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Red Dead Redemption 2 o’clock Hands-on Special – We’ve played it!

Red Dead Redemption 2 o’clock Hands-on Special – We’ve played it!

on this week’s Red Dead 2 o’clock we’ve
been hands-on with the game missions side activities and the open
world all discussed plus little details that you won’t find anywhere else it’s
all here on this week’s Red Dead 2 o’clock hello and welcome to this
special report of Red Dead 2 o’clock yes it’s taken us six days to go off the
schedule of 2:00 p.m. on Fridays but we hope you’ll agree is going to be worth
it because we have seen and played the game my name is James and joining me
today is my co-host Dan Dawkins hello there
so yes special episode we’ve played the game we’ve seen a couple of missions
we’ve seen the open world it’s incredible there’s loads to talk
about I’ve got about 10 pages of notes I guess before we get into it the main
thing people want to know up top is what’s it like and is it good yeah I’ll
address that no ill hold my hands up and say I’m not the biggest historical Red
Dead Redemption fan I didn’t entirely get on with the previous game now I know
that in sounds insane for the host of a Red Dead show but I want to be really
transparent about it I’m a much bigger Grand Theft Auto fan so I approach this
with an open mind because obviously it looks incredible and some trepidation
because I was worried about you know how they packed the world how they make it
work would it be exciting long story short Red Dead Redemption 2
is spectacular it’s the scale but not just the scale as in its it’s large even
though it is large it is massive probably even larger than even we’d
comprehended you know which is quite a statement in itself
what’s more large about it is the depth and I think that the depth is staggering
I think the level of moment-to-moment interaction and options is a blow away
be that you know the infinite not infinite but you know what feels like a
staggering number of ways you can even customize your beard your mustache you
know do you trim it in one of 20 ways do you per marred it do you flick it up you
know your beard every building you visit you can open drawers go in cupboards you
collectibles you know say you do find tonics / mods items they’re not just
cosmetic they have some effect in the world and it might be tiny it might be
to do with your health your stamina it might upgrade or you know fill up
your Deadeye bar everything’s teeming with activity and
things to do you know you go to a riverfront you see a fish you can shoot
the fish with your arrow you can shoot your fish with the pistol everything
feels like there’s something to do in it two big takeaways for me though maybe I
wasn’t expecting but when you see them you start to appreciate them one is this
incredible rolling sense of nature so I talked on the last show about you know
the thrill for me was finding a huge open hillside watching a sunset
sadly all my shadowing with your Shetland now I didn’t find a Shetland
pony but what you do really feel in in the in the game is this incredible sense
of like an organic environment so you know we Oh we’ll talk more about this in
depth to talk about what we saw but you know the game opens in snow and not just
like snow as we’ve seen it in video games before dense snow this is playing
on ps4 pro in 4k HDR so the snow you can see in the background you know it comes
in and he’s kind of almost intangible wispy thick vapor clouds vapor clouds
and the darkness of the skies it’s like real life you know when it’s going to
snow and it’s you know you’re like oh my god it’s gonna be like a biblical style
snow you can feel it but then as you progress along the
environment the way it starts to break up like the way the snow will certainly
show patches of green flicking through there’ll be a slightly pinprick break in
the clouds the Sun will filter through and then you go from that to for example
in nighttime I can almost Instagram perfect cosmic sky that you only get
when you’re in the open world you know let you in real life you have go camping
you ever get off-grid when you haven’t gotten any sort of ambient City Light
you know that like you only get from the stars and know they’re all accurate
constellations yeah it’s it’s staggering and then even more so the weather you
know I’ve never been so pleased to see rain in a game and wind the wind in the
wind it is a statement Red Dead Redemption to has the best wind in any
video game ever you know why do I say that because
we know when the wind blows and it howls from left to right or whatever it is you
can see your lead characters here blows to the side yeah the hair blows to the
side you can see debris and soft flotillas of stuff fly past in the
background there’s just all these tiny little details that make the world feel
alive so irrespective of kind of what you’re doing in terms of the depth and
the interaction and the picking up and the chasing and the shooting the world
is alive and that just makes if you’re so exciting so exciting I think there’ll
be so many different stories coming out of it in so many different ways to play
a certain mission or do a certain thing that when you’re sitting we’re talking
to friends or anyone else who’s played yet and you’re talking about a mission
that you’ve done your tale of how that mission when will probably be they’ll be
the key beats in it but the actual things around it will be different
completely to anyone else’s experience so you’re actually telling your own
story in this amazing world that’s just living and being created for you so
let’s talk about the demo so in this episode we’re gonna briefly talk about I
say briefly it might last a long time about what we saw and what we didn’t see
which we’ll get onto later on we’re gonna talk about the missions the open
world the environment and then tomorrow don’t worry there will also be another
show tomorrow Fridays at 2 p.m. like we said last week which will probably be
more of a Q&A episode so anything that you hear in this episode that you want
to know more about or if there’s a topic you specifically want us to deep dive
into let us know in the comments let us know on Twitter let us know on the GTA
forums put all your questions in there we’ll try and get to them all tomorrow
and in future episodes so first off a bit of background if you’re going to
read any other previews or watch other videos from people who might have seen
this demo then you’ll probably have already come across some of this stuff
but we are going to talk about a few missions and how it relates to the wider
story so if you want to stay completely utterly spoiler free why I mean it’s too
late you’ve watched all the trailers and everything but but we’re gonna talk
about a couple of those elements so from the top I think it’s worth mentioning as
talking about this this is like a dynamic demo so everyone might get a
slightly different take on what happened in it like so our experience will be
different from one of our colleagues Rachel also saw the demo which will try
and get her on the show at some point so she’ll probably have a different take on
how things worked to us but this is what we saw so as we’ve previously said it’s
1899 the gang is at the peak of its notoriety
Arthur is there he’s very loyal to Dutch he’s been introduced into the gang from
a very young age after the death of his father so him and Dutch have quite a
strong bond but the whole game is taking place sort of in the final period of
this sort outlaw era the demo opened shortly after a botched heist in
Blackwater and we didn’t get to see the heist and
we’ll talk about more of that later and then the gang flees off through the
mountains and some of the gang members have been killed which has started to
cause a few ripples in the camp about why is everyone doing this all these
people are dying we’re shooting innocence how are we gonna resolve this
and of course they need money well you know the game that we saw began with
John Marston hero of the original Red Dead Redemption lying on a camp bed his
eye is covered you know it is if you know he’s had a really serious eye
