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STARFIRE DC Multiverse (Titans) DC Rebirth Action Figure Unboxing Review

STARFIRE  DC Multiverse (Titans) DC Rebirth Action Figure Unboxing Review

alright guys today it’s time to review
star fire from the click the collector and now I can never say that collect and
connect staff IADC multi first line we are reviewing stuff I can’t wait to
break out of the packaging guys on our way to building Ninja Batman so let’s go
ahead and do this hey guys meow supersorrell thank you
very much – you look good it’s stuff I yeah I’m very happy to have her and I go
I can finally isn’t it awesome finger let me just remove the whiting little
that’s a lot better so we have Starfire guys can’t wait to break her out she
looks amazing so guys DC a rebirth Starfire but before
we go ahead and break her out of the box let’s go down to the desk and so you
guys get a look close buzz look at the packaging so guys there she is in the
packaging looking absolutely beautiful she’s got the head of Batman Medellin
with some nice diorama pieces here Ford’s he used with her it’s got the DC
Multiverse logo on the bottom though with the DC logo along with a nice
artist rendering there with the Starfire and the DC logo up on the top along with
the click and connect logo to the side you can see that lovely artwork yet
again and on the back you see the other figures from the range and Ninja Batman
if we zoom out a little bit and aim it up you can see there is a little bio
there and now you’re gonna laugh at me guys cuz I always pronounce this very
wrong but I believe because I know I’m pronouncing it wrong her name but i call
a princess Corey under it because that’s how it
looks it was enslaved on the home planet of tamarind but escaped her captors and
fled to earth joining the Teen Titans this is the DC rebirth a version of
Starfire and if you’re watching this review I hope you’ve already seen how a
beach boy review as we work our way down the line guys we have Beast Boy and now
today we’re on Starfire then tomorrow we’ll have Wally’s flash along with Jon
Stewart’s green London Nightwing and black lightning finally to get as a
ninja Batman so making sure you tuned in guys to see the future of this line or
they’ll be doing all sorts of views to eventually get us to the Ninja Batman so
let’s go ahead and break her out of the packaging because she is my favorite in
this line and I’ve been dying to get my hands on this figure all right let’s
bring around the box let’s do this this is here snippety-snip actually this is the one of the figures
from this line I’m keeping so doesn’t matter how I treat this box cuz I’m not
gonna be using it again let’s break it out and that means guys if I’m keeping
this one I can do this Oh No
I’ve lost one oh is that all right guys so guys here is Starfire out of the
packaging looking awesome so that face call first of all is
beautiful love the design that made their Louis how they’ve designed a
headpiece as well so nice I’m loving the orange skin maybe a little bit dark I
pictured it being a bit lighter on all the pictures she always look like a bit
lighter but he’s quite a dark skin we might have trouble standing her up
because she has got them platform boots on which are nightmare and Marvel
Legends let’s see how different they are actually this stood up first time for
the DC one oh my god those were those were a problem went on
the original Marvel Legends Medusa they weren’t paid but these ones are actually
alright so articulation so that is on a ball-joint you can make a look down with
up left him right I will lift up to the top hinge will rotate there’s also a
single hinged elbow here and the hands are on a ball trades you can crunch
around our abdomen waist there but discrete forwards and backwards no way
swivel or let’s do it out pretty far oh oh I didn’t like that oh my god I did
not like that oh well the top thigh cup there and her legs do also rotate at the
hinge but there is actually a cycle to activate there but it won’t activate I
think us at icon yes it is he just didn’t want to Romans
8 there we go whoa both are now rotated
her legs keep popping on that top hinge up there I don’t like that that’s make
me a bit worried however let’s do this forward and there is a double hinged
knee there there is no boot cut but there is the feet where you can rotate
her boot forwards as well as pivot yeah that top if I could but it’s making me a
bit nervous makes me feel like the thing is gonna go Luke’s very fast there’s not
much pain issues going here the pain that he’s actually in have been applied
very well and there’s not many specs and issues there’s just but what I want to
have no extra hay away is the scuffie John this top arm here there is a
