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Simon Sinek on Tools Brands Use to Influence Consumer Behavior

Simon Sinek on Tools Brands Use to Influence Consumer Behavior

>>Erik: For college graduates coming out of
school looking for what`s next, whether that means a job, graduate school, public service,
many encounter a negative mindset. What`s your insight into directing them toward a
more positive path?>>Simon: It is true. We are unfortunately
in a mass media world. Because businesses have not quite figured out how to differentiate
themselves and really to run the most efficient businesses they are trying everything. Negativity,
fear, manipulation, and aspirational messages. All of these messages work and we are bombarded
with them. I think just being aware helps you overcome it. To understand the reason
the news tells you, “you can die from tap water, tune in at 11.“ When CNN reports some
horrible thing happening on some conspiracy going on. They are doing that because they
need you to tune in so they can drive their ratings and sell more advertising. Understand
why all that negativity exists. It is not because they want you to be scared it is because
they need you to tune in. They need you to buy. They need you to vote. It works but also
makes us a little more crazy.

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