injury he’s lying there he’s feeling quite sorry for himself being overlooked
by you know his colleagues and then Abigail Marston his wife comes in and
seems obviously pretty angry with him because he’s got himself into a load of
trouble she’s very headstrong and basically says
the boy wanted to see you now the boy being you know John Marston son players
of the original Red Dead will be aware of the added significance of that and
you know the but you know the boy essentially just stands there and wants
to see his father Abigail gives him a pretty tremendous
scolding but being a fool was saying only came inks I hoped you were dead
which is you know great loving relationship yeah eventually what
migrates from this is Dutch mandolin comes out and essentially says you know
we have to have money to survive as a gang you know we’re
licking our wounds but we can’t just sit back we’ve got to do this job so he’s
arranged essentially a train heist so he takes the entire gang or Posse together
and you have to go nice his characters like Bill Williamson the ex-military guy
who Rockstar described as like not the sharpest tool in the box but you know
definitely quite a handy weapon inverted commas to have around and then from that
point you go from like cutscene to your first playing part of the game though
interestingly this is also kind of a cutscene which is an interesting new
dynamic they’ve added you know I’ll let James talk a bit more about that yeah so
we’re off we’ve left the camp we’re avoiding down the mountains down these
snowy mountains that Dan described earlier overlooking a train track where
the trains are going to come but on that journey the you’re on your horse you can
hold X to keep your horse going at a certain direction I think there were
about six different horse speeds there’s a couple of drops some counters some
gallops so you tap it to make your horse go faster or you hold it in to go at
that certain speed but while you’re doing that you can hold in the trackpad
button on ps4 and as you do so some widescreen bars like slowly close in on
the ending on the screen you hold the trackpad and you see like a
wheel fill up once you’ve filled the wheel the bars become locked so you view
the real-time action as if it was a cutscene with a degree of interaction
yeah so you keep exhaled down to stay with the gang but you can also pop r3
and that will give you different panoramic really attractive camera
angles on the interactive cutscene it works surprisingly well and actually is
a great way to make long rides feel more dynamic yeah they definitely do and I
think it’s the cinematic mode is like akin to the gta5 mode when you had the
cinematic camera but it was obviously like really hard to drive with the
cinematic camera because you just end up like not knowing which way was left half
the time and smashing into buildings but this way you’re on a path if you hold X
your horse will just follow that path yeah if you set a waypoint on the map
and you’re in cinematic mode it will essentially just holding X will make you
you know your horse will steer as if on invisible rails yeah
so as well on our way down to the train track the Dutch is giving everyone jobs
so everyone has little jobs and the mission is basically explained drawing
the journey there’s no text on-screen or any kind of HUD markers it’s just like a
very dynamic thing is something to know throughout the game is the HUD is almost
completely minimal yeah you can press down on the d-pad to kind of expand the
HUD and then you have different options for making your main I guess mini-map
radar and if there’s a very few tiny health icons that sit above this five
icons that sit above the main mini-map from left to right I think it’s your
health stamina Deadeye gauge and then the horse also has a health and stamina
rating we’ll talk more about the importance of the horse and the bond and
the things the horse can do as we go on but there’s also your honor bar which
again we’ll talk about in depth later on but that is you know which side of the
virtue or outlaw scale you’re riding to and that’s visible but it’s also
possible to have a completely nude HUD so it’s just you in the environment so
one away to this train track the train is coming from Big Valley so we get down
to the train tracks and the music starts playing it’s the same composer from Red
Dead one yes woody Jackson and this time there were a hundred and ninety two
separate pieces of original score in the game it’s really clever because there’s
192 tunes they will dynamically into lap to relay
the tension of the moment so I guess you’ve got some will feel more when
you’re calm and you in a town and there’s no guns being fired there’d be
like serenity but in moments like this it’s obviously about tension and
creating a mood so you’ll get this beautiful organic segue between the
different tonalities it’s really really good so once we get down to the train
tracks bills there as you mentioned he’s setting the explosives we have a little
chat to him and he tells us to go and connect the fuse to the explosives that
isn’t actually marked like on screen he just says here’s the wire
go and connect it to the thing and you just have to walk over and find where it
is and then you go back up to join the gang on the top of the mountain the
train comes along bill pushes the plunger and nothing happens because
these are he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed
he’s done something a bit long and the Train trundles by which leads to Arthur
and a couple of other members of the gang running across the tunnel and
jumping on to the train to try and stop it
yeah you have to like instantly there’s a like a sort of change over cutscene
when they realized what’s gone wrong and before you know it you’re him – hammer
x2 run up the ridge you leap onto the train dynamically I think three of you
make of the leap one of the guys instantly bounces off the roof to the
side your other colleague makes it but it’s hanging off the rail on the side so
your first action essentially is then in real time to walk over and honk I came
up I think he taught you hammer X and he lifts him up to the train itself yeah so
then you guys are on top of the train you have to make your way through the
train there’s a seamless transition from being outside the train to going inside
the giant carriages and the train carriages are like really detailed and
ornate like it’s it’s quite a fancy train there’s lots of nice sofas around
and things on shelves and obviously baddies so this is the first time when
you see Deadeye which has returned yeah obviously so that works in very much the
same way you pick your targets and then you fire off a load of shots at the
enemies so then we get into the main train and this is when you start to see
a couple of things popping up on screen sure interesting like your compendium
gets updated so when you find things in the world you get this massive
compendium of plants and animals and weapons and ammo and everything that’s
all locked in this book every time you find it so completing that book is gonna
be one heck of a task likely so we get to the front of the Train and manage to
make it stop yeah you manually yank the handbrake after you kill basically
almost everyone on board but not everyone yeah not quite everyone so
obviously you bundle out at the front then it turns out that there’s loads of
guards in the carriage you’ve missed they start piling out so
the train is no static kind of on the right-hand side of you to the left is
like you know open scrubland with a few rocks and some places for cover
so what ensues then is like a mass shootout between you and I think
actually more of your gang charged in don’t they yeah so comes a huge All
Hands shootout and this is where your Deadeye mechanic becomes absolutely
invaluable so whether you’re using your pistols or dual wielding your pistols or
using you rifle what your sometimes get we got our first glimpse of the new
dynamic killcams so what it basically does is cuts away to the guy in question
taking the bullet in the head arm leg what’s even more interesting about the
dynamic killcams is they will change to reflect your level of honor so if you
