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Rolex Datejust vs. Datejust II

Rolex Datejust vs. Datejust II

You’re tuned in to Watch Your Style. My name
is Eric. I’ve got many questions and different things
that people want me to answer. And… Number 1, Yes, I do wear Psycho Bunny brand
shirts. Number 2, Yes, I do wear sunglasses during
my videos. And most important is… Number 3, And it’s No, I do not wear women’s
sized watches. Most of that has to do with the whole thing
of the 36mm. That being said, today’s video is a review
on the Rolex Datejust II vs the Datejust 1. So today for you I have here a couple of examples
of both models. And I’ll go over some of the differences between the Datejust 1 and the
Datejust 2…One of them being obviously the size. The Datejust II is the new upgraded 41mm model,
which was released in 2009 by Rolex. It now has pretty much become the standard,
the new standard size for men. Some women like to wear also the 41 as well, depending
how it accommodates on their wrist. And the Datejust I being the traditional 36mm,
which maybe years ago was mostly the standard size for men. Now it�s mostly being used
for women and children pretty much. There are still some purist that some seem
to like the larger size, but I just think maybe they’re not given it a try. If you would
maybe give the 41mm a shot, you would soon realize that is actually a very nice fitting
watch on the wrist and very well balanced. So besides the size, overall they seem to
have the same overall characteristics, from the Datejust 1 to the Datejust 2. They got the same overall case design and
layout with the proportions of the bracelet to the case as well. They both come in either fluted or smooth
bezels. One of the main things that I have noticed is that the Datejust 2 is not available
with a Jubilee band. Many women and men alike love the Jubilee band, but at the moment they
don’t just have a Jubilee band for the Datejust 2. That’s something that I would like to see.
That’s pretty cool. The Datejust II in 41mm is a watch that I’ve
noticed that if you want to buy yourself a really nice Rolex at an economical price that’s
good for the office and it looks more than what it is. That’s a great watch. You get
a lot of bang for your buck there. You got plenty of dial options. Nowhere near
as many as the 36mm. Most likely because probably the 36mm has been around for so long. There’s
just so many different dial options. But they have a good selection of dials for
the 41mm and I’m almost certain that there’s one that’s going to fit your style and pretty
much what you’re looking for. You also have of course two-tone options available
for both models. With the Datejust 2 41mm you have yellow gold and steel in the two-tone,
whereas the Datejust 1 you have the additional option of getting rose gold and steel. At this moment, we still don’t have that yet
in the Datejust 2. Knowing Rolex the way they are, they’re going to sell us as many of the
Datejust II as they can at first, then they’ll just re-release it again with the rose gold
and steel version. So again, if you’re looking to get yourself
a Rolex to wear on the daily and you don’t want to maybe want to necessarily go with
the sports models, the Datejust 2 is an excellent option. With the choices of fluted and smooth, me
personally if you could spend the extra couple of dollars and get the fluted, I just feel
like it adds so much more luxury to the watch. It just gives it that little more of luxury
feel to it. The smooth is a little bit too plain for my taste, although I will appreciate
it as well. For example, the Milgauss comes specifically only with a smooth bezel and
the Day-Date II Platinum comes with a smooth bezel. My taste, I would rather shell out
a little bit more money and get the white gold, fluted bezel. You really can’t go wrong
with any of the dial combinations you get. Some of my favorite dial options with the
Rolex Datejust 2 is going to be the charcoal Roman and another one being the blue stick
dial. You don’t see it a lot. You see a lot of the white and the black, but the blue stick
is one of my favorite. Now, one thing I want to mention for both
the models alike being the Datejust II and the Datejust 1 is that yes they are watertight
and yes they can go in the water, but if you’re going to have a Datejust and you’re just going
to use it all the time, try to be careful with it in the water. It doesn’t have a crown
guard like a Submariner or any of the sport models, that can help you a lot, because if
you rub up against the watch or anything, that can help keep the crown from opening
just a little bit. With these models it’s very important that
you have to maintain the crown closed. If you’re going to be anywhere near the water
or something like that. 99% of the times if, and whenever, because it barely happens, a
Rolex does get water into the case, it’s usually going to be on the Datejust models, just because
they’re not as secure. They don’t have the triple crown seal that the sport model has,
so keep that in mind. If you’re only going to have one watch and it’s a Datejust 2, be
very careful with it when you’re going to be around the water. One of the good things about the Datejust
II and the Datejust 1 is it’s very versatile. IF you want to spice the watch up, one thing
that adds a lot to it for both a men’s and a women’s version would be a diamond bezel.
That diamond bezel gives it that extra punch, if that’s what you’re looking for, especially
on the women’s model. It definitely will turn anyone of the models a little bit more feminine. For a men’s version, I would stick with something
that has like a 2.5 carat bezel, something with some nice, clean settings. Nothing too
big. If that’s your style and you want to go with a 5 carat bezel, that’s OK, but I
fairly like to stay more in the 2.5 carat bezel range. It kind of looks very classy
and spices up the watch a little bit more. So if you’re looking to buy a Datejust 1 or
2, let’s go over a little bit about the prices. For the Datejust II, if you want to get one
brand new, I would try to stay…retail on these watches is $9,100 for the stainless
steel. To pick one up brand new, you’re looking to spend around 7,800 dollars. That’s probably
what I can sell you one for. Pre-owned, $6,750. That’s a great price. You get to use the watch.
You’re money is always there. Those prices are also with the fluted bezel. If you want
to go with a two-tone, you gotta think about $2,000 more. With the Datejust 1, it’s a little bit different
the scales. For a pre-owned, all stainless steel Datejust 1, latest model clasp, no matter
whether it’s Oyster or Jubilee, you’re going to be around $5,500. You want a brand new
one, it’s going to be $1,000 more. Two-tone, $1,000 more for pre-owned. So the scales are
a little bit different. It’s a bigger jump for the two-tone with the Datejust 2, probably
because it’s a lot less of them out there. I don’t know. Probably the retail. Just remember
that. A good starting price for a Datejust II is $6,750 pre-owned and for a Datejust
1, it’s $5,500. As far as the Watch Game goes, for the Datejust
II, it’s a nice watch man. It’s an entry-level Rolex, latest model, large case. You get a
lot for your buck there. You can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for a watch to wear every
day to work and flex some muscle in the office on a daily basis, it’s good man. It’s a good
looking watch. Overall, I can’t hate on the watch in any way, shape of form. I think it’s
got perfect proportions, as opposed to that new Day-Date 40, which I kind of think that
they whacked it all out of scale. The Datejust 41 it’s got perfect proportions. It’s got
plenty of dial options. The only thing I would like to see one day maybe a two-tone in rose
gold. That would be pretty cool, but if you’re looking to get one, it’s a watch that’s going
to get your respect. It’s a strong piece. I personally like it way better than the Milgauss.
I think it’s a next step above the Milgauss. Milgauss is a cool watch too. For the Datejust 36, I think for your sister,
your aunt, your mom, your grandmother, ladies in general, phenomenal piece. Guys, I would
try to stay away from it. I’m not going to say that at one point I didn’t own a 36mm
myself, because I did. But that was about 10 years ago. It’s 2015 and at this point,
you gotta start wearing the right size watches and the 41mm is the way to go. If you liked this video, don’t forget to like
and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your

