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Rolex Robbery in Central London – Smash & Grab by Moped Thieves

Rolex Robbery in Central London – Smash & Grab by Moped Thieves

A little bit of a strange one! I got sent to Duke Street to do a little bit of reporting on The Smash and Grab that just happned over here Just over here! At The Hour House Rolex Shop! They Stole a lot of Rolexes. Moped Thieves came in earlier Smashed up the Shop Basically stole a load of Rolexes… And Took off! London is undergoing a huge amount of Crime at the moment! And Duke Street is the Latest Victim Condolences to the People affected Today – Another Smash & Grab! Sadiq Khan, Once again is doing nothing! To Solve the Problem of London Crime Small Crimes go Unpunished!
Large Crimes keep on happening! London is undergoing a Crime Wave right now! and Sadiq Khan You are doing nothing About it! Now Regular viewers to my Channel. Will be Familiar with the fact that most of my videos are about Travel. And me going to different travel destinations. However, London is a city that I have lived in for a very long time! It’s a city I call my home! and its a city with each year I’m dismayed by what’s happening…. to the place… Crime is on the up… Moped crime is spiralling out of control Stabbings are going out of control and….Murder is up! And there are multiple reasons for this The useless London Mayor “Sadiq Khan” will blame it on the lack of Policing At the end of the day, the buck stops with him he is the Mayor of London … He is choosing… to…. spend money on Policing Twitter Policing the Internet… And…. Sending Policing Officers round for hurtful tweets! Rather than putting members of the Police Force On these sort of important cases Well I think he has been…. Not very good Mayor From what I understand. He has done a poor job.. crime is up… a lot of Problems… I don’t think he should be criticising a representative of the USA that can do so much good for The UK…. We Talked about it before… He should be Positive!
Not Negative! He is a Negative Force! Not a Positive Force! And if you look at what he said… He hurts the people of this great country! And I think he should actually focus on his job… he would be a lot better if he did that! He could straighten out some of the problems that he has and probably some of the problems that he has caused! OK! So how did the Papers report it that day? Well, First article I found: Police Arrest Three Men Following shocking Smash and grab moped Raid at Luxury Store in Westminster The Met Police have arrested Three People following a Smash and grab robbery on Duke Street at a Luxury Central London Store Police were called to The Hour House at around 10:32am this morning Tuesday May 28th, where a number of men believed to be armed were reported to have driven to the store and smashed a window, before stealing goods and feeling the scene. A member of the Public in his 30s was treated at the scene by Paramedics for an eye injury Which was sustained when the window was smashed . That must have been someone actually inside the store. A witness at the scene who wishes to remain anonymous, filmed footage which appears the moment the gang flee the scene on Mopeds Now just for your guide there was a Turkish Barbers just across from The Hour House. Pretty sure they were the Guys filming the Scene Made in Chelsea Star – Spencer Matthews was at the store during the Robbery purchasing a rare watch…. Now I did see him when I was there – but in his Instagram post Matthews said “I just had to hide in a safe” “It was more like a Vault downstairs while this watch Shop… The Hour House on Duke Street got smashed to pieces by Armed Robbers.” The Latest Police Statement said. “Detectives investigating a Smash and grab raid at a Jewellery store in Duke Street made three arrests. Now That’s interesting because we saw from the videos there definitely six people … So… Where are the other Three – Metropolitan Police? The Police were called at 10:32am on Tuesday May 28th Following reports that men armed with weapons drove to the premises on mopeds. Police Officers attended, including specialist firearms Colleagues A little bit late by that time… Because they have already escaped… Now three men have been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and remain in custody at the north London police station. Now I’ve seen no article that suggests they have been charged. So we don’t even know if these people who have been arrested are the same people… Possibly they are, I hope they are. But there is obviously three still on the loose… A member of the public, aged in his 30s, was treated for a minor injury; this has been assessed as non life threatening or life changing Enquires are continuning. Well that basically tells us they haven’t caught the other three! What the Hell is going on!? What is Going on in London right now? This could happen any day of the week And it seems to be happening any day of the week… like I say there are 60 moped types of crime, every single day in London Obviously that doesn’t mean Smash and Grabs happening 60x a day… that could also mean a moped being stolen, Moped Thieves stealing phones, Moped thieves knocking people over and stealing their possessions Or Gangs targeting other Gangs on Mopeds! London has turned into the Wild West For Many Many reasons And its a really sorry thing to see happening But the Useless Mayor is not doing a Damn thing about it! It would seem a lot of people In central London are more afraid for their own safety than having a go… The Metropolitan Police advise Don’t have a go! But I think that’s Bullshit! I Would suggest we all take the example of this fine lady who was a Superstar in Northampton a few years back she had a massive go at these Scumbags, that were basically stealing Rolexes from another Rolex Store She comes Stormimg in with her Hand Bag! Boosh Bish Bash Bosh!!! One falls off the Moped… Then Finally … Other Members of the Public come storming in But what does it take? A little old Granny With a Handbag to sort them out? Anyway! She is a true Hero! Anyway, a little bit of a different video this time, the reason being I took some footage… a lot of that footage didn’t get used by the News Outlets So I Figured… I would put it up online rather than waste it! Hence the footage you see Appreciate…. Appreciate you getting this far and listening to me Anything that you would like to make a comment on leave in the comments below if you liked the video – click like. if you didn’t like – click dislike. and if you want to hear some more videos like this one… like this .. catch up on my travels… Click Subscribe And I’ll be seeing you in the next video!

Reader Comments

  1. Great video dude! I still have London on my bucket list πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ€™πŸΌ Can’t wait to check out your other content!

  2. Interesting report. While I adore the scarf and whatever bish bash bop means I highly recommend as a lawyer that no one intervene like the lovely granny from the prior case. These thugs have knives and acid. In Chicago they have guns and getaway cars.
    Even filming if they can see you is dangerous.
    Call your police and stay safe.
    Sadiq Kahn was too busy bashing trump during DDay celebrations. I seemed to remember the British being happy for lend lease and then the yanks coming over.
    The queen seemed to show us what respect was about.
    I fear that with the existing immigration in all of Europe your train has already left the station on demographics and crime.
    The stores on Michigan Avenue all have armed security guards. The police Are up and down the street and reinforced at night. The homeless have finally been pushed off as well after a few years of shopping cart beggaring for booze and drug money.
    World event in London are just as relevant as travel postings although I look forward to finishing the Prague one this week.

  3. I’ve noticed these robbers always wear black and ride stolen scooters. We have cctv cameras everywhere in London and what the police could do is monitor these guys with dark clothes with their scooters and immediately send police vehicles to stop them before they reach their targets and asked these riders for proof that they own the vehicles and I bet you most of them would be stolen and then they could arrest them straight away. And also they would most likely to carry weapons which the police could arrest them for. Also increase the penalties for these robberies. I would demand much longer prison sentences and banning of riding or driving vehicles for those caught.

  4. Khan is an awful Mayor he has had the resources to deal with this problem but he chooses to make the wrong decisions again and again! The Loyal Labour voters who continue to vote for Labour Candidates should hang their heads in shame!

  5. Really worrying indeed. Crime on the raise is not good, after the acid attacks, a lot more stabbing, something has to be done. Really interesting video mate. Really well put!

  6. Outlaw mopeds within the city limits… The one's arriving on mopeds from far away, will already be advertising what they're up to.

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