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Rare Vintage Rolex Datyona Paul Newman 6263 Stainless Steel 1974 Red

Rare Vintage Rolex Datyona Paul Newman 6263 Stainless Steel 1974 Red

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com take a look at a very special watch the rolex daytona for two is that the whole newman the salem run the swatches a four point
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rolex refund master watch maker and of course is guaranteed to be one
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red above the some tile at six o’clock no box with a fork this particular watch
but again guarantee one percent authenticity let’s take a moment terrific expects it to do the moment
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other sick you know it’s it’s called shop at two three nine six four nine seven four four seven monday-friday ten a_m_ to six p m eastern standard
time freaking emails blank urges as the website lovejoy dash antiques dot com for low stresses and passed thanks for watching

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  1. approximately how much is this worth? A vintage rolex in general? I understand this is a very broad question in that condition, year, model, and many other factors must be taken in to account, but is there maybe a price range in which these run? Great video, looks like a great watch

  2. Yes This is really too broad of a question. A rolex oyster precision for 1974 is worth max $1500. But a daytona with original dial and hands and in good condition is $20-$100,000. Generally the sport models are the ones that carry value, Daytona,submariner,gmt,explorer.

  3. Very nice watch. The replicas are very nice too. Especially the swiss made ones. Cost about $400. Very well made and accurate.Got tired of just looking at these paul newman daytonas. I have the black bezel and stainless bezel ones. Get compliments all the time.

  4. Sorry to be an anorak but this is not actually a "Paul Newman". The easiest way to tell a Paul Newman is the 60 minute sub dial is separated by 15 minute periods (15,30,45,60) not 20,40,60. Having said that I think this is a more attractive watch and prefer the dial to the Paul Newman.

  5. NOt a Paul Newman. This is misleading. Actualy, the defining featurecarecteristic of a Paul Newman was the so called "exotic dial" with the art deco numeral in the subdials. the subdial on the left has to be 15, 30, 45, 60. The watch shown is the normal 20, 40, 60. Not a Paul Newman and you either know about it and that makes you a cheater or you don't and that just makes you incompetent in your own line of work. Either way it would just make me not to buy anything from you.

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