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  1. The way that he laughs on 43:14 is so fucking hilarious. I cropped the audio and made it a text tone. LOL. ❤️ U, MARK!

  2. “ you so stupid “😂 don’t forget every grandma in the world has great hearing when it comes to us back talking or cursing 🤬

  3. Markiplier there is granny part 2 u can try it on mobile and record a video or just wait till PC version i wish it comes out on ps4 and Xbox

  4. 13:49

    Markiplier: Oh good more basement, Great more basement, what kind of slub- sublevel bullsh*t is- (loud scrape)
    I didn't do that.

    Me: (dies of laughter)

  5. Mark! The corpse you uncovered? Cut the head off the teddy, and some kind of life source should drop out of it. Use the life source or whatever on the corpse!

  6. This is why you eat the sticks your grandma beats you with, because then she'll stop beating you with em, she'll just serve you stick soup

  7. Mark:* waiting in the box for like 2 minutes just sitting there while the door was open and she was dead*
    Mark:*oh the door was open*
    Me: facepalms

  8. I want to see an animation where the player gets revenge on granny. Something like they come back with their squad, and bring gasoline, matches, and guns (for extra caution) Then they dump gasoline all around the base of granny's house, and rejoice as it burns to the ground.

  9. Nobody:
    Mark:- relizez two beartraps are on the floor-
    Mark:oh the traps gone, thank you granny!
    Granny: your welcome :3
    Mark:! OOPS!!

  10. Markpiller u should play this. Game in practice mode in practice mode granny isn't home and u can explore the house granny only comes back when you escape from the house and she doesn't hit you with her baseball bat! When u escape

  11. Mark: cuts watermellon in half and gets padlock key
    Granny's noises
    Mark: "Oh shit she's comin- ohshitohshit jump IN- dON'T DON'T DON'T"

    My mind: "DON'T take another step in my direction, I can't be trusted around you~"

  12. I downloaded the game but was too chicken to play it xD so I just uninstalled it and watched this video instead lol thank God for markiplier

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