtor here in town okay
but most of all I’m God son man of God and all of my all of our businesses all
of our businesses is geared toward helping people community development
helping God’s people so this business particular business it’s called keeping
it real pure and wash so what we do is that we
wash your car right while you’re eating barbecue or you can eat barbecue while
you get in your car wash and we build our brand because we wanted to help put up our own manufacturing Philippines
to put up a ethical sustainable plastic free and zero waste facility alright so
my name is Anthony Herrera better I’m Tony Martinez and we’re the owners
of Servezah a bottle shop at tap room so pretty much what we’re gonna be is
tap room for you good to have 24 beers on tap on premise we also have cans and
bottles that you get and recon from this or take home name sahibul in super al my
brand is Lobofitnesswear and they’re really stands for strength
I chose wolf because I chose leadership it’s just like teamwork and also lone
wolf so people can you know so I wanted to start my business because I used to
back in the day I used to wear like different brands likes to see the
hundreds which really inspired me that’s what I want to show you this our logo
right here it’s a monkey and since I worried those kind of brands I wanted to
see like kind of like how the backend worked like I didn’t know who the owner
was or like the process that they went
through so I kind of wanted to see how that process was so that’s why I decided
to make my own brand from the streets you don’t say the God brought me from
the streets you know when I had a bad cocaine habit you know like many people
do have and I call have it and I couldn’t stop you know so so I God
brought me to a rehab 32 years six months and four days ago and he led me
through that and that’s why I found all my brothers and my brother’s here and we
all are clean and sober and we give back to the community that’s what our
businesses are about what was the first little or big success that you had that
made you happier fulfilled and want to keep going
um from what I can remember probably coming up with like releases and stuff
even though it wouldn’t sell as good like for some of the products like I
want to say I’m just selling a couple of your ideas on a shirt and seeing
somebody that didn’t even like you didn’t even know was wearing your brand
I thought that was really cool this week we got 27,000 impressions just on
Instagram so we’re really excited so um now we have a lot of opportunities even
in Philippines or in other places people are people wanted to collaborate with us
with their stores and so we’re hoping to supply them with our products so we
actually had a lot of issues trying to find a location and whether it was gonna
be in Henderson City North mainly because of the style of business that
we’re trying to do it on and off Hamilton I think our first big big way
know is getting the special use permit actually approved for the Arts District
what is a moment or what are some moments you can look back at and just
laugh now but we’re really painful back it’s hard one we actually had at least
before we were actually signing at least luckily we put the right verbage in
there to get out of it because the city didn’t literally allow the lights
looking for but like we had keys we were like going visit like we already set it
up here’s how we’re gonna do it until same thing right we just didn’t get
approved on that permit I mean we’ve but I think we were taking
our parents like look this we’re yeah do it that’s what’s going on and like
that’s awesome like hey she’s like okay mijo you know so like I think they’re
having a hard time believing us now like oh I’m sure you got another lease ya
know there’s like so many instances like like chronic photoshoots I would I want
to say I used to take them on the ground I used to use a ping-pong table like to
take like hat products but now like I’ve noticed it should be like a nicer
backdrop so I use like a white backdrop now and then it’s all about the lighting
so it’s just so different what did your parents think about you starting this
business honestly my mom is very supportive my dad it’s very supportive
too and so we collaborated with them so we could take care of the business here
in US and they could take care of the business in Philippines
so they will take care of the manufacturing part and we will take care
of the brand so we’re collaborating together so we’re we love it because
it’s the first time we’re having a family business oh my goodness
okay let me just inform you guys so my mom she’s a nurse so they always they’re
a little bit old fashioned they really want you to like go to school graduate
college I don’t want to say like maybe the arts wasn’t like their thing but she
wanted me to go into nursing and I was like no I really like designing it’s my
passion it’s fun so now like they really understand it and they they tell
like our family and friends like it’s your passion so you should do it and I
was like alright cool but like it’s not their style but I love to do it
so it’s designing and stuff support you now they do they definitely do they
they have a really cool understanding about it now yeah at first no definitely
no well you know all those Filipinos know most visionaries when they have a
vision to do something yeah a lot of people they don’t think it could work
but the same time they’ll support you because they love you if you wait to do
it and try to get everything perfect it’ll probably never happen so you have
to let the ego aside and start when you can start the lot of people start
