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  1. Who is the state to decide what we need and how much of it we need? Why do people buy into that garbage? And why are they saying you shouldn't stock up on food? When (Not if) the Coronavirus starts killing 1000s here in the US are YOU going to go shopping for food? NO. You'll be in quarantine like everyone else. Folks are starving in China and Italy right now, they didn't have a food shortage there either. WAKE UP PEOPLE. DO NOT LISTEN TO POLITICIANS. Millennials think that Del Taco will be open so it's all good… Don't count on it!

  2. People who are so cool now and scoff at people buying toilet paper will literally have dirty asses in a couple of months when the situation explodes. Then let’s see how “cool and calm” they are.

  3. I think that's a GREAT idea. Here in FL, you'd think a hurricane was coming. It's ridiculous. I'm not buying into it. Buy what you need. Humanity is greedy and selfish. That's not the Aloha spirit Hawaiians should have. ✌

  4. If there is plenty of product and no need to worry, then don’t worry about those of us stocking up. You will get your product, if there is plenty of it now or coming. However, if you are wrong, and there is only a limited quantity of product in the warehouses, then don’t blame the rest of us for being smart and preparing ahead of time, because if and when there are shortages, you can only blame your own stupid brain for not making a smart decision when you had the opportunity to do so. There’s an Aesop’s Fable about The Ant and the Grasshopper which we all learned as kids. Maybe it can also be called The Prepper and the Sheeple.

  5. Get what you need and then some don't get what you don't use in your day to day shipping is slowing down in the USA 🇺🇸. If your face mask is a n95 or higher it will not stop you from getting sick but it will lower the chance of it and if it has a vent it will do nothing for you spreading it it only filters in not out. Help one another in this time and stay safe.

  6. COVID-19 equals toilet paper. People in Hawai'i have lost their minds and have become the laughing stock of America. We're told to prepare for this virus then we go out and purchase toilet paper! Pretty amazing for the lack of common sense.

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