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Star Wars Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker Review – NO SPOILERS

Star Wars Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker Review – NO SPOILERS

Long have I waited.
and now you’re coming together is your undoing. welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my non-spoilery Star Wars Episode 9 rise of Skywalker
review so no worries no spoilers in this video if you’re new to the channel be
sure to subscribe to get everything I’ll be doing all my easter egg videos and my
full review all that stuff later this week after everyone has a chance to
watch the movie so if you do have a chance to see the movie early please
don’t post spoilers on this video but we have to talk about the maximum Star Wars
movie there is more Star Wars in rise of Skywalker than in any other Star Wars
movie you’ve ever seen what does that mean to have the most Star Wars in your
Star Wars movie well this is the last film in the skywalker saga of films the
films that primarily follow the Skywalker family a long time ago George
Lucas said to Star Wars when he was talking about his films were about a
family following them through the generations the Skywalker family people
of Skywalker blood you start with Anakin Skywalker in the prequels he becomes
Darth Vader then you follow his children Luke and Leia in the classic films now
you’re following the next generation in the new films so a lot of the movie is
dedicated to telling that family’s story what does family mean what does it mean
to be part of that Skywalker family what is their legacy going to be those were
just some of the bigger questions that they had to answer in the movie but the
movie itself is dedicated to answering all of your fan questions so a lot of
people will come out of the movie calling it the most fanservice
Star Wars movie of all the saga films but I definitely think
that a lot of it was made with the intention of addressing some of the
biggest complaints people have had about Star Wars Force awakens and Star Wars
the last Jedi we got one last chance to do this let’s try to make them as happy
as possible and get them ready for whatever’s coming next one of the things
I was happy to see in the things that you Star Wars youtubers will enjoy is
that it does set up a lot of new things that they’ll have to explore in the new
Star Wars movies set after the events of rise of Skywalker
they’ll keep making movies set in the past they’re currently developing a
Knights of the Old Republic movie but most of their energy is based on
developing new story with new characters sets forward in the timeline moving this
giant ship forward praise be to baby Yoda who will be there hopefully to
witness all that if you didn’t like a lot of the major
canonical choices of Star Wars last Jedi you will probably be one of the people
that likes Star Wars rise of Skywalker a little more it didn’t completely retcon
a lot of the major choices and twists of last Jedi but it does throw it a little
bit under the bus I’ll discuss how it does that later in a more nuanced
detailed way and my full spoiler review and breakdown videos later this week it
starts a little all over the place in the first act it’s like the beginning of
Star Wars rogue one and then there are some parts that are a little bit silly
for my taste in what you would normally treat is a big serious Star Wars movie
it is meant to be the final movie in the Skywalker saga so you expected to treat
things pretty seriously but JJ Abrams the screenwriters and everyone tried to
deliver on every big question every fan wish you’ve ever had watching all total
nine of these Star Wars saga films so it spends way more of its time trying to be
a fan pleaser than something like last Jedi which spent most of its time trying
to upend the major tropes of the franchise that’s why you’ve probably
seen a lot of people who liked last Jedi’s speaking poorly of rise of
Skywalker as much as things jump around so much during the first act of the film
I feel like the whole second half of the film will be what most people are
talking about that’s really when the film starts to take off longtime fans of
the franchise will be happy with a lot of the stuff that they tried to include
and re canonize from Star Wars legends so if you’re not familiar with the
expanded universe there was a whole swath of published material starting in
the 90s of all this expanded Star Wars Canon when there weren’t any new Star
Wars films when Disney bought the franchise they sort of swept that under
the rug so shadows of the Empire the great Timothy Zahn Thrawn Trilogy
all the Dark Horse comic books everything kind of got swept under the
rug and they just decided to start with Clone Wars the animated series and then
Star Wars rebels is sort of their expanded Canon but slowly and slowly
they’ve started to bring stuff back from legends and put it in the new TV shows
in the new movies so there are a lot of really really deep cuts a lot of really
cool force lore and Sith Lore so if you’re really into that aspect of Star
Wars you will like some of the stuff they included in the movie but unlike
force awakens I feel like this is them kind of addressing one of the major
complaints of that film it’s not a complete remake of a
earlier Star Wars movie there’s a lot of places and a lot of beats that feel
familiar to return to the Jedi but it’s not as straight up a remake as force
awakens was talking about all the actors Adam driver as kylo Ren has been one of
the secret weapons of the modern Star Wars films he’s on fire as always during
the movie Daisy Ridley and he were great together Finn and Poe were great
together in this movie I’ve been a fan of Oscar Isaacs now for a while he’s
great they also sort of corrected the mistakes of the earlier films and gave
