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Simming The Current Liverpool Team vs. The Arsenal Invincibles

Simming The Current Liverpool Team vs. The Arsenal Invincibles

Many football fans have asked whether the current Liverpool side of 2019-20 is better than the famous Arsenal side from 2003. So today we’re going to be finding out just that. We’ve got ArsenalÕs Invincibles vs. Liverpool’sÉvincibles. One had their unbeaten run ended by the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. The others had theirs ended by Will Hughes from Watford. ArsenalÕs side is stacked full of legends, the likes Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Ashley Cole, Dennis Bergkamp and Pascal Cygan. But now it’s time for this one to get under way. Can one of the all-time great Premier League sides beat the current leaders? The first chance is going to fall the way of Arsenal, as Dennis Bergkamp gets the ball, but it’s well defended by Joe Gomez. It’s now Liverpool’s turn to come forward with Wijnaldum, into Bobby Firmino, who gets past Campbell and bangs the ball into the back of the net. Liverpool lead 1-0, and we’ve got a bit of a shock potentially on the cards. It’s fair to say FirminoÕs turn has taken Campbell’s soul there. The Reds are keeping the pressure on here, as Mane finds Salah in a bit of space, and Arsenal have serious issues now. Just 37 minutes gone in this game, and Liverpool are now leading 2-0 against the Arsenal Invincibles. Are we really gonna have to tell our children that Craig Cathcart is better than Sol Campbell? Is that what’s going on here? Arsenal now looking for a response. Lovely backheel from Bergkamp, but a shot from Henry is saved by Alisson. I can’t believe we’re lucky enough to see two of the greatest midfielders of Premier league history up against each other: Patrick Vieira vs. Jordan Henderson is just incredible. Into the second half now, and Arsenal are still pressing to try to get into this game. The ball through is in to Thierry Henry, though, and you can’t give him that kind of space. Arsenal Invincibles have halved the deficit. And with just five minutes of the game to go, Arsenal are still throwing everything at this, but unfortunately, they’re not able to break down Liverpool on this occasion, and that is going to be that. The current Liverpool side have defeated the Arsenal Invincibles. So Arsenal have lost, then. Does this mean they’re not invincible anymore? We will be asking for that golden Premier League trophy back in the post, if that’s all right, lads.

Reader Comments

  1. Prime Bergkamp Ljunberg and Henry vs Salah and Mane and Firminio 🤔 let that resignate with you guys for a bit Arsenal woyld win for sure

  2. What happened is that the players they implanted's stats have fluxuated throughout time, and through FIFAs, making the liVARpool team far too strong

  3. We didn't make the record… But what I like is that already everyone is saying that the Liverpool team now we're better than the invincibles.

    It's true that the invincibles had a shit ton of draws in their unbeaten streak and Liverpool were more dominant.

    Kinda makes me not feel too bad for holding the all-time 2nd place and not 1st…

    I liked the invincibles though, those days were great times to be a football fan.

  4. Thes Sims don't mean anything , I once simmed a team full of 65 OVR goalkeepers vs a 5 star team and the 5 star team lost because of an own goal by Van Dijk

    And i have been playing FIFA fan since 2012…
    Fifa 20 with promo after promo has been shit, it has been so bad
    Who else agrees????

  6. He said Henderson is one of englands best midfielder lmao wtf dont ever compare him to viera wtf is this guy drinking ?

  7. The only way to prove whether this kind of simulation is realistic or not is to do this 100 times and compare it to real history clashes between teams

  8. Much better than the invincibles.
    The Invincibles aren't a top 5 premier League team of all time. There's many many teams that would have beaten them in a title race

  9. U used the wrong kit you idiot arsenal invincibles was the red and white 02 kit and in 06 we wasent invincible

  10. Imagine if arsenal won this, milions of anti Liverpool would be here while shoving stats that is 15 years old while arsenal hasnt won a single champions league since then XD

  11. The Invincibles would annihiliate this Liverpool team, there's NO WAY Van Dijk wold be able to keep out Henry, Henry would Blitz him with his pace alone.

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  13. That game was more scripted than a play, keeper with that rating should have been able to save atleast the second goal. Another favoritism won game

  14. Let's put some things into perspective. The Arsenal invincible's did not lose a SINGLE game during the 03/04 season. Put any team of any era of a Premier League against this side, the best the opposition team could do is draw and that's just facts and thus the INVINCIBLES. Put some respect on the team.

  15. This simulations are utter shit… Once USA defeated Argentina wc winning team… USA I mean r u kidding me??… So this is shit and if u run simulation 5 times every time results different.. So maybe do best of 5 or something.. Arsenal invincibles no doubt better than this Liverpool team..

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