Reader Comments

  1. Good info. bro Interested in buying a pre-owned Rolex. What is a reputable online dealer where I can purchase an authentic pre-owned Rolex??

  2. Eric.. I suggest you research the mechanical value of the datejust-I before you review it based on size only..

    The datejust is still the same watch introduced in 1945.. Same engine that is being improved over the last 50 years.. And is the flagship of Rolex.. That's why it's one of the most special watches in the world

    The Datejust ladies size and the Datejust II do not have the same mechanism as the Datejust and therefore are not the same watch from the inside.. They simply share the name because of the exterior.. Therefore.. The date just has a bran new engine..

    Example: Carrera Vs. Cayenne

    Also.. there are plenty of men who are slender and do not have a wrist big enough for a 41mm watch which happens to also be thicker.. Making it oddly positioned on the arm and cumbersome.. So to dismiss that and categories sizes by gender is quite superficial

    The 36mm is still called men's size by Rolex themselves.. Where as the 34mm is what most women looking for a bigger Rolex go for..

    At the end of day it's a matter of taste and what fits best..

    But to dismiss a legendary men's classic watch and make it sound like it's good enough for women only is absurd

  3. Hi i want to buy only one Rolex the 36 mm for lady the only thing i don't know which bracelet to choose oyster or jubilee I am 30 years old need ur advise thank u

  4. Nice vid as always. What are your thoughts of new Rolex oyster perpetual 39 mm. Is that big enough or got to go to 41 for a man?

  5. you forgot to mention here that you also look like gabriel gonzaga.. lol 😛 btw, i like the shit never heard or seen it before.

  6. Eric loved the video, keep it up! One question. What do you think about the website Chrono24 luxury watch market place for watch buyers and sellers? Can you trust it? Have you ever used it for selling, trading or buying a watch?

  7. 36mm is too big for a woman (lemme rephrase this, not as fitting, generally, it can look good but normally smaller = better), anything above like 30mm is manly, lot's of classic watches were that size. In my opinion 36 looks better on any wrist than the larger size, unless you have a drain pipe for a forearm. But I get that lot's of people do like larger sizes.

    I've actually got very muscular forearms (not to brag), but slender wrists and hands, even still, smaller just looks so much more elegant and refined, you look like you know what's up, not like some show off Arab or a lottery winner, old money. My daily is 35mm, looks so much more classy than people with oversized watches. I've seen some girls with mid-high 40mm watches, can't help but chuckle, it looks silly, most dudes I see can't even rock that haha. The worst sin is to have weedy arms and a watch nearing 50mm, I see it a lot, ughh.