play the game in a virtuous way the kill comes the slow-mo nature of them will be
heroic so your character shooting will be framed in a way you know where it’s
very sort of classic western Eastwood style but if you’re a bad person
the kill cams will air to becoming more grisly like you’re a bad person and you
can see in the actions of the Cal cam that that wasn’t the cool thing yeah
it’s a lot more brutal and messy yeah if you’re being dishonorable yeah so we
stopped the train we’ve shot all the bad guys yeah I still need to get the bonds
off the train which is like the money that we need this is the section that
we’ve seen in some screenshots and some trailers before with Dutch around the
train carriages listen to me we don’t want to kill any of you but trust me we
will so we blow a hole in the door we go inside this again another lovely ornate
carriage start picking things up there’s loads of things to pick up in the
carriage and everything you pick up has a different animation like you don’t
just see them going oh that’s a cloth and that’s a book like he actually
physically picks it up and looks at all the little tins and the books and
everything but we find the bonds we give them to Dutch and then he gives you your
first choice for like the honor system oh yeah because what it’s worth noting
is some some guys on the train you have a little
negotiation with him going we can do this one or two ways you can come out
peacefully so you end up blowing the door open the guy’s tumble out and your
posse put them to the side and kind of hold them up with guns but after you’ve
got the bonds and done all your stuff you were given a choice of it’s up to
you what you want to do with these guys so the choice then is you can shoot them
yeah you can let them run three back on the train
yeah put them back on the train and you know this sets up the tone I guess of
how you want to play things and your judging I guess really you know I could
let them go is there a risk of them reporting what we’ve done or you know do
I trust them to be scared just to run away there’s a lot more to talk about
soon so I guess how meaningful this kind of system ISM what it is but you know
this is your first example of that choice yeah and that was basically that
first mission that we got to play that that ended there and then we were
transported to the open world which was still very early on in the game we were
out of the mountains now we’re in the heartlands yes and this is probably with
when the whole game opens up so you get full roam of the whole map in the first
section the first sort of one to two hours where you get I guess the bit in
black water and then there bit in the mountain to the map is locked those
certain sections that you hear play but after you get to this section the whole
world is open for you to go and do what you want now the map is covered in like
the fog of war system so you can only see the bits that you’ve been to so we
only got to see the heartlands basically on our map so we can’t actually say
where everything is in relation to everything else go and give you a pretty
good sense of where things were in the bit that we played so in the heartlands
we were probably looking north the mountains that we were just on doing the
Train Robbery and everything were up in the distance and we could see them yeah
we actually told that they are there and if you want you can go back up there
right now yeah but they looked a long way away
only a while you’re on a horse as well you’re not flying there right so it’s a
long distance we had the Cornwall plant to the right
of us yeah now the guy whose train we hijacked is laviticus Cornwall I believe
I might be saying or spelling that wrong but it’s clear that this organization or
the character owns the organization’s as far as we know up front kinda like the
big bad or you know the organization you rail there gangster me no excuse the pun
and you get to see the mining organization on the mine the oil mine I
think yeah he seems to have a lot of different businesses around there’s this
one we’ve seen in screenshots that he’s got that his name on the front of the
tram car one of them are built-up cities so he seems to be the one that’s sort of
progressing everywhere into this new industrial revolution he’s doing all the
oil and he’s doing all the new technology stuff so there’s obviously
going to be a bit of bear beef with him but we were basically then told you can
do what you want like wander off explore have a little
look around and this was when we discovered that the entire game can be
played in first-person oh yeah I mean again that’s something I almost forgot
it’s so amazing well I personally use it I doubt it but it’s amazing it’s amazing
for viewing landscapes weather it almost makes the game feel like a Skyrim or Far
Cry game in terms of that sort of first-person survivalist feel you can
also ride a horse in first person and the horses head will bobble in front of
you rock star being rock star you’re not
committed to play the game entirely in first person you can play horse in
first-person combat in third-person or vice versa and you can swap and optimize
these parts as you want well you’ve mentioned the horse horses
obviously a massive part of the game let’s talk a little bit more about the
horse we know from previous trailers and things you’ve got to have a good bond
with your horse and that’s very prevalent in this our horse I think was
a Tennessee Walker that was the breed of horse yeah and you can lead them around
increase your bond with them you can hitch them to posts to build stamina if
they’re tired if you’re sitting on it you can
give him a little pat in encourage him we should further increase your bond and
if you get up to like the maximum bond you can do some special techniques like
even dressage you can make him do little dances yeah in the wilderness it’s like
strafing almost and you get a side to side steps like they’re doing the
dressage competitions you cannot overstate how analogous the
horses to an actual car to the point where that you know each horse has a
health and stamina rating it also has a handling rating like it was a car now I
guess what’s not like a car is you ever bond which actually increases your
ability to control the horse so if your horse and you are very bonded and your
horse is attacked by a predator not a coyote or wolves or something or a bear
it’s less likely to be flustered if you are in a gunfight it’s less likely to
toss you off forward you know to create trouble or if you go pacifier and we did
actually see this happen if your horse is surrounded by flames some horses get
scared and the other whinny in Rio up but if you’ve got a really good bond
between your horse that won’t happen and also having a great bond means that
your whistle extends yes the reach greater radar for your whistle radar
which is very similar to anyone who’s played Zelda will appreciate how that
works but the customization options for the horse a stack so many different
sized a cooing looking his mane you can you can plat it you can give it a mohawk
you can make it loads of different colors you can have it a side pieing you
can give its tail dreadlocks you can put different saddles on it you put
different tack on it which then can be different colors like there’s so many
different things and it’s like a mobile armoury as well so when you park the
horse down you can put your rifle in its saddlebags
physically you see him do it you can do the same with the bow then you can use
the horse as a transport mechanism so if you kill someone you want to return to
another location you can do that if you skin a large animal like a bear you
physically place its high on the back of the horse even more amazingly the hide
will leave Bloods marks on the horse this is the level of detail
and what’s also amazing is that say you you go out and you capture someone and
you need to take them back to the sheriff you can tie them up put them on
the back of your horse but if then you have to go through some
deep water and the horse has to like trample through it if it’s too deep the
guy on the back of your horse will actually drown because he’ll get like
