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  1. Ideal and unrealistic Plot twist: He found out that He is the father of Hannah Browns kid and leaves the women to take care of his baby. Sheesh that would be plot twist history

  2. I think Maddie will leave Peter alone. Another dramatic ending ever. Peter is alone because both will leave him. THE END. 😭😭😭❤️

  3. he is saying sorry to someone. so maybe he was with her and changed his mind? ugh this is so confusing. someone tell me their thoughts pls

  4. My theory is Madison sends herself home and he apologizes to Hannah Ann for leaving her to go after Madison because he realizes he needs her unlike any other. Because he’s wearing the same shirt where Barb is crying at 2:36 so I think that the moment at 1:55 is maybe where he goes after Madison and confronts her after she leaves and confesses how sorry he is and how he truly loves her and wants to be with her. And 1:12 is where they probably reconcile and decide to mend their relationship.
    Side note: Please God let this be true, otherwise I’m watching for nothing.

  5. what if peter got kelley pregnant when the hooked up before filming and that's the "dramatic" ending and why she wasn't at the tell all

  6. Here is what I think. Peter is wearing the same blue shirt on his hometown with maddie and when he is with his parents. His mom is just telling him to ho chase and pursue maddie and not to let her go. I think Hanna Ann Leaves and he went to apologize because he wants to choose maddie.

  7. peter ends up coming out as transgender and gives his rose to Chris Hanson… who looks at him and asks W..T…F?… probably peter goes chases after Madison who forgives him and says that he needs to repent then earn her love…but in reality. Madison should just move on and date another virgin, if he finds the need to sleep around because he can and it feels good, obviously his morals are between the legs only… dump in and move on. time to have virgin bachelor…

  8. They both leave him at the end. It appears that Madison has an awakening when meeting Peter's parents, and she may realize that they are not compatible in the long run. Peter's parents see this as well after there one-on-one conversation. Madison drops out due to not seeing herself with Peter for the rest of her life; Which then results in the scene we see with Peter crying and apologizing to a women who appears to be Madison from what we can see. Hannah Ann is informed that Peter went after Madison after she drops out, and decides to leave as well realizing that Peter was most likely going to pick Madison in the end anyways. This leaves Peter with 0 woman to choose, and left heart broken… Then we are left with the scene with Peter's mother– I still think she is talking about Hannah Brown, and begs Peter to seek after her again knowing that Peter found his one true love all along. This is just a theory, let me know what you think.

  9. I think maybe someone is pregnant, lol. That's why his mom wants him to bring whoever it is back to them. Cuz their gonna have a grandbaby.

  10. Can I say soap operas on drugs this is the goofiest crap put on TV it's all played out it's not real it's fake but yet people with low self-esteem will sit here and watch this crap eat it up

  11. Peters mom saying dont let her go is heavily edited… shes not talking about one specific person. She is just talking about peter picking a girl and not letting the one he loves go. Shes not choosing for him shes just telling him to follow his heart…. there now stop thinking she chooses one over the other… producers are good though 😂

  12. Isn’t it cool that all of the older better Seasons are on Netflix now?? These new seasons are so lacking can everyone name their top five? Mine Bachelor: 1 Jason Mesnic 2 Aaron Burgee 3 Bob Ginny 4 Byron Velvick 5 Sean Lowe…….Bachelorette Trista 2 Rachel 3 Emily 4 Caitlin 5 JoJo

  13. 🔥🔥🔥
    📈📈📈📈deserves this place in trending 📈📈📈📈
    1:30 💕❣💖

  14. im sorry i could not be a TV with full of women. but the hardest part is choosing the right girl for you

  15. My theory :Peter breaks up with Hannah Ann after learning Madison leaves before the final rose.
    Peter's mother is talking about Madison(dont let her go)* both peter and his father are wearing the same shirts (dark blue) in this clip as with all the Madison encounters meeting his parents*

  16. Chris made an interesting comment saying that not even Peter himself knows how the season ends… wtf does that mean??

  17. If you look at the shirts Peter is wearing when is mom is telling him don’t let go, and then go back, you can find a moment where Peter is with Madison wearing that exact same shirt, which means his mom is saying don’t let go of Madison.

  18. The finale trailer features a woman getting up off the bed and walking away. After Chris comes to Peter with some so called "news" Is probably when he goes to lie down. He said he felt faint.
    It looks like Hannah B. Even with the face blurred out. Hat, long blond hair, black dress and dangly earrings. She probably shows up one last time. Kinda hard for Peter to forget 4xs in a windmill! Remember she quoted "and God still loves me". In the original trailer this season his Mom also says "God put her in your life for a reason" before crying not to let her go. Funny that line is now missing in the finale trailer. Go get her Peter!

  19. This is so scripted… I'm not watching this bull shit… I don't think it was fair that Maddie got to meet his parents only… It gave her the upper hand on all the girls which can conflict his interest with other girls because of his mother…. "This is what love stories are made of!" Really! It doesn't come from a competition of women and one man… This is such a mess so unnatural….