massive purple mark but that are probably easily wash off to be honest
and there’s a few little issues around the neck where the lines meet and
there’s a little bit of warping on the actual plastic around the arm pieces but
again nothing that you notice just cuz I’m I do you know a lot look it figures
every single day I can spot these things most people probably wouldn’t even have
noticed and he’ll like I’ve got a little bit loose now since I’ve been playing
with it which isn’t a good sign but oh my god I don’t know I always get
figured with loose joints book yeah maybe that’s why they did end up
changing from mattel I don’t know we’ll the QC issues on this line quite badly
I’ve been in a while since I’ve done the multi-verse reviews I think the last
line of multiverse because I deal with Suicide Squad but I’m gonna try and
bring back some BC content to the channel to know you guys have been
asking and I’ve been out of the game for DC quite some time but I do collect
certain characters like Batman’s and Jana Quinn’s Joker’s usually Batman’s a
row blocker but there’s occasional ones like Starfire that do one so I’ll try to
get some new DC stuff as it comes out for the channel guys if you guys are
interested let us know in the comments right we’re gonna go ahead and stand her
up there on the spinny wheel and let’s go take a look at the closer look on the
nest cam at this awesome figure alright guys there is Starfire out of
the looking absolutely beautiful then we
just get that rotation going the figure itself is very beautifully sculpted I
really like the way they brought this figure to life there is a few issues
like you see there’s a little bit of coverage but nothing to mental miss
figure is very well put together it’s a great modern adaptation of Starfire the
last time we got a Starfire figure was windy windy see even essentials or
designer series when they did like the Teen Titans and the version they made
wasn’t that crackage came like a great week hold on it just wasn’t in keeping
with how staff I was looking in the comics at the time so I’m I’m happy to
that we finally have this version of her as well because this is how I see her in
the comic books now in the modern era and I really like how they’ve kind of
modernized and made a look compared to how she did on Teen Titans as well as we
know this is you know Starfire she was romantically linked to
Nightwing for quite some time and his fall along the side Red Hood and it’s
been an awesome little riding a journey for this character so I’m glad like I
say we finally got an awesome version of this figure in the line if I move the
camera a little bit closer you guys can see about face sculpt a lot clarity
stupidly nice again I’m loving how to made this figure look very well sculpted
and very very nice indeed what do you guys think of this figure let me know in
the comments below and today guys we got Batman’s cape as well as the Batman face
gulps then we are building Batman so what we can do if I just quickly
this has got the pin there there we go first step of building done can’t wait
to get some more from this awesome Batman and here is Starfire stood at the
side of Beast Boy fellow Teen Titan member
awesome this lioness died shape up and we’ve got half a team there already what
do you guys think of us down fire compared to Beast Boy height wise and
stove and that’s pretty cool right let me know your thoughts in the comments
down below again if you haven’t checked the beach boy review my treat go back
and check my reviews you don’t miss it it’s an awesome review that I wouldn’t
want you to miss I’m so happy I’m good stuff I finally everything collected
waited so long without Vikram’s Cuban habit of it so guys watch your
thoughts on Starfire let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed
today’s video please make sure you smash that subscribe button subscribing really
supports as it really helps out and helps us keep making awesome videos
thank you very much watching guys and until next time may the force be with
you bye you

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  1. Please inform in your videos that your show is for adults and that you're not trying to steal info of views and if anyone under 13 watches your video make sure they get parents' permission.

  2. cool looking Star Fire figure its just the theres a load of bad QC issues with all the Mattel DC figures which is why they werent selling well plus Mattel were losing alot money so they sold sold there Disney toy ranges to Hasbro & sold there DC Kids toy range to Spin Master & sold there DC Multiverse toy range to Mcfarlane i believe Mattel now only own the WWE toy ranges & the Barbie toy ranges still not to sure

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