trapped under the water and your horse won’t be able to keep him up I’ll so
he’ll either drown if you’ve got a pelt it’ll get washed away if your horse
takes a big tumble it’ll probably fall off the back of the horse and in fact
our horse did take a big tumble and I think the key thing to note here is that
if your horse dies your horse is dead that that’s the end like you might have
bill up this great you know five-star bond with your horse but if you chuck it
off a cliff or it gets shot in a shootout and you can’t you don’t have
any things to patch it up again that’s the end of the horse yeah you just have
to go and buy another one you’ve really got to take care of them so you can get
it’s not quite immediately game over so when our horse went over a ridiculously
large later we were reckless and the horse fell you know look almost lame you
can find these like horse revival tonics which you can use to ride your horse we
were lucky we had one if we didn’t have one it is possible technically to mark
the map go back to a nearby village buy some stuff and then go back to your
horse provided they haven’t dropped dead in the interview but but that it’s
definitely a thing you can do and he’s worth doing you’ve got a care for your
horse because you can find a better horse technically with more health
stamina and better handling but if your bond is low it’s simply not as effective
a horse yeah because I did I get on a horse that I had not bonded with I just
bought one from the stable and went out on it immediately got into a gunfight
and then it just ran away like no amount of whistling was bringing that horse
back so it’s definitely worth having a strong bond with it and it’s gonna
really affect how you play the game and again it’s not like Zelda breath of the
wild when there was literally a horse fairy who would bring horses back from
the deed that’s not happening you know I’m a way off in this game so take it as
in real life take care of your horse yeah so that’s horses let’s talk about
some of the other animals in the game now in this open world
section that we had you went on one numerous hunting missions but hunting is
gonna play a big part in this because you have to hunt for food you have to
supply your camp which we’ll talk about later with food and pelts to make new
clothing and weapons and items and things like that but the hunting is is
really good but also quite brutal very brutal there’s lots of different ways to
approach anything that you can go on like a very deliberate hunt for specific
types of animal to add to your compendium or because you need their
skins or hides or some materials from them to craft something else or to do
something else there’s that entire aspect to it there’s the you know
accidental hunting where you’re run pass like we did load of coyotes and you
might decide that you want to kill some of the more do I think we had so you can
pop into Deadeye mode and they’re from that point I think you can tag the the
deer and like you study them and then you can go into a very formal tracking
mode where you have like a timed window of tracking where you can follow them
but when you’re in dead are you can also see the trail of the animal so you can
actually follow them and sneak up on them the best thing to do we found was
to equip the bow and arrow so we had some deer flash past us which went up
over a mountain top and we thought we lost them so I walked up to the top of
the mountain and looking down you could see that they they’re in a calm down so
I went into dead I cooked out the bow and like one bolting headshot and the
deers down immediately but I shot the other deer didn’t kill it immediately
and that one actually ran away but bleeding leaving a trail that you can
then follow but when you go down to the deer then you can skin it now Rockstar
having the he’ll back with the skinning that does not cut away so you see a guy
stick a knife through their guts or their horse you know slice him open and
then he literally peels off the skin and you can see all the flesh and all the
stuff underneath it’s not grotesque but you you know you do recoil a little bit
it is like ah and then even more so there’s an amazing bit later on where
you catch you we accidentally trod on a wrap
and again that’s actually a thing that the game recognizes that you get like a
recognition for accidentally trampling on five Rapids with a horse knowing the
horse you’re not in light that would be really savvy but then when you skin the
rabbit he doesn’t do with a knife you just wait
just like he takes the bottom off with a knife but then he just peels it like
whoops with one hand like he’s like he’s pulling a sock off his feet or something
so it’s just like us these little touches it’s funny and also quite brutal
yeah and while also we managed to I think one of the deers like enjoy it and
when you track it you can get up to the deer but it’s not actually dead oh yeah
so it’s there just like rolling around on the floor like screaming in pain and
you’re just like oh wow it’s it’s not actually dead and then you have to stick
it pick a knife in it to put a mercy kill but again that’s horrible because
it really is whimpering it looked really sad so you you want to do the right
thing so we finished up a little hunting exercise by you know skinning the
animals and trampling on some rabbits and then went for a little bit more of
an explore around the heartlands and came across one of these optional
stranger missions now if you’ve played the GTA games in the past you’ll know
how the stranger missions work you just find random NPCs in the world and they
give you a special task to go and do something the lady we came across was an
archaeologist and the mission was called a tariff a Haley intelligence oh sorry
but dinosaur lady yes the paleontologist it’s called a test of faith and she was
digging up some dinosaur bones and she was basically saying this land used to
be a shallow river and it had loads of different creatures in it and one
creature I’ve heard of could fly and go on land and swim like it was like a mega
creature that she was looking for just like can you help me find all these
dinosaur bones and when you do you either like tell me where they are or
send me a note and let me know where these dinosaur bones are and I’ll go and
I’m gonna find them and then this marker came up 0 out of 30 dinosaur bones
they’re not marked on the map as far as we know they just out that in the world
for you to go and and roam around and discover and then send back to her to
complete I imagine why I’m speculating now but maybe if you send all the
dinosaur birds up she puts them together and makes a giant dinosaur construction
somewhere in the world that you can go and look at I think that’s completely
possible you’d also get rewarded for they didn’t really say watch they said
I’ll reward you handsomely for your time I’ll throw this mad piece of speculation
out there related to Red Dead online which is an entirely separate
conversation I wonder if in the way that they did zombies a complete detachment
from reality with the last Red Dead online imagine if Red Dead online that
you form groups and effectively replicate monster hunter world where the
dinosaur you’d found was like a live thing that had to be hunted how cool
would that be hey rock star if you haven’t started
that already I will claim low viral T’s for that because you know you could use
Red Dead as a platform to attack a lot of other games in the world if the
Battle Royale thing is true they’re having a go at fortnight they could have
a go that monster into world if they went down that path when they try it
they link the lore up I might be talking to Oliver bitch sorry I digress well hey
it’s a it’s a theory well put it out there as a theory so yeah we didn’t
actually find any other dinosaur birds she went riding off on her car and just
said hey let me know if you find them and then you were left to your own
devices again eventually we made our way to Valentine which is a small town that
we’ve seen in screenshots and trailers before it’s one of the most featured
towns in the trailers it’s basically one Street where you’ve got a saloon a
