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Retrofying a 2020 Apple iMac! + cleaning with slime?

Retrofying a 2020 Apple iMac! + cleaning with slime?

on the menu today we’ll turn a brand-new
iMac into this old beige beauty and see if it’s possible to clean the keyboard
with slime now let’s get cooking welcome hello chip dippers welcome to retro
recipes now you might remember that the Apple Macintosh Plus keyboard is dear to
my heart and although their extended keyboard is arguably one of the best
ever made for nostalgic reasons this was the one for me and so in the video
we tried to hook it up using the fantastic track where Mac to USB
keyboard adapter and eventually got it working with a little help from Ashley
practic how it takes the strain I thought it was inverted no that might be
where I’m going wrong you’re welcome by the way if you want to make your own
back to USB or any other kind of PCB I recommend PCB way they make the whole
purse has streamlined and simple because speaking of Ashley as we all know PCB
way stands for please come back where are you
doesn’t it well anyway what you probably didn’t see was a patreon only video or I
took a photo of the underside of the keyboard and we used that to color match
attract pet decal from eye styles and we even found someone called lady fracked
ik to install it for us now understandably ice tiles weren’t
able to print the Apple logo on it for copyright reasons but I easily found a
small retro logo sticker on flea Bay and placed it where fingers never wander
here at its bottom but one thing always bothered me I never found a good
solution for the iMac itself I really didn’t want a spray painter and when I
recently upgraded the machine to help with more complex video edits with
sincere thanks to those very same patrons well I just had to get rid of
that aluminium endometrium in him but nobody seemed to sell skins for the iMac
and tried everywhere then I finally discovered the skin dudes and although
they didn’t list the iMac they do offer custom decals and I can’t believe it
when after I emailed them they said they could provide the beige skin using my
same trackpad color match both the chin of the iMac and the stand underneath the
whole thing came in at a very reasonable thirty bucks or so well here it is now
so let’s get sticky and don’t worry about any little air
bubbles left behind you can either push them out of the edges or they should
disappear in one to two days and I’m also not gonna worry about the Apple
logo so we’ve got other plans for that stay tuned alright that’s good enough for me then
I’m gonna put the bite back in the Apple by reinstating this sticker here just to
make a bit more of a flat surface because I also had these these were left
over from when I had a MacBook Pro and used them on the back of this shell and
they’ll be perfect for the center of our retro iMac then it’s time for some plastic surgery
on the chin they wouldn’t want that and max used to get that lovely startup
chime unfortunately Apple removed it in later models they also removed a hack
whereby you could get it back until recently because a new hack has been
discovered what we do is type this into terminal and then next time we reboot
we’re sure to hear the chime all right now before we put the rest of the
ensemble together the keyboard has got a little dirty from well day to day use
and I found this goo on goo go actually was on Amazon and will get sticky with
it in just a moment they say that you just pushed this slime
into the keyboard gaps and it comes back out holding all the dirt well this
really is gonna put the childhood fun back into cleaning old keyboards just
don’t eat it let’s give it a go hmm vistas lemon-scented it hasn’t done too bad a job definitely
hasn’t removed the more stuck-on dirt there’s definitely picked up all the
other little dog hairs and fluff bunnies as yam betta would say well with the decals stuck on and the
sticky stuff unstuck let’s put the whole ensemble together and I found these gel
wrist rests that kind of match the key colors just get a little less RSI when
editing but to really show off this build I think we should download mini V
Mac the Macintosh emulator for the Macintosh thanks so much for coming back to the
future with me subscribe below and cheerio know something different
did but over there on the desk they can be printed but look at the computer very
well here look at the actual look at the color and the keyboard and the trackpad stand aside but it’s a Commodore

Reader Comments

  1. 🗨️ Start a conversation not a fire. This happy corner of the world was born from childhood nostalgia. Comment with kindness. Thank you 🙂
    ❓ What modern computer would you like to retrofy?! Comment below!

