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Show Me – Niall Luxury Timepieces

Show Me – Niall Luxury Timepieces

Two of the most important parts in
watchmaking are patience and passion I would say the
patience aspect of that is something I’ve had to learn over time it takes it takes time to build a timepiece in it it takes time to
figure out how to build a timepiece *Music* It really started with this
hypothesis that we could build a luxury timepiece in america and that’s exactly what we did it took
us about two and a half years from inception to launching a product
but we’ve been able to achieve that through what we just call american collaboration and we’ve worked with companies that
don’t produce components for timepieces and have taught them how to produce
components for timepieces and so the the timepiece itself from
what we have today I was what now call the Niall 1.3 which is we evolve our
product just like we would have all technology here since launch we’ve change the besil shape we’re now upgrading and modifying our own movements we’re doing a lot of great stuff that people have wanted us to have as a capability and we’re integrating we’re working on the engineering design
and finishing up for the Niall 2 which is our next product which will
integrate our first caliber movement called caliber 1810 which will be the first American based
movement from a commercial perspective in a very long time Niall is all about building where were
reminders what it means to be all in you could also say that Niall is about
conquering for good and that’s where I think a really great
core principle of who we are and something that’s in Kansas City and it’s
okay to compete it’s okay to be want to be successful it’s okay to grow
companies and do all those great entrepreneurial things but you need to do it for good I really like the culture in Kansas City
and it’s really really tough to beat I’ve been all over the world and every
time I come back to Kansas City there’s something unique about here you could say it’s the humbleness you
could say that it’s the focus on culture and family and food in that type stuff I think that the mix so for us really
Kansas City is home because this is where home is to us as people and as
we build the company we’ve interjected a lot about work in
the city culture and are Kansas City values into our
company as a whole that’s really I think people
internationally when they look at us they say man you guys really are different I
think it’s the Kansas City in us that they’re starting to see are there limitations in Kansas City
absolutely it’s not like Silicon Valley where
you’ve got so much money in so much venture capital that someone with just an
idea can go get funding for a million dollars
you know it’s a fantasy of all start up entrepreneurs is all the great we get a
lot in this funding and we have this big exit everybody makes a lotta money in five
years Kansas City is just different so we don’t have that access to I call loose capital and
capital that comes with not a whole lot of strings attached or you don’t have to prove much to get it
so while that is a good thing for people in financial markets it can often
be a bad thing for an entrepreneur trying to build let’s say a watch
company you know timepiece is a risky business
and we’ve been very fortunate and have a early investors in the
company had believed in and bought into this but you know it it would be what I would say
one of the shortcomings is at how easy it is to raise money around
something that may be a great idea Kansas City wants you to validate
that more than just an idea and that it’s something that’s an actual
sustainable business

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  1. So I went to the website there is no way your watch commands 3.5 k let alone 4K. The video did show your in house movement but other watches on ur web page are using eterna movement, I think you'll have to prove your American self, most importantly your investors. You need 15 years at best of solid growth and be a house hold name like "Rolex", "Omega", before you command that cash flow.

  2. Who cares if the movement is Swiss, (glad it wasn't Japanese) most micro companies do not make their own in-house movements, however I want to know if the case was milled in this country, not milled in China then sent to the U.S. for polishing, sold as an American timepiece.

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