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Servicing a Copal RD-100 flip clock radio #FlipClockRepairs

Servicing a Copal RD-100 flip clock radio #FlipClockRepairs

Today we have got a Copal Saehan solid state
am/fm digital clock radio to look at. It’s a flip clock. The tiles aren’t flipping, the station selector
has come loose, and the alarm works. The indicator is not showing any movement
so it means the motor is seriously gunked up. So we will take it to pieces and see what
we can do. First we will start by removing the screws
in the base with a Phillips head screwdriver. Over there, that one. Two more down here. That one, two, remove them with a pair of
tweezers. Now the clock movement should come out of
the case once we have removed all the knobs. Put those aside. Sleep control knob, put that there. The am/fm tuning selector, comes off there,
just pulls off. The frequency selector is catching in the
hole so we will remove these three screws and see if we can access it more easily. One, three. Oops, I forgot to take those two sliders off,
now the front comes off and that will make it a bit easier to get the movement out. I have just unscrewed the earphone jack and
the front came off quite easily. Got him, and we’ll get rid of the case for
the moment. We will clean that up before we are finished. Ok, now we can access the clock movement. We will have to remove four screws in the
base there, so we’ll get that started. We are on the fourth one. All right, there we have it, it’s now loose. Right, we will remove the motor and place
it in some isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Loosen it off here and down the base. Take the washers off , take the cap off, and
the motor pulls straight off. There we have it. That’s the motor, it is not spinning very
freely, and that’s the gear that drives the clock. It’s not turning at all, it’s solidly gunked
up. Right, let’s loosen that up in some isopropyl
alcohol. Move those. Isopropyl alcohol, that should be enough. Put the motor in there and let it sit for
a couple of minutes. The motor looks very tight, we may be going
to need a replacement motor for it. We’ll give it another couple of minutes and
see how it goes. It’s super dusty in here, wow. Give it a bit of a clean out. It looks like the station finder has broken,
the cord is broken. We’ll take the motor out of the isopropyl
alcohol, give it a shake and put it on a rag. Then using a hair dryer on low we will warm
the motor and evaporate all the isopropyl alcohol. You can see its coming out there now. We want that to be completely dry before we
put it back into the clock and test it again. That little gear does not want to turn. We’ll put the back on again and see if the alcohol bath has made
the difference. Ok, we’ll put the motor back in and see if
we can get the tiles to spin. That goes there. That goes in there, put the cap over it. Put the nuts back on. Put the clock movement back onto the case
then we’ll connect the power to it. We have turned the power on and its still
not turning so the motor must be burnt out. So we require a new motor. I’ll order one of those and we’ll come back
and finish this video.

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  1. Hi Scottie, I've just bought one of these Copal RD-100 flip clocks. Only the flip clock digits light up. I'm not sure if the alarm dial, spinning indicator or the radio frequency panel are also supposed to also light up. Does the one you have have just the one light or does it have more? Thanks!

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