sheriff’s office a hotel a couple of other little like shops and
establishments around and a church at one end yeah and this was where we went
in I needed to get a bit cleaned up we’d been walking around for quite a
long time we were pretty tired also you physically look tired if you haven’t
like slept yeah look really hacker didn’t he
said I got quite upset about it because I liked the idea of having like a fine
dandy cowboy really outstanding so I force James to go to the hairdresser’s
this is a bit later what I forced him to go to the hairdresser’s put Pommard in
his hair to make it lustrous and then I got obscenely fussy about the level of
wax eNOS and curliness of the moustache we went for like quite a butch
construction at the end but when your character emerges from the hairdresser’s
and each things cost different amounts and you can tweak and what was
interesting as well is because the hair growth of the beard and the air is
literally organic yeah you can’t suddenly have long hair because your
character like real life you can’t go from fully shaved to having a beard
because you gotta wait for it to grow again so when you are customizing your
beard you have to think about it strategically how much of this do I
actually want to get off yeah and I guess this relates to like the time
setting that the game is in because beard growth occurs over time your hair
grows over time buildings get constructed over time there was a couple
that we saw in Valentine that were in the process of being made we don’t know
how long that time period is but hey we’re talking about people’s beards
growing and that doesn’t you know take place over a matter of hours and days
you know I think looking at weeks and how minimums that’s weeks there’s
probably a much bigger conversation about how significant time is in red
dead redemption – I suspect actually hugely it could be that the game yes
bands months but actually perhaps even years and it might be quite a number of
years and for those people who played the original red dead they’ll be aware
of how time misused is a very powerful tool in that game you’ve got a thing
from rockstars perspective hide at the top and match that I’ll actually come
back round to this at the end of our chart because I think there’s a thematic
link here would be amazing if they pulled it off yeah and and there is a
big emphasis on time and dates and things like you say when you press down
on the d-pad and it brings up your honor bar it also brings up at the top a
section that says where you are but also what temperature is what time it is what
day is in Valentine you as a guy said newspaper that you can buy every day
that has like new stories in it and actually the stories in it that we saw
related to the story missions that we’ve done so that would be like yeah there
was a report on the dinosaur lady tallish later she was in there the
battles you’ve been in appear in there you can flip the newspaper you can zoom
in you can read it it’s everything in the game is like this you know that
level of detail yeah it’s incredible but then after the
barbers we went to the hotel now I went to the hotel just to get a little rest
okay but also there’s an option to have a bath and clean yourself up a little
bit so I mean why not go in have a wee word we were physically dirty and the
streets of Valentine also worth noting there’s no concrete it’s filthy it’s
filthy streaked mud and you can see it and you can see the rutting you see your
footprints affect the rutting you can see water settling within the ruts of
the street you know your character looks stinking dirty when he’s walking through
it yeah and actually when we turned up there
in this this dirty muddy town the saloon that we wanted to go in was shut because
of an action that had previously happened in the game now that action
turned out to be the thing that we can see in the trailers when you get thrown
out of the window of the saloon and have a little fight outside so when we came
back the saloon was shut because we had caused a ruckus but then actually is the
skipping around a little bit there was later in the game where we went back to
the saloon when it reopened and the bartender remember see you and he’s sort
of talking about not wanting trouble and you were that guy who got thrown through
the window yes sorry and it was the same when we go to the hotel and the hotel
owner again says don’t give me any trouble
we know that thing happened and you can deescalate the conversation like you can
with everything because grief is so much to talk about James you have been
talking about escalating the conversations and you know we decided
here said hey we’re not here for trouble we’re here for a wash yes let’s talk
about the wash so you go up into the room you have you get in your lovely
bubble bath it’s a bit like go out in the open so which yeah he’s there yeah
in his lovely Bart’s having a nice relax and then suddenly there’s like a little
knock at the door and a lady’s voice says oh would you like any help in there
and obviously you say yes because who doesn’t want a lovely scrub down so she
comes in and she starts rubbing your heads and your arms and things and you
can talk to us as you’re going you know saying like I think there’s a line there
saying when after Morgan says I used to have
baths with my dog but now you’re here so it’s it’s fine and then as the
conversation carries on you’re like oh yeah need to rub my leg on my arm
she reaches down into the bath and cleans you up all nice yeah probably to
find the soap or something yeah look let’s be clear this is not hot coffee
it’s not that explicit it sort of the bubbles it’s all a bit nudge wink but
definitely your lead characters derive some pleasure from being cleaned you do
get a lovely health boost yeah just say that like my health is fully restored so
there we go and you can you know you can choose which area gets a scrub and it’s
only arm or leg you know get your mind out of the gutter force so it’s a it’s
another example of the depth I think an acknowledgement of you know this this
world is who knows way what kind of delights or otherwise this world holds
in store yeah and then you have a little sleep and when you’re going to have a
little sleep you do get the options of how much time you want to progress and I
think it’s it’s something like four twelve yes
it’s sort of like sick you can have six twelve or eighteen hours what that
essentially does is allow you to teleport to different times of the day
so you can start in the morning you can start an early evening or you can choose
to wake up at night time so it broadly throws you into the three most defined
weather stroke lighting conditions yeah and again there’s probably advantages to
we’re infiltrating this camp it’s nighttime that makes sense it’s
mid-morning we’ve got a long journey ahead of us we want to go in the morning
all these types of things plus you need to advance time sometimes to allow the
world to actually repair itself yeah or for people to forget some of the stuff
you did and often because also worth knowing because your actions have
follow-through there’s a fear that oh my god and I
thought actually cuz I think James went into or one of our colleagues went into
Valentine killed so many people the entire time chased us out with
pitchforks and guns and we died do I get two hundred dollar bounty yeah in real
life you could never ever go back to that time now what happens is you can go
back but everyone’s super wary of you and is warning you but to get things a
bit more right again you have to go and literally pay the bounty and that gives
you sort of like a reset but not a memory reset it doesn’t it means that
you won’t be barred from ever visiting a village again because you blew up the
salon yeah a saloon or something and that was one of the interesting things
when we went to pay the bounty if she did at the train station slash post
office there was another option there to say oh you can send and receive letters
here and we were like oh what’s that and we didn’t really get a clear answer on
it was like yeah what is that what could you do by sending and