  2. Awesome work. You see even WiFractic knows that Commodore's and Apple's just don't mix. Try an ImageWriter II. 😉

  3. …aluminumnmniumn… 😋
    …but it all looks well placed…if i had to do it, i surely would've had it right across the screen from down left to up right now… 😉

  4. I like your channel so much I will watch you even playing with your Apple toys.. And that for me is quite a concession.. At least you 'retrograded' them.. That's worthy cause 😉😉

  5. I think you should put the hardware in an old case with a CRT monitor! (Is it still possible to run a CRT decently on a modern Mac?)

  6. A perfect way to start a Saturday morning in the uk with a perifractic video
    Absolutely brilliant once again Chris!

  7. FIRST! Aw…. never mind… Hey P-Frac, what are the odds you’d feature “Beat of my Heart” into one of your videos?

  8. Errr guys you have nothing to do and bored? Machined aluminium iMac costs a lot. And you just put plastic skin on it? Yuk! Just to look like a cheap hype of middle 80s? Jobs did a great job! 🤨😮😮😮

  9. Whenever I fit decals, I always use a fine water/dish soap spray on the surface and float them into place. I know this isn't ideal on the Mac, but it's good on things like the pedistal as it stops uneven application pressure to avoid odd shrinkage later down the line. Good video though, sir, as always.

  10. Ah, they used to sell "cleaning slime" here in NZ in the late 90s… It was a little firmer and worked really well…

    … Cleaning the slime to reuse it was another task altogether though 🤣

  11. i was hoping this video was about turning the iMac back into the old Apple][ box… with floppy disk opening an everything, only a 23' version 🙁

    but i am amazed… Ladyfractic and Parafractic's decal laying skills are… so on point~

  12. Funny though, with the Apple ‘snow white’ design language, the intention was for it to be pure white. But in testing, the pure white proved to be too susceptible to finger prints and other dirt, so they changed it to beige instead. I’ve been restoring a Quadra 700 myself (retrofitting it with modern hardware) and have painted it pure white, looks absolutely stunning, much more timeless and cool than the beige IMHO.

  13. Millenials generation can't appreciate or understand what we have experienced in 80s : the birth of mass computing with machines that have left a deep groove in our soul, nobody except us can understand the atmosphere of those years and that's why I understand and love what you do 😉

  14. Soapy water is the trick for always perfect stickers. Put it on a sprayer bottle and wet the surface where the sticker goes, then apply the sticker without pushing it too hard into the surface. The soapy water will let you move the sticker around until perfectly placed. Then take your squeegie (or plastic card) an press the sticker in place from the middle to the outside so water can go out. As you remove water the sticker will adhere to the surface as if it was dry. This is how stickers are placed on motorbykes, and yes, they stay there for years. The soapy water also prevents grease from your fingers to interfere so they grab the surface even better.

    Obviously unplug the computer and do not use this on places where the water can go into the electronics…

  15. Ahh, Saturday morning calmness – peace is restored. Love the tongue in cheek banter exchanges you have with your missus but I think she's always on the cusp of losing the poker face trying not to smile?! ps I found a great way of deep cleaning a keyboard by using a dusting brush attachment on the vacuum. My Henry literally made the keyboard look like new and the bristles get right down into the channels. It couldn't help with the large pieces of dried lasagne, stuck on donut sprinkles and some small nesting rodents but everything else was sparkling.

  16. Great job and nice video as usual.. I was considering customising my own modern PC and monitor by covering them with old oak wood style Fablon to make it look like an Atari 2600 😉

  17. I still don’t understand why Apple doesn’t release their range with an Apple II/Macintosh retro case, complete with the old logo. They could easily charge an extra $100 over the standard model and it’d still fly off the shelves…

  18. DecalGirl takes me back – I didn't know they were still around. I did this to my old ibook in the day. I do have a 2015 iMac…. hmmmm. Awesome video!