  20. Ugh! I am dying of suspense; it's killing me. NOBODY bother me while I am watching the final two episodes!!!

  21. I keep waiting for a season where the final 3 and the Bachelor decide to just go the Sister Wives polygamy route.

  22. Ok I think he gonna pick Madison then she is gonna realize she is too good for him and leave him and Hannah is gonna realize that she doesn’t wanna be second choice

  23. “Woe is me” “oh whatever will I do” “should I move to Utah and make Madison and Hannah sister wives” cries Peter

  24. I swear Peter has had such a rough season…..their has been more drama than anything….here's hoping everything works out for him. His morals dont add up with Madison's but he wants her so bad and Hannah Ann is like everything he has ever wanted but the age keeps on coming up…😬.

  25. Maybe the parents call Hannah or Madison to come back, since Chris said, "even Peter don't know the ending. " weird. 😬

  26. Hannah Ann leaves because she feels incapable of making Peter happy after having a deep conversation with Peters parents. Then Peter visits Madison at the hotel room to let her know he is following his heart and going after Hannah Ann. Peters mom convinced Peter she’s the one and he runs after her. They are currently moving in together and have been super low key about the show and decisions they are making.

  27. So he sleep around a lot.

    I guess that he made someone else pregnant and dumped her, telling her how sorry he is.

  28. I FINALLY Saw a Clue I missed. Chris says " before you propose". Peter was proposing. Fate, Austrailian pun intended, Boomeranged! Spirited Donna

  29. I think he’s with Hannah B they are engaged! And besides she just moved to L.A. been in L.A. for a month or two months now.

  30. Now I hear that up to 4 girls could be pregnant by this guy. Looking forward to AFRose to maybe get a conclusion to these stories/theories. I' m hoping for HB at the end of this.

  31. I personally feel like during the finale he sends Hannah Ann home before proposing to Madison, then he finds out that Madison quits so he goes to apologize to Hannah Ann and beg for her back, but I do feel like Peter's mom is talking about Madison (dont let her go) idk that's just my opinion

  32. He just doesn’t have any substance to him.. I can’t find anything attractive or something to fight for about him. Just blasé..

  33. Plot Twist: He picks Madison but Natasha is pregnant. His mom is crying because the very first African American seeds have been introduced to the family tree

  34. How can you love three women at once that ain't love homie! All im saying is Peter don't pick Madison so I can take her

  35. Madison quits, and doesnt show up for the rose ceremony. So peter cancels it + he dumps Hannah Ann, to see if he can make it work with Madison 👌🏻

  36. I think maddie left b cuz he's wearing the same shirt he was wearing on their date as when he was saying his heart is so broken

  37. Man I connect with Maddie so much but I sure hope her and peter have more spiritual conversations, because i really don’t want her values to be sacrificed. She deserves someone her understands her values and holds similar ones. I mean I like peter, but they just aren’t connecting to the point where I think it’s healthy for a relationship on a spiritual level.

  38. Madison finally reached her breaking point and hopped on a plane back to the states. Peter cancels the ceremony until he can talk to Madison. He does alot of talking to win her back and her family's approval so now they are dating but not engaged

  39. SO Ready for this Teenage version of the show to be over. None of these kids are ready for marriage. BRING ON THE MEN!

  40. I have to say this because I have felt this way from the start, but first of all Hannah Ann plays this “innocent girl next door” act and I hate it. She pisses me off, she reminds me of a middle school girl actually. I still think Peter + Hannah Brown would’ve been the best match by far. Victoria is pretty, but she isn’t a good fit for Peter. She’s got too much drama (makes everything so dramatic) and I could see that being an issue in the future. I hope they both choose to leave him lol or I could see this turning into being like a Juan Pablo situation where he picked a winner, they got married and it didn’t even last more than 2 years 😂

  41. Common sense theory- If HE doesn't know how it ends, then maybe he picked no one for whatever reason…maybe because Madison exits.

  42. His mom just set up the first bachelor horror film…he will bring her home and mama will make sure she never…leaves….again 😂

  43. This is what happened during the Final Rose Ceremony. Hannah Ann thought that Peter would choose Madison in the final rose ceremony. And so she decided to leave before the rose ceremony. This made Peter realize Hannah Ann’s worth when she’s gone. Peter did not choose Madison because their values in life are not aligned. Madison was shocked on Peter’s decision and left brokenhearted. Peter chased Hannah Ann and was feeling so devastated and did not know how to convince her. He shared his pain to his family on how he screwed up the situation and that’s why Peter’s mom cried and told Peter to bring Hannah Ann to their home. but it’s too late because Hannah Ann is fully convinced with her decision and would never give Peter a chance. And so Peter ended up with no one after the Bachelor Show finale. ENd of the Story 😁…

    Thank me later folks!🤪🤩

  44. i think one of the girls parents might have died or a family member at least, so then whoever girl it is goes home to be with them and you see where it goes from there,

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