Poe way more story in this they used him so heavily in the force awakens
marketing and then he had like a couple minutes during the film and that was it
they gave him a little more to do during last Jedi I’m Way happier with what they
did with his character during rise of Skywalker in same thing with john
boyega’s character i feel like his performance and what they did with his
character in rise of skywalker is way better than the other two films because
this is a non-spoilery review i can’t say too much about carrie fisher’s
scenes but most you probably know that because she passed away before they
started shooting the film all the footage of Carrie Fisher in the movie is
actually reworked deleted scenes from force awakens but it totally worked for
me there wasn’t any kind of uncanny valley issues or anything like that you
will be thinking about it in the theater though if you remember that she’s
actually passed away before they shot this film you will be thinking about
that a little bit but they did a great job of honoring her character and
memorializing the classic trilogy characters talking about some of the new
characters Keri Russell as Zori bliss was fantastic she’s that helmeted
character you’ve been seeing all the marketing you’ve probably seen some of
the footage in the trailers of that tiny alien engineer his name is Babu Frick
he’s great during the movie they actually tried to give c-3po a real art
during this film so they make him way more critical to the actual plot during
this movie the pacing is way better in this film that it was during last Jedi
also probably force awakens some will argue that it moves too quickly because
they cram so much plot and story into this small movie it’s shorter than last
Jedi but they’re telling way more actual story I expected that going into the
movie so it wasn’t that big of a surprise because there’s just so many
questions and character arch that they have to wrap up
remember how Avengers endgame was over three hours long imagine what that movie
would have felt like in terms of pacing if they had cut another 20 to 25 minutes
of the movie out so some of the other critics that I saw at the premiere the
complained that it didn’t give you enough time to linger on some of the
more interesting moments especially earlier in the film like a good example
during force awakens at the beginning is when you first meet the Rey character on
jakku you spend several minutes following her through her daily routine
just getting to know her now in rise of skywalker there’s none of that they hit
the ground running big time they cut from scene to scene way way
faster and it leaves you the fan to fill in some of the gaps yourself but it
doesn’t yada-yada-yada its way through the important things nearly as badly as
Game of Thrones did so the rapid cuts didn’t bother me that much all the mains
get much clearer story arcs there’s way more of the new Trinity of characters
together Rey Finn and Poe something people complained last Jedi lacked
without talking too much about it though I do feel like there going to be a couple
really controversial twists in the movie I’m going to have to see it a couple more
times to decide how I feel about it especially the ending I mean of course
the ending was always going to be controversial this is the last film in a nine film saga it won’t be quite as controversial as Game of Thrones ending
but still a really big twist that I did not see coming so I’ll wait to talk
about that till I post my full spoiler review later this week there are a
couple big plot twists that the film turns on that it’s going to take a while to
unpack the music was fantastic as always it’s probably my favorite soundtrack of
all the new Star Wars movies and within that probably some of my favorite tracks
were when it goes to really dark sith places enjoy it while it lasts because
it’s the last time Jon Williams said he would do music for Star Wars movie but I
think the idea is is that future movies will always have remixed elements of the
original John Williams music it’s so iconic it’s become endemic to Star Wars
stories even a series like the Mandalorian which is kind of a space
Western which has a totally different composer working on and at a totally
different style takes a lot of inspiration from the classical John
Williams music the cinematography and all the technical aspects of the film
were great Star Wars movies typically always look great usually when people
complain about Star Wars it’s about the characters or the story I feel like
everyone mostly agrees that the set design the aliens the special effects
the costumes are always really polished I’ve only seen the movie once so I’m not
quite ready to rank it with all the other new films be sure to go see the movie when you have a chance so you ask after this movie what’s going to happen next what do we have to look forward to the next couple of years well a lot more baby Yoda the
Mandalorian season 2 will release next year around the same time there’s the
obi-wan Kenobi series that they’re working on next year the rogue one
prequel series there’s rumors of another secret Star Wars Disney Plus series that
they’re working on Star Wars Episode 10 isn’t dated until December 2022 so it’ll
be about three years before we get another Star Wars movie so praise be to
baby Yoda who will carry us through the dark but what’s going to happen next is is
my Mandalorian episode 7 video will post later today that’s right they posted the
episode early so that it’s not conflicting with the release of rise of
Skywalker this weekend while you wait for that click here for my Mandalorian
episode 6 video And Click here for my new Baby Yoda video. Thank you so much for watching. Everybody stay awesome, and I’ll see you guys tonight! new baby Yoda video thank you so much
for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