  8. No, no and noo, every year the same, doesn't has innovation, design, ….Rolex sucks, … stands in the same place every year, like that will never compete with the great companies of real watches, you can see how greubel , hyt, mb&f, etc. that have a little years in the game right now are more prestigious that Rolex, and designs more superior and beauty. Rolex is an amateur boxer that will want to fight with the professionals boxers and always is ko.

  9. Nice review Eric I enjoyed your video so but I just disagree with you on the size aspect, for a DJ is the iconic 36mm and I credit Rolex for making a small watch by modern standard very wearable and versitile. At 40 mm the beauty is missed by a huge margin and it looks different, I wear my 36mm daily over my 40mm Rolex. At the same I acknowledge your opinion, with thanks.

  10. Those women wearing a 36mm or bigger, it's the hood chicks doing this you can see it on IG all day. Classy women stick to the classic female size Rolex.

  11. Wearing a dress watch like this is just basic, subtle, classic. I am not looking for a dress watch now, but if I do there is no other option for me.

  12. Amazing watches just like this T-Shirt "JUST ONE MORE WATCH I PROMISE" –

  13. Love your vids, just subscribed, I got dj 2 drk blue, good to know thats your favorite also….I got light blue 1st but then swaped it out for dark blue and am super happy…keep it up man

  14. Absolutely love this watch. Cheers from beautiful Bangor, Maine where recreational marijuana is legal and home prices are still some of the lowest in the entire nation.

  15. Calling the flagship men's Rolex a 'female's watch' is just ignorant. I guess i'm not a playa, or brotha, or pimp, so I just don't 'get it'. Geezzz remind me not to purchase from your 'store'.

  16. Hey Eric, would you mind telling me where I can buy those sunglasses? I think they look very dapper.

  17. Tapestry dials, only reason for me to go with the original. They are incredibly beautiful in every color.

  18. Should I go for a vintage datejust or a brand new oyster perpetual (no date)? I'm thinking about rewarding myself and I'm really liking the vintage models but is it worth the potential problems? Or should I go to my authorised Rolex dealer?

  19. Hi Eric, Nice videos. I have a question, which one do you think is more dressy? DJ two tone or the SS with white gold bezel?

  20. Bruh, I don't understand how a fluted bezel, white gold DJII would be considered entry level.
    i have a 42mm expII and I don't even consider that entry level. Wouldn't we be talking oyster perpetual or Air King here?

  21. I had a 36mm for many years and adored it. I simply got tired of it after approx. 15 years. The 41mm at this time is my everyday go to watch.

  22. Great video! Something that I love about the date just 36mm is the crown detail on the jubilee bracelet . That’s the main reason I will get a 36mm. To bad the 41mm on jubilee doesn’t have that 😩

  23. im getting one of these my i've skinny wrist, my current watch is a 39mm, so the question is : 36mm or 41 mm ?

  24. I got my datejust II blue dial smooth bezzle pre owned like new 1 year old for $5500 bucks box and papers. I bet if I went to sell it to a dealer I would
    Still lose some money

  25. Dude,I love your videos but I have to disagree with this one. I have two GMTs that I sparingly wear because of their weight and size and I have DATEJUST I . I had a 40 mm DATEJUST and I returned it two days later because it looked too bulky on my slender wrist as a dress watch. Eric so with your logic if I have small wrist I’m supposed to wear a tank on my wrist with a dress shirt. #fap #fap

  26. Should i get USED AP royal oak 15400 41mm or NEW Rolex datejust II 116334? (Both steel, around the same price at my local store)

  27. that like saying if you are a Small in a shirt size you need to start wearing a size L. Its all about fit to wrist…..Fit > anything. Impossible to say a 41 will look good on a 250 lb person and a 150lb person.

  28. Eric,
    In case you haven’t noted, the oversized watch craze is over. The smaller sized watches are coming back. The 36 mm size is perfect

  29. Entry level Rolex. The datejust 41 cost more than black and green submainer date on the Rolex website. As of 2018

  30. You don`t strike me as anyone who deserves or should be so well-informed about such a superfluous self-aggrandizing purchase as a Rolex watch,

  31. What would you say is a fair price for a pre- owned Rolex Datejust II White Gold & Steel 116334 with the Arabic numbers

  32. Thinks 36mm is too small for men but goes on to suggest men get a model with diamonds in the bezel. Hahaha. Nope.I’ll stick with the 36 with the smooth bezel.

  33. Once a watchmaker produced a "ladies" version, it is no longer a mans watch. The datejust is an old mans watch anyway. People under 50-60 look like a tool wearing one. The reason why the GMT, Submariner and Deep Sea are such iconic men's watches is… there is no ladies version.

  34. Datejust 36 is a classic. Owned since 2008 and loved it. 40mm is looking good on sport watch like the Submariner, GMT, etc.

  35. Hello Eric, can you review the Datejust II and Datejust 41 they are more similar in size to see how much is the difference thx!

  36. Hey Eric you noted you are wearing Rose Gold SkyD in the vid, as you disagree with DJ36 I have to say only woman & children would wear Rose Gold sorry bruh! Real men would wear 18K or Steel & white gold period! I appreciate you though keep up the good work!!

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