receiving letters now maybe it’s related to the dinosaur lady and you can send
her a letter to say I’ve found some bones here but also I mean why would you
need to send letters to anyone probably to people in your camp to let them know
everything’s all right yeah I don’t know who delivers the post to a camp in the
middle of the Rockies or something I this again feels like it’s ties to where
I want to go automatically but you deliver letters because it’s too large
distance for you to cover yourself so that hints at the scale of the game
it also says who is so significant in the world that you would want to send
them letters usually that’s family or loved ones so what does that mean for
the nature of the game this is an entirely different conversation but it
was interesting that that was one of the moments where we’re rock star to have a
collective eyebrow it was definitely raised they see where that goes yeah the
last thing we did in Valentine was do a bounty which we got from the Sheriff’s
Office that bounty was called good on his snake
oil and we had to go and find this guy out on a cliff top yeah who was selling
medicines to people literally selling snake oil so telling going into towns
telling people it was a miracle cure and obviously poisonous lemon is really bad
so you go out to find him you right out of town it’s not that far you
follow a winding track down to like a river stroke brook which has like a
cliff side you walk or you know ride your horse up to the cliff side and this
guy is hiding there this guy is very intrepid and then like all you do all
the way through the game you hold l2 to target someone now it doesn’t just mean
target than with your gun you target them with a selection of things so you
hold the l2 button then you can press like square which is usually or more
friendly option which is like greet then you have circle which is more like
interrogate antagonize so you’ve always got this option to kind of gear up or
gear down a conversation they usually go in one of two ways one is you walk away
and things are cool two is you shoot the guy or kill him so maybe that does that
conversation decision tree isn’t as complexes you might expect it to be but
let’s cut rock star some slack here you cannot expect a deep heavy rain style
interaction with five million NPC’s in the world the size of all of America
there’s no console or development team in the world to create the actual
reality illusion but what is nice about it is if you accidentally stumble into
trouble you can just turn down the gears and make it a non combat situation I
think that’s really nice and it also creates lovely little organic
interchanges of conversation which build character and effect your honor bar in
this example you basically know you need to take this guy in
so you approach him and confront him but your character is canny enough because
the guy goes oh I don’t know that guy I don’t know who you’re talking about so
he says oh you’ve got to help me my mama’s really sick and my granny’s
really sick if only you knew of some way I could revive them with some kind of a
lick co or potion so the guy goes oh you know I’m a medical man of course I can
help you and then he whips out the snake oil and yet at that point you know he’s
the bad guy yeah so at which point you whip out your shooter and go right you
come in with me and as used to having this conversation the camera sort of
panned out you can see the guy edging backwards onto the ravine about to fall
into the river and you need to take him back alive she definitely want him to
die he surprised the price falls off and you have two attempts at honking yanking
him up just like you did with the guy on the train
after you’ve done that I think essentially he ends up jumping back in
or falls in definitely doesn’t want to be taken to that sheriff’s office so he
jumps into the river then your horse thankfully if you haven’t got it with
you already arrives you have to ride along the side of the ravine as he gets
blown down this big you know gusty ravine on the like an Oracle waterfall
but like you know that it’s yeah Rapids and you chase down the valley and you
you’re jogging alongside him and you have to follow him for quite a distance
and at which point you have to retrieve him from the rapids by swinging your
lasso so you have your lasso a hold l2 to target him and I think it’s our one
or maybe our two to spin it around lop it around his body and you can drag him
out of the rapids to the side when you got him out then you can hog-tie him and
you hog-tie him up and then you can honk him on your horse
also with know and when you hog-tie him you have the option to stick him
straight on the horse or for the added indignity
you can loot him yeah I liked it obviously I did loot him and he reacts
to it and this is what’s so great he goes Oh as if it wasn’t enough you know
have you not made me suffer enough so you stick him on the back of the horse
and you ride him back into town he’s yammering away talking about oh
he’s innocent and a man of you know medicine and all this nonsense so you
can press I think circle and you can whack clunk him on the head a little
whack and again the game recognizes that so when he wakes up but when you’re
getting closer to the time you can whack him again he starts going I don’t know
what’s wrong with me I’ve kept blacking out there it’s all this level of
immersion and details so fabulous and then you end up taking him back to the
show so and they’re your classics or shady-looking two guys chewing you know
tobacco staring each other you end up slinging him in the cells you’ll get
rewarded for that yeah I think it was $50 we got for bringing him back which
doesn’t sound like a lot but all of the money in we’re dead to is it’s like I
mean it feels like it’s not a lot but because back then you know in the very
early 1900’s we were not gonna get thousands oh yeah like when you go to
the general store items of sort of range from about 25 cents to right three
dollars top-end so things aren’t that expensive
of the store you can pick items organically off the shelf there’s even
like a beautiful old-time catalog where you’ve got to say when you get for the
collector’s edition are so good and you can see every item in the game which you
could purchase the bounty system you know when you’re bad your bank T
increases which makes people want to chase you more and more I initially
looked at that and went oh my goodness our bounty huge it’s up to $15,000
Rockstar corrected me right no that’s $15 like 15.0 yes I was like oh and I
think the record they’d seen is something like two hundred and eighty
dollars and that for someone that was for someone who like literally robbed a
train and burn something down and we got up to about 200 ish while we were on a
murder spree in some you know in the time that but we killed a lot of people
to get to that so the money’s involved you know they’ve they’re modest and
actually it’s a nice change from GTA online where everything is like a
gazillion billion and he gets quite confusing this felt much more you know
condensed okay so that’s the end of the open world in the heartlands area
amazingly there’s still two more things to talk about hockey grief then we went
to the camp which is the first camp that you get to in the game after coming out
of the mountains is called horseshoe overlook and this is where you interact
with all of your camp buddies so we got there everyone’s there Dutch’s their
pearson the chef is there asking you know have you brought me any food this
time and you’re like no I know where you’re asking because you’re not cooking
and when you’re not cooking it means you need meat and I’m going any meat for you
and this is where you can upgrade your camp you can bring stuff back to the
camp like little trinkets that you’ve found you can donate money to the camp
so everyone’s a bit happier and they can bring in different food and supplies if
you treat your camp really well you’ll find like health potions and ammo
scattered around so you’d have to go and buy in a shop but none of this is like
essential if you don’t want to do any of the camp management stuff you don’t have