Reader Comments

  1. Here's my Non-Spoilery Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Review video. I'll post my Full Review Thursday Night. Episode 9 Easter Eggs and Full Breakdown videos this weekend. Mandalorian Episode 7 later today. Here's my Mandalorian Episode 6 video!

  2. Just came back from the theater… this movie was a significant improvement over TLJ!!
    The nostalgic feels really hit to the all the call backs and references the the original and prequel trilogies!! But i feel like Rey's and Kylo's ending should of been swapped! It would've made alot more sense and feel more right imo but overall a decent ending to the skywalker story

  3. Star Wars the Clone Wars wasn't originally Disney. When Disney bought Lucas Film, they bought Star Wars the Clone which was why season 7 was originally canceled.

  4. I really enjoyed this movie. I don't know what people are hating it for. Abrams did well to say he had to do damage control after the last jedi.

  5. From what I gathered from reviews: the people who inexplicably loved TLJ hate TRS. And the people who (correctly) thought TLJ was trash seem to like TRS. It seems that Abrams also thought what most intelligent people thought; that TLJ was a heaping pile of trash. It sounds like Abrams did his best to undo the absolute failure of Rian Johnson. So it really sounds to me like the movie is about as good as it possibly could have been after that trash heap TLJ. I mean, from the descriptions of having everything jam packed into the movie, it seems like that's the only real way to end a 9 movie saga. There was no story really left after TLJ. Not only was it a bad movie, but it left virtually nothing coherent that could follow it other than a boring pseudo-teen love flick. After losing all hope in the franchise after TLJ, I am actually sort of excited for TRS. If all the SJW tards that loved TLJ hate TRS, it must be actually decent!!!!

  6. I just viewed the film. It was very good. Critics and cynical fans be damned. Too much to get into, but I was in the story from beginning to end. The actors did a great job. Emotional moments to be sure. Especially at the end. And I really like who the Skywalker was at the end of the film.
    I'll be seeing it multiple times.

  7. All I can say about the movie after seeing it, is it was the best it could be with what foundation was laid before it in the previous two movies. There was a lot it had to deal with and it did alright but, also a lot of rushing and awkward moments. McGuffins and Chekhov's Gun apply heavily.

  8. It was amazing. Only true star wars would love and feel the crazy nostalgia. Yes they could’ve had more force ghosts but I think they executed this very well.

  9. I loved this movie! It was amazing! Easily fav sequel movie and it is in my top 3 overall! It was a perfect ending to the Skywalker saga and had a ton of great fan service! After this film Ben Solo is a top 5 favorite Star Wars character of mine! I loved how his arc over the 3 films mirrored Vader’s so much! Perfectionnnn *chef kiss!

  10. I expect myself to be mixed on it, and having seen and reflected on the saga recently I will stick to my judgements as to what I liked and didnt like and avoid the hype or hate trains.

    AHHAAAHAHHA 🌈🤪🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😂🤣🤣💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    IM DEATH…!!!

  12. When they were making mandalorian..

    Dave Filoni -”so we putting yoda species as a baby,you think Star Wars fans would love?..”
    Jon Favreau: “i dont know..what if they hate the idea?..”
    Mysterious figure: “believe in the force we must”

  13. For example the asian and the black guy beeing sperated because of chinese money AYYLMAO. Instead we have b&w smooching action, kinda basic.