business don’t have a lot of money okay resources they should start where
they start with the heart into a physical growth and as far as the family
and friends they love you they’ll support you even when your vision seems
kind of crazy my parents is kind of like alright we’ll see we’ll see you know
they want to see it to believe they want to feel like they want to touch it they
want to be in the place when it’s open so right now is mostly be confident keep
consistent just keep going like some people are not gonna like your stuff but
you’ll have like most of your followers and it keeps growing save money save a
lot of money I should have started with like smaller and then once I learn a
little bit better a better then I could go look forward like it’ll be a little
more slower that’s that way I’ll be able to see things and plan
better use the money why Sir what to be honest with you I’m okay with it being
exactly well yes because I learned every mistake that I that was made we learned
from it and we met some very interesting people along the way so I think it might
change anything I believe wouldn’t be the experience that I’ve had to give us
some real it’s been tough by ourselves before we had the inside part we got
your bicep 115 degrees washing cars always glamorous and inside the brick
and mortar part outside but for the most part I wouldn’t change anything
because I believe that our experiences is what he’s gonna help the next
generation of next person go through lemonade stand or Pokemon cards? Pokemon cards for sure uh Pokemon cards lemonade stand Pokemon cards lemonade stand candy or bags of chips bags of chips snapchat or stories stories handmade or thrifted handmade thrifted events or online events screen print or dtg (direct to garment) screenprint dtg dtg degree or no degree degree not relevant dang i got a degree no degree to your good no degree it doesnt matter as long as you are doing what you love
no degree loans or bootstrap goodness I popeyes or chick fil a popeyes say oh thank you so there you have it guys I hope you
enjoyed this video that we just came up with I really feel that everybody shared
a little glimpse of what you have to look forward to when you’re starting or
growing or perhaps overcoming some struggles whether it’s family friends or
monetary setbacks the reality is it’s going to be a ton of them and the only
thing you can do is really just get started I feel that events are an
amazing way for you to be able to market and sell your products and more
importantly I really think they’re a great way to test some ideas that you
may have before you start producing a bunch of quantities and not knowing if
they’re gonna sell online so a huge thing that over the years like I
actually just want to share one of the stories that I have and it’s a question
that I asked everybody which was like what’s one of the moments that looking
back now you laugh and you find yourself laughing at but back then was very
hurtful to me it was as we were selling our backpacks in our bags
we’d go to different events or perhaps class presentations and we carry all of
our products in a hefty trash bag is a true story and we’ve carried them all
and we’ve rolled up to the class and we’d literally take the products out and
present it to the class and say this is high-quality products this is what
they’re made out of made in the USA right we were so proud of how we were
making our products that we never realized that by taking them out of that
trash bag people were thinking that was garbage
and legitimately somebody said hey have you guys ever considered putting your
products in a different bag because it looks like you’re taking out the trash
right so at that moment it was super hurtful to hear that because we had
spent so much time and we thought they were calling our cut our products trash
alright but looking back now I think it’s the funniest story that I could
that I could still to this day picture how I felt when she said that and I just
laugh at it now so the beauty of what you guys do when you’re attending a live
event is that you get to get some of that feedback from people in real time
and more importantly you continue to learn and you continue to make those
adjustments that you need in order for you guys to continue to grow

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  1. Hey, John. This was a really inspiring and authentic video – I'm someone who is trying to establish and grow their own vision into a fully realized business as well.

    ?? Thank you.??

  2. This is currently what I needed! I am planning to launch my business in 2020 and it’s so easy to get caught up in the things I don’t have..


  3. Your videos always provide great Insight. As a Artist trying to create my own brand; your videos and the people featured in em are very inspiring. Thanks bro! Keep up the great work!

  4. John,

    Another insightful video for start up companies. I am getting ready to launch a golf apparel line via POD. I wanted to scale my brand by starting out with POD, before I look to find a manufacturer or supplier to do private labeling. I am a former UNLV football player who loves this game of golf. My alumni brother do a UNLV football golf tournament every year in April and hope to do my official launch at this tournament. Would love your advice in the POD industry, and if you think its the right approach for someone on a budget. I am a hustler, and can sell a pencil to a teacher. However, I do know that my brand and products have to be able to compete in the golf industry. Any advice? Would also love to have you come through and play in the tourney if you play golf.

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