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Side Pocket Cutting And Stitching On Kurtas – Tailoring With Usha

Side Pocket Cutting And Stitching On Kurtas – Tailoring With Usha

hello friends, today m going to teach you how to sew/insert single side pocket in ladies kurtas/suits the measurement of pocket and where it is stitched at the suit is length of pocket 6 inch width of pocket 6.25 inch and where to insert pocket in kurta, its measurement is from waist length 1.5 to 2 inch downwards i.e waist length is 14.5->2 inch downwards is 16.5, mark it and from here we insert the mouth of our pocket till 6 inch more for the open part of pocket i.e 16.5 to 22.5 inch this is our kurta/kameez first of all make sure that lady whose kurta we making is left-handed or right-handed if she is left-handed->pocket is inserted at left side
if she is right-handed->pocket is inserted at right side this is right-handed lady kurta so we insert pocket in the right side from waist length mark a point 2 inch below on the fitting line and from there mark 6 inch(length of mouth of pocket) firmly sew from chest part to waist length+2 inch first and again sew firmly at the end of it then leave or do temporary sewing on 6 inch length mark(pocket’s mouth) then sew firmly after it to hip length mark after this i’ll proceed further i did all the firm stitching and pocket mouth temporary sewing from the outer side of 6 inch mark line, mark and make a cut like this and then cut the extra cloth leaving 1 inch from the fitting sewing make sure the stitching don’t get cut while cutting, after it open cloth and fold it on both side of fitting sewing we undo temporary sewing after inserting pocket here sew the folded cloth alongside the boundary after this sewing i’ll teach you drafting of pocket, cutting and sewing of it after all this, for pocket inserting take double of (length of pocket+0.5) i.e 2X(6+0.5)=13 inch after 13 inch take extra cloth equal to mouth of pocket + 3 inch i.e 13+6+3=22 inch, m taking 23 inch this is the cloth for pocket mark 23 inch and cut it, pocket width is 6.25 inch take 1 inch extra for both sides fold the cloth lengthwise like this i.e equal to length of pocket + 0.5 inch=6+0.5=6.5 inch leaving half inch at the folded open end, mark a straight line and do the sewing from wrong side after this i’ll proceed furhter take the pocket to the right side after sewing measure the width of pocket and mark its centre point i.e 6.5/2=3.25 inch, mark it now fold upper part of pocket near about 0.5 inch to wrong side and do stitching and make a triangle shape on top and cut the triangle shape like this now fold the remaining part 0.5 inch on wrong side and you can do temporary or permanent sewing after this i’ll teach you how to attach pocket with the kurta this lower mark of pocket’s mouth and that the upper mark, we sew the pocket a little below from lower mark mark a straight line measuring from the bottom width of suit it came 21.5 inch, i mark it in straight line place the pocket like this to upper side and match the wrong side centre of pocket to fitting line and sew it straight make sure that the any other part of the pocket doesn’t come in stitching i’ll proceed further after sewing straight line do firm sewing at the corners/end of pocket width flip the pocket to downwards and look it the pocket now match and fix the upper centre of pocket’s triangular shape to fitting line upper side pin up like this so that while stitching it doesn’t move here and there after pin up sew alongside on the border of the pocket on the suit and do firm sewing on the both end of pocket width after doing this, undo temporary sewing from the mouth of pocket this is our ready side pocket i’ll upload an image of pocket after completing this in next video i’ll teach you a new cutting/stitching in a simple way..thank you 🙂

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  1. Please can you upload video for 3/4 cargo pants with pockets for men. Would be really helpful. Thanks a lot for such great videos.

  2. mam bht acha sekhati hn aap m aapki sari videos dekhti hn intzr rehtabh mujhe aapki aapny wli videos ka plz mam aap 4 saal ki baby ka shalwar kameez stylish sy btaen thanksss.

  3. I would be so grateful if you can show how to attach the gusset underarm in a kalidar kurta, like it is in Lucknow kurtas.

  4. You are a WONDERFUL teacher! I am self-taught…sab apne aap hi kitabon ko dekh kar seekha hai. I am so glad I found your videos..I will look for a video on cutting a kameez. I dont know how to cut the armhole and sleeve.

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