to but if you do there are some benefits yeah what you invest is what you get
back in terms of things that help you play the game rock star guy
like anything out for those people who just don’t want to commit to camp
management because I think there were fears that the game would be like almost
like Sim City or something similar to that that’s not the case at all but you
can if you want really invest in the cosmetic enhancement of your tent like I
saw options for different luxury furs and your tent and expansions and all of
this stuff is so deep all the customization is so deep but you don’t
have to go there and actually if you do spend the time there to upgrade like
Arthur’s tent in the in the higher levels of that upgrade it becomes a fast
travel point yes you can losing then and faster back to your camp which is a big
bonus because you know if it’s if you’re not fast traveling there you have to
avoid physically ride back to it and you could be who knows where yeah in
the middle of nowhere so the cameras basically like the hub where you can sit
around if you donate a lot of money and resources to it you might come back and
everyone’s having a little party and a drink and they’re inviting you to go and
you know have a good time with them you can sit around the campfire if you want
people will come and join you tell stories about what they’ve been doing
you can tell them what you’ve been up to like it’s a lovely dynamic place to be
and feel part of the crew and your family like that’s nice and it’s also
where you can pick up submissions which is the final bit that we got to there’s
a guy in the camp that had been kidnapped too called Ciaran yeah he was
allegedly one of the O’Driscoll gang and the O’Driscoll’s are summing that Dutch
has a big sort of blood feud with his there’s quite a lot of gangs in the game
but the or Driscoll’s is the one that we saw the most of yeah so he’s tied up to
a pole there’s a hint that he might get castrated if he doesn’t tell us what he
needs yeah somewhere I think bill pulls a
glowing red hot pair of pliers out of the fire and briefly threatens to
Castries this guy surprise surprise he very quickly complies we’re telling you
the location of his superiors yeah so he’s like I’ll go and show you where
their camp is and off you go you and Arthur go
off with a couple of Arthur goes off with a couple of other members of the
gang and you head up to a place you head up to six-point cabin yeah which is
where he says the leaders of the gang are and this is where you get another
choice of what you want to do you can go in all guns blazing but the suggestion
is maybe we should do this way this one a bit stealthy yeah so it’s similar I
think to certain moments in GTA missions or what you can do is you can tell your
colleagues either you deal with the situation yourself or you can use things
like the l2 instruction thing you if I sell to and point at your co-op
teammates or you know AI teammates and say to them you deal with it and what
they will do then it’s like running and stick a knife in somebody’s neck or
they’ll run in and hit them with a bow and arrow and you can decide how it’s
done and there’s bits where you know the classic thing of one guy in his own you
take him out put him out the way two guards stood side by side with their
backs with you I’ll take the left when you take the right one arrow to the head
done there’s a scene where you know later on to go in a bench and as your
guide slits his throat you know the other guy commentates on oh my god so
brutal like commenting on your own teammate being so brutal so effectively
we worked our way into the in the heart of the camp and this is denoted on the
mini-map by it sort of a red glow or Corona and the area where the enemies
are when you get right into the heart of the camp it’s pretty obvious you can’t
go stealthy anymore so the minute you get spotted the rifles are out and what
ensues is like camp side you’re hiding behind logs you’re hiding behind like
rickshaws all these kind of different things and it’s just a big shoot out and
there’s lots of dead I being used but it’s not too challenging
maybe because rocks that I kept boosting our energy to make you feel like it
wasn’t but we did get it done I think if you’re a procedural you would get it
done you can like all the games you can take cover you can do combat roles you
can dive you can take tonics meet battle to recover yourself I think if you’re
careful you could manage it quite well yeah the diving is actually very similar
to like the Max Payne 3 slow-mo dive that you can do and go into
dead iron you can dive you can choose someone
throughout all of this massive gunfight the whole of your party is like
constantly talking so you can hear them lis like oh my god there’s a guy over
here this guy’s shooting a video why are you not shooting him properly like
there’s loads of chatter going on which really adds to the atmosphere and what’s
happening it’s not just your guys either it’s like the other guys like it’s
really loud like this gunfire there’s loads of shouting it’s pretty impressive
and eventually everyone is dead and then Kieran was like ah this is where I think
they store the gold is in this little shack you’ve got going in investigate
think they’ve hidden it in the fireplace yeah and you go in there and then a guy
busts out and like knocks you backwards yes just as you’re about to get shot in
the face it’s actually killer new shoots him as a show of loyalty to be like see
ya I’ve helped you out I’m not one of those guys I was just uh just along for
the ride and then you actually recruit him into your camp yeah they’d like your
your other allies they say you know your character says you can run now go Q and
we don’t want you anymore and he cuz I can’t run away I’ve got I can’t go back
to that gang I’m gonna die I’m one of you now I’ve got to be with you so that
reluctantly he agrees so he it looks like that’s
kind of the introduction of that character into your gang I guess what it
sets up and we’ll see where this goes in the game is you know can he truly be
trusted is he a mega spy is there an enemy with
a noisy actually a good guy and that that’s very early door so I think the
layering of these types of subplots will make the game more and more intriguing
as you go on and that is where the demo ended there’s so much that we haven’t
like delved into that much so much about for instance plugging things out of the
air the horse can swim in the water Arthur Morgan can also swim but not
super well so he can’t dive underwater but you can’t swim on the surface before
we go down you wanted to talk about the theme of Red Dead – and what you think
it means this is important for me and I think you will be for other people
something I’ve always liked about GTA is because it’s contemporary there is an
element of common on society in the game and in a very
overt way you get that from parody where you get parodies of real-world objects
advertising radio shows and things you recognize which intrinsically gives GTA
if not entirely a political aspect definitely a twisted mirror view of
reality as we know it and I think it creates a degree of comment and interest
around the game Mike fear with red dead it was because it’s set one hundred and
thirty forty fifty years ago it just doesn’t feel like a world that’s as
relevant what are they going to say that feels is true today does the game have a
more weighty underpin that resonates in terms of theme or nature of humanity and
I asked this boxed are this directly and you know this is not an answer
officially on behalf of all of rockstar we’ve got a stress and maybe more my
interpretation of the answers Rockstar representatives gave back to us but
something they had stressed was this is really the story of modern America we’re
talking the end of the outlawry were in the 1900s and the birth of the
Industrial Age as we know it now what you were seeing is the transition from
what America what America is in terms of where people perceive it and even today
into these troubled crazy world were in where there seems to be this existential
battle for the soul of of America of what it is to be American what our true