  19. Surprised Apple do not release a retro Mac like Lenovo did for the ThinkPad 25. I am sure it would be VERY popular.

  20. Very cool "retrofication" of a new iMac! It would be nice to see whether you could convert an old Macintosh color classic to an external monitor that could be utilized in conjunction with a modern system like this one.

  21. Sure they are the best keyboards as the Amiga 2000 and Amiga 4000 use the same technology. You can upgrade all your Amiga keyboards this way :

  22. How do people always have desks that are so clean and tidy lol , no matter how hard i try it never stays that way

  23. Awwww, you still have your little astromech friend down on your desk!!! <3

    I keep Corran Horn's Whistler on my desk.

  24. It's nice to see that goo to Clean up keyboards in action, but I have a ick reaction. Also I know that you can do the gooey by yourself. Nice video, the rest also was good just I never did that.

  25. I salute to your steady hands sir! 🙂

    Thank you for the bitesized video. Still waiting for the complete meal though 🙂

  26. "The Skin Dudes." Why am I thinking of some crazy acronym like "TSDWay"? What would that even stand for?😂

  27. "But it's a Commodore" Ah well, can't win 'em all… By the way, how much is one of those ImageWriter II machines going for on "Fleabay"?

  28. Next time you apply a decal, use a card like you did but line the edge of the card with a cloth and peel the backing off in parallel with the cards contact. It should prevent air bubbles 😊

  29. Curse you, changing aspect ratio trends! Idea – Why not make a "retro lens" out of beige vinyl that has a hole cut precisely for an integer-scaled window to the Macintosh emulator? It'd be like throwing a blanket over the iMac with a little hole cut that only exposes the biggest 1x scale you can achieve. You can even print little black indent/dimple/shadows around the cut.

  30. Somewhere around here I have a 3rd party keyboard that was designed to work with either the 128/512/Plus keyboard connector or ADB. The coloring is matched pretty well to the beige of the early macs as well. As far as key feel goes, I don't really notice a difference between it and the Apple models, but then again I'm not that picky about keyboard feel.

  31. Beautiful job my friend! I love the concept of retrofying a modern computer! There's so many options to customize things just right.

  32. Dindn't that stuff used to be Ecto Plasm?

  33. That was a nice "restore"! – i have never hade an apple/Mac, because they were to pricey i thought! – BUT my comment more concerns R2D2 on the table, and listen now: i bought one of these – and me and my grandchild played with the robot, she went home, but left the robot with me for a while, ok, i started it up myself and started to repeat my name, and my grandchilds name to it for a loong time, – and behold, suddenly R2D2 repeated after me!! – and i know, it is NOT supposed to talk!! – there is no micropohne in it as i know of, – – someone told me that the phone which runs the app, must somehow picked up my voice, i dont know, – the only thing is it says the names in different pitches/speed, and randomly – and i have Dex to verify it!! – anyway, its true, Levi&Dex in sweden

  34. Looks great, I like beige computers! Always great to see Ashleyfractic in a video (even if it's an old clip!)

  35. I have a spare classic Apple Keyboard II with ADB sockets on either end. Apparently it can be converted to USB. The only issue is it has terrible arrow key layout. The Extended version should be good though.

  36. Well that was unexpected, you outed yourself as an IAM member 🙂 – Out of interest is there a US equivalent?

  37. Nice transformation and no easy thing to do. Congrats to both of you. Love the start sound, sounds like a proper Mac. I added the Windows 98 startup sound to my Windows 10 PC because I love it so much. Cheers

  38. This is so silly that it makes perfect sense! What would 'Pro' version of the beige iMac look like? 😊

  39. I see they have ADB to USB adapters as well. I have an old Macintosh Perfoma 200 from 1992 or 1994. It worked well then up and died. Could be the SCSI HDD. Not sure. I'd love to get it fixed but time isn't plentiful and I am not quite as tech savvy as you are, sir! However, I have my ADB keyboard, this would be a cool way to revisit my old Macintosh OS for fun. The Old Performa is in beautiful, non-yellowed condition, and is a nice placeholder on my bookshelf. I miss that chime.

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