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SANAA win Daylight Award for Rolex Learning Center. Interview with Sejima + Nishizawa (SANAA)

SANAA win Daylight Award for Rolex Learning Center. Interview with Sejima + Nishizawa (SANAA)

maybe the daylight is one of the most basic elements when I think about architecture because I like to make a space where people can move freely so that means I normally don’t make some hierarchy or order to try to make some free circulation, which people can make
by themselves. To achieve that space it’s very important to bring the natural light homogeneously from everywhere. We always try to open up the architecture like open the door, open the window to have fresh daylight, a fresh wind, trying to create a kind of continuity going cross the architecture, so a kind of freshness is something we appreciate to have, even staying inside, outside. One of the important idea for us with the Rolex Learning Center is to have a open space. One room where people can walk freely. There’s no end If you wish you can explore, you can walk until wherever you want to go. There’s no wall, there’s no end. There’s always the light, sunlight can come from beyond There’s always something happening beyond the hill. So kind of a circulation, space continuing from here to there this is one important try that we did in this project. One of our ideas is not to use too much artificial lighting during daytime to let people feel comfortable to stay. The Rolex Learning Center is a kind of learning space but at the same time a meeting space where people can make new ideas or some compensation, so our idea was to make one huge space with a big potential where people can meet each other but at the same time it’s very important that everyone can make, own some privacy and some quiet space to concentrate to the learn. so that is a very challenging thing and also there is also every area is kind of important to get also the natural light. Actually it looks like a hill outside, or garden, and at the same time because of the interior all space has loop and also looks very open but very deep space and then the ceiling height is not so high. So that means that outside it’s also one the challenging things to get natural daylight everywhere so that’s why we use some reflection from the courtyard or the ceiling to bring the natural daylight to the deep area. I visited the place ten, twenty times afterwards, but also sometimes my friends visit it and explain the different situation. People feel, it looks, like they are enjoying the space. They sit on the floor, the study beside the window – sometimes they are running – there are so many people coming and and coming out, it looks like a park. This is a one of the most important ideas that we were trying to present the architecture like a park. There’s no border, there’s very open, inviting everybody to come in. That’s why I appreciate always when I come to the Learning Center, people look like enjoying the space. We are very happy to see that, yes.

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