American values is about nationalism and protecting our country is it about
inclusion and multiculturalism is it all of these things embedded is it about
embracing technology or retreat to the past
there’s these tensions right now in modern America and actually by taking it
back a hundred and fifty years to the almost the inception of the modern age
you’re casting a lens on some of the biggest political debates of our day and
this isn’t just me fantasizing you do get to see the world literally being
built like we talked about so it’s well I think the time aspect is so
significant we also know there are cities in the game for example st. Denis
which is in the New Orleans style area in the deep south now from the glimpse
we’ve seen of that it’s huge and that area is also deeply multicultural it
you know in the same way America today is wife you know not wife with racism
maybe less than it was but you cannot deny it’s an issue I’m convinced Red
Dead will start to explore these themes of immigration and the bigger senses of
the New World encroaching on these old beliefs and my actual sense is when you
glimpse the bigger settlements in Red Dead you almost feel embarrassed not
embarrassed but that leave the old way of life feels absurd the living in tents
the Cowboys their code this sort being completely untethered from a will a
bigger internationalized world it makes cowboys feel ridiculous romanticized but
ridiculous and I think this tension will be the underpin of the entire game and
give it its thematic heft and I actually think it might be a very clever way for
Rockstar to offer a degree of comment on what it is to be an American and I think
you think of what people today you know you’d think of the debates about gun
laws and the NRA and all these different things a lot of it comes down to beliefs
in the Constitution right where did those beliefs come from they came from a
much wilder more lawless world that needed these kind of rules what does it
look like when those rules no longer feel relevant what are the decisions
humans make sensibly to live in this world this is what I wonder you know
will your lead character start to doubt the very nature of his own cowboy
existence and then that would invite the player to question the nature of his
beliefs and why it is to be an American and I think this is where the game could
be boxed I may never avert Lee ever say this I think this this is a fascinating
lens to view what is a very turbulent time in global politics and the fact
that you mentioned yesterday that wouldn’t it be lovely if at some stage
someone just mentions off the cuff hey I’ve heard they’re setting up this new
city called Liberty City somewhere yeah I think this might be me putting two and
two together to make six the given that GTA online deliberately threw back to
Red Dead with the inclusion of the antique weapon parts
Rockstar created a bridge but in those worlds now you could get away
with it by saying our duty Airlines kind of like not real and we’re dead alone
online is separate and they’re not part of the Canon Universe
I just think by starting that conversation Rockstar building a road
between Red Dead and GTA and you also think let’s say there’s a red dirt three
where does it go you can’t I don’t think make another cowboy game
covering the period between the late 1800s and like let’s say 1914 ish when
Red Dead steps off you’ve covered all the turf you’ve exhausted all the things
to might alright there’s other stories to tell but the matically you operating
in the same era right but I wonder face could start now sowing the seeds of you
know this guy who’s doubting what it is to be a cowboy might appear that hey out
east they’re building a new tent what’s it called
Liberty say however thrilling would that be or to have a character named who
resonates any someone from the game just a surname I’m not I’m not you know my
craziest theory is there’s gonna be almost like a Battlestar Gallactica
stone time-leap of not just months and years but like a large period of time
but like if it happened it we’d only I think be for like a tiny section yeah at
the end yeah like a tiny tiny section but that’s me fantasizing you know don’t
hold me to account on that but I do think there’s definitely an opportunity
for them to create that bridge because then as a thematic sweep Red Dead is a
companion piece in a very real way to GTA ok
well while you’re fantasizing very quickly that I forgot to do just now was
we haven’t talked about the start of the game now the start of the game obviously
we know takes place in Blackwater and it’s the heist that’s gone long
yeah and it’s very interesting that what should I seem again to be choosing this
big dramatic opening where a heist has gone wrong and the gang are all a bit
help and neater like go and go away and lick their wounds a little bit and and
that’s what happened in GTA 5 at the day beginning we saw Michael and Trevor and
Franklin do the big heist and now in in red dare to that also seems to be a big
heist for one ever bad word that has gone wrong and you’re off into the
mountains and you have to regroup and we establish ourselves now I guess the
interesting thing is why haven’t we seen that heist now some of it will be
because it’s probably quite impactful and it’s a really nice set piece that
they don’t want to have spoiled by anyone into everyone gets to play it but
is there something in that beginning section that is quite a big twist that
no one has seen coming like for instance do you play as a different character who
maybe gets killed in that heist and you’ll start getting reference without
the story and that’s the thing or do you play as someone else could you control
Dutch in that section like who knows I don’t know what I do think is you’re
right North Yankton that opening section of GTA 5 was kept a secret no one has
seen that location whilst we on the show it’s speculated that might be a good way
to intro it they hadn’t shown it in media now if they’ve openly shown their
hand on the game starts with a house gone wrong it’s a bit too obvious it’s a
repeat of what they’ve done I just wonder and again this is purely
speculation could they pull another rug from under our feet and go he’s an
opening section of something completely unexpected
and one criticism you could make of Red Dead is once again Rockstar our
presenting of a what looks like a very male centric version of the universe you
know you play as a rugged cowboy man who takes baths and as his left knee rub do
you know it’s very male centric I wonder if they’ll take the opportunity to
introduce surprise playable characters you know could even be someone like
Abigail Marsden or something different or could the game actually given that
it’s got such a span of time and geography allow you to play with
multiple characters we don’t know but I wouldn’t rule out this kind of ruggable
and it’s know that’s exciting and I cannot overstate despite all of that
speculation there’s enough that we know is real to make the prospect of this
game mind-blowing okay well let’s leave it there for now until tomorrow as you
say if you got any questions put them in the comments below thank you for
listening to this show we really like seeing the game obviously it’s amazing
I hope we manage to get across some of the aspects that we were really excited
about really excited to talk more about it
so let your comments get in touch on Twitter at read dead 2 o’clock put your
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  27. NYC was already well established by the late 1800s/early 1900s so it wouldn't make sense for anyone in RDR2 to say something along the lines of, "I hear they're building a new city called Liberty City" (assuming that the R* world parallels the real world).

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    After escaping an occupied Armadillo, Arthur must search for the mysterious 'Orange Man', said to be the only one who can stem the gray tide of collective mindlessness and illogical logic. Together they must defeat the Notorious HRC once and for all, before America is reduced to the status of a third world shithole forever…

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