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Rolex DayDate II Comparison To Old President & Submariner

Rolex DayDate II Comparison To Old President & Submariner

thank you know michael i’ll join peaks
dot com many of the year review of the new row
ex-president date eight to color what should be showing here is the
interest on the road to two three eight david too is a mc rooms of liberty so he was for sure they released three day too just for comparison you can see that it
is actually habitats one building over here isomeric forty dollars the president eighty two at forty one no manners in time and i think within
the crowd and as you probably have a double quick president here as you can see it actually side by side actually makes it fill the president’s look graffiti the new dates here was a great option if you like a more group robust larger size but are in the uh… market for dress watch trigger wasa looking at has a uh… black weight pattern dial with the arabic markers during this to suddenly can see it is just a touch
bigger side by side of the classic president which really
hasn’t changed in published fifty years besides the edition of the double quick tradition of the uh… masterpiece
that’s a completely different designed watch we look for those of you who again who
are in the market for solid gold dress watch wanted something with them more for both sides the dated you’re like that’s new for you on the leaders course available in white gold post-cold don’t plot no in the questions a swatch because he was
called the shop two two three nine six four nine seven four four seven monday to friday ten a_m_ to five p m eastern standard
time fresh water

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  1. I agree with you both. I love big watches. I wear a u-boat and a panerai. But a "dress" watch that is 41mm is just a bit odd to me.

  2. Arabic numbers are a mark of the decimal system.
    Don't want that in a beautiful watch since both logics goes across since everything should could to 100 but that would be 86400 seconds every 24hrs. Try to fit that into the movement of the sun without making it a 36 sekond per minut watch that alters the second or making the second longer – somethings that makes ever olympic medal to be converted and everything else too except the 365 with the four year exception. 

    CM and MM are a llot easier than inches however everyone here remembers the 1999 thing when plane tickets sold for 10$ to Sydney from London during the crossover when chips were indeed sold but nobody was sure if they could do a drop over from 99 to 00. They did in 99.9999% or more in complex vehicles and Casio, and so on and it was just dumb luck or the vendors to the IT sector would have been at a 2003 level today after going corrumpt and we'd still have dumbphones.

    Skip the inch standard that only GM, GE and other "G" companies hold on to.
    Can't build space rockets with 3/241 of an inch and so on.. Millimeters are a lot easier. 
    About watches! 
    Have an old President i've own for 25 yrs with roman numbers.
    Worn it every day and it's still a beauty with no flaws. 
    Just some beauty marks like Marilyn's mooch. 

    Don't lose the roman numbers since it's part of the charm of owning a nice watch – regardless what make.
    Otherwise i'd just buy a Casio or use my iPhone since it says the same thing without any charm or deluxe – besides the 18k gold

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