  14. I really think it is a great movie. The story ends like a movie should. It might be considered a cheese end, but I think its just how a star wars saga should end

  15. 8:45 The prequels didn't look so great with far too much cgi, although I don't think they were that bad over all in terms of appearance, but that is one thing these new movies have done really well is they look amazing, and practical sets and props go a long way to making the universe look real or lived in. That is the extent of good opinions I have about the new movies. (haven't seen EP9 but I don't expect to have that opinion change much)

  16. Would be lovely not to see too many scenes from the mandalorian in your videos about other movies, as that series has not been released everywhere yet.

  17. I wish Rey killed everyone just to make people even more pissed…. laughing at everyone hating on a fiction movie boo who go make your own Star Wars movie

  18. In no part of this movie did I feel any emotional connection or care like I did in the original trilogy. Very disjointed and all over the place.

  19. Just got home. Honestly, I don't understand why all the nerds are so mad. I thought this movie was the best one out of all 9 of them. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  20. I just hate how rey is so powerful she never really trained and was always strong. Fin should have been the mc imo would've made for a more interesting story or even kylo would've been cool. Can't wait for more mandalorian though thank god for that

  21. I thought the Zahn Thrawn story is canon as that book was released during the Rebels series?!

    And thank you for your positive review. I enjoyed this movie and will be going to see this again. Agreed about Keri Russell too. Loved her!

  22. Well The Rise of skywalker was disappointing, probably my least favorite Star Wars movie ☹. Charlie's review of the movie was generous!

  23. You actually made me amped about seeing Star Wars again. I was going to wait for about a week till all the kids go back to school, however I need to see this now. Last Jedi killed Star Wars for me but I after seeing your video I think it will be awesome again.

  24. I am a an avid Star wars fan and am going to see SW tonight: you gave me hope to at least lesson my low expectations. Hope you are right….😉👍

  25. Force Awakens: Rehash of Star Wars. Do something different. Last Jedi: Too different. Didn't even explain holes. Rise Of Skywalker: Too much the same & Too different. Overexplains holes.. Well damn with these fans. 😁

  26. THE LAST JEDI HATERS: Seriously, What did you think about Episode 9? I hated what they did to Luke in TLJ! But this sounds much better! Post below.


  28. it was a good movie as an ending to the Skywalker sega tying up most of the loose ends. Nevertheless, I will say this though… the movie had quite a number of cliches and a few of the plot points were predictable.

  29. I once heard a wise man say, "Keep your expectations low and life will rarely disappoint you."
    But nothing could have ever lowered them enough to prepare me for The Rise of Skywalker.
    I think I need to go and see Cats to cleanse my eyeballs.

  30. I just don’t understand the hate for this movie it was dope to me sure it had problems but to me those problems are cause of how shitty the last Jedi was I fucking hate that trash

  31. Willy Wonka gets shipped with Batman

    Putin dies in the end

    Elmo ressurects from when he died in Episode III because of Shreks demonic ritual

    Gandalf defeats Star Lord

    Spoilers, deal with it!

  32. Everything that could be done to save the Star Wars legacy after the last jedi was done ! And done as well as it could. If TLJ didn't exist this would not have been very good. But this honours the whole 9 movie saga with a satisfying end in my honest opinion.

  33. Ray is palpatine’s grandaughter
    The end!!!
    Title should’ve been the rise of the emperor the palpatine blood line!!
    😂😂😂😂movie is shhhiiiitttt!!!

  34. Just saw Episode IX.
    That was a trip. Paid off something from Force Awakens pretty much exactly as I always thought. Will be seeing it again with family in IMAX Saturday, so I will get some more time to process it.

  35. 86% audience rating on rotten tomatoes ! I think most of these idiots giving it the worst film ever load of old dogs bollocks have either not seen it or just wake up in the morning thinking ‘what can I have a moan about today’?

    Are you Nancy Pelosi in disguise??

  36. Imagine having such an enormous, much loved, valuable franchise trilogy and not having a plan or script outline from start to end.

    I’d be fired if I was this sloppy managing big projects at work.

    The “make it up as you go along” shit just doesn’t cut it.

  37. Given the state of popular culture, it is not surprising that there is so much hate directed toward this movie. But I really don't understand wtf people are talking about. I just watched it and loved every second of it and can't wait to see it again.

  38. "Great Timothy Zahn Trilogy"
    ….I thought so when I read it in the 90's after being starved of new Star Wars material throughout the late 80's. After reading them again recently….no, they're not that good. Mediocre at best. Definitely not good material for a film, imo.

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