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Rolex Datejust Diamond, Blue Jubilee REVIEW – 36mm, Fluted White Gold Bezel, Stainless Steel, 116234

Rolex Datejust Diamond, Blue Jubilee REVIEW – 36mm, Fluted White Gold Bezel, Stainless Steel, 116234

What’s up everybody? This is Max from Jaztime and
I’m going to be showing you a very cool watch today. It is the Datejust 36 millimeter 116234. This comes with a blue Jubilee dial and diamond hour markers. And the 18 carat gold-fixed
fluted bezel here. It’s a very nice watch,
great for dress occasions, business meetings, weddings, whatever occasion you
happen to find yourself in. Over here it has the classic
Datejust setting where the quick set, you pull it out here. The first setting, you’re
able to wind up the watch. You pull it out to the second setting, you’re able to set the date. And then you come out to the last setting, all the way out here, and
you’re able to set the minutes as well as the hours. Let’s put it right here. Okay, some of the cool
things about this watch, first and foremost, it
comes with the Jubilee dial. And for those who don’t
know, Jubilee dial, get a better angle, you see
it repeats this Rolex logo over and over again across the dial. So it’s very cool. It depends really on the
direction the light hits it, you can see it a lot better, like this. And it comes with the diamond
hour markers so, I mean. This Datejust’s white
gold fluted bezel is kind of a flashy watch, as is,
but along with these diamond hour markers and the Jubilee dial, it makes it pop even more. As for the bracelet, it
comes with a Jubilee bracelet in stainless steel. On the outer edge, right here,
it comes satin or brushed. In the middle it’s high polished. If you flip it around to this side, this is a concealed folding crown clasp. By concealed, you can
clearly see that the crown, you pull on it, you open it
and it has more of the new style deployment clasp right here. And you can just see the case back. Nice, solid, yeah, so. This watch is a 36 millimeter. It could be considered
a full size or midsize, depending on who’s wearing it. Personally, for a guy like myself, it would be very hard for me to fit it unless they added more links. So instead of taking so long
to try to fill my wrist, I’ll just show it to you like this. Looks very nice on your wrist. I would just have to add a few more. But, yeah, it’s a great
watch for all occasions and, you know, it’s
water-resistant up to 100 meters. I believe that’s also 330 feet. So, you know, you can take
it into the water, the pool, whatever situation you
happen to find yourself in. And, yeah, I’m sure it’s to
impress a lot of your friends if you decide to get it. Anyway, this has been Max at Jaztime. I thank you for stopping by. You can go to our website at We offer the low price price
leader on many different Datejusts and other Rolex watches and we hope to see you there. Thank you.

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