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Q&A with SUNNY DAHYE and TITAN TYRA | Our First Collab!!

Q&A with SUNNY DAHYE and TITAN TYRA  | Our First Collab!!

hi guys! welcome back! so, in today’s video, your request is answered! yay! so, I will have a collab video with Titan! hi! and Sunny! so, this video will be very simple we will have a QnA session so, I have asked on instastory and quite a lot of questions are asked yay! she is confused to choose which questions need to be answered yes, I’m confused okay, let’s get started first question, we start from the basic one the easiest one I’m so ready first impression of each other so, starting from Sunny, me, and you okay, will do this is my first time meeting Molita in real life but I have been subscribing to her channel I have been watching her and what I see, Molita is the same person, on and off camera so, I am like, oh my God, so beautiful everyone is beautiful she is really pretty, I am like, oh my God and, on and off camera, she is very warm receiving people’s greeting and so on for Titan, I met you in Korea yes we met in Korea what’s funny is I think we are pretty similar when it comes to our personality so, we are being very social we were really noisy when we met what’s funny is we both are introvert, but very social and you guys don’t seem like introvert and also, i guess, we are going to my first impression now yes my first impression when I met Sunny is she is really social, as in her vlog, so social but she can also join the deep talk and I just said to Molita today I really can’t talk to people who can’t join a deep talk conversation, just end up in surface level conversation cause I’m learning nothing from the conversation so, with Sunny, I know I can connect with her with Molita also when I can’t connect, I will be sluggish to even do collab together, like, what we are going to talk about so, for Molita, my first impression, and now I still feel that way, she is very plain and very real, it’s like, what you see is what you got she does not cover things and have things like secret agenda some people have hidden intention when they talk about something but for Molita, she is as she is even I think from her video, I think the reason why I like her video is because I can see through you some youtubers make us wonder, “is she really like this in real life?” but for Molita, I can see why people like you I feel shy because of you guys when I watch her video, like “get ready with me”, I really like it I personally like “get ready with me” and your makeup tutorial and it’s just really nice, just sit down and I feel really calm watching you don’t you? yes! I feel calm watching you my first impression, I think I’m gonna start with Sunny first cause we just met we just met today I am like seeing her on camera she’s really friendly, as I am a shy person, when I find someone acting arrogant, I’ll feel inferior but when I meet someone friendly, I can also be friendly Sunny is a very friendly type of person I can talk to you well and she is really friendly Molita is also friendly her face is really small! yes, her face is really small guys, our face, when we sit beside Sunny, look really big no, it’s not at all she has a very V face no guys, it’s not for Titan, my first impression, on story or camera, she is very talkative but in real life, she is not very talkative she is more silent more silent but I can say that I click when I met her not getting around the bushes, we can directly talk we do share, some might not be able to be shared, but I can talk about everything with her I can trust her and share everything to her maybe that’s why I took psychology what’s funny is Titan looks really calm, but one time, when she wants to convey something, she will be very funny of out nowhere, randomness, it’s really funny, she’s so social yes when she meets people, she can open up questions at the right time ideal type? oh ideal type or our boyfriend? ideal so difficult to say in this room, there is also Molita’s husband, so she will be a bit biased only mention 3 qualities of your ideal type okay, I’m going to start first I like a religious man, people might not know oh my husband is like that we can’t be biased, okay? can’t be biased with your husband no, it’s not, it’s coincidence I also like a caring guy, that’s very important I also like a respectful guy yes he should be able to hear your opinions, not only a one-way communication okay, I get it it’s very important he can be respectful to you yes that’s three of them first is humble, because cockiness and arrogance are suck in my opinion so resentful because no matter what your achievement is, no matter how much money you have, I really don’t care that’s how I see you as a very good person or not number two, loyal, nowadays, relationship is hitted with cheating and lots of people close one eye but I can’t close one eye, because I’m loyal, myself so I will never cheat number three personally, I care about looks that’s okay some people don’t I don’t really care looks, first character, then looks for me, I care looks rather than personality, because that’s the first thing you see he does not have to be the most handsome guy, but there has to be something that is attractive from him for example, the way he smiles there is something special im describing my boyfriend, he has slanted eyes but still cute good you can’t be biased with your boyfriend his face is like baby stingray something attractive and quirky about them okay for sunny? I like smart guy so, you can have a very intelligent conversation with him it’s an actual conversation that we don’t talk only superficial things the conversation so first is smart, second is loyal, I am a loyal person, myself so, same thing like you, I expect my partner to be loyal, and last is humorous guy I really like funny guys oh my God, so true, I forgot to say that because, the world is serious, filled with problems, I think you need to have humorous partner even though he’s not funny he tries to be funny, it’s funny and my boyfriend, sometimes I don’t understand his joke it’s just the way he says it but sometimes he laughes by himself and it makes me laugh too oh my God, your joke is so lame, but it’s funny so, definitely, the humorous one you have mentioned 3 ya? yes I complain the F out really? I just complain and feel better really? I work when I feel down oh I just work, same with me, I also work work and then sleep which is why you are workaholic? yes she is no need to say, it is seen yes, I am no life, I am workaholic person, but when I feel stressed, I feel down, and we are girls so we have that month periodically I’m on right now, that’s why I’m wearing red you feel like the whole world is hating you right now yes I’m like, okay, I feel like making video that’s like, okay I have one segment, Sunshine Radio, I like filming that cause it’s a way for me to alter the emotion we go deep and talk about it me, I am not someone who is blabbering when I am angry, I’m being more silent you will be hurt I just cant I just tell the problem, tell the matter to my husband, you need to vent it unless you want to be stressful I just can’t blabber when I feel down, I will complain to my boyfriend, but sometimes I feel bad as the problem is repetitive for example, I am a workaholic person I work a lot and I also kind of no life but then I keep repeating the same cycle so my boyfriend is like “okay, I understand” “but what are you gonna do to handle this?” cause you told me the same problems, like five times this month and sometimes, I think, I’m down but I do nothing to change it, I keep drowning myself in work I still keep yes so, we talk about what you do when you are down, but what are you usually most down about so, the problem that makes you down the most oh, okay that’s a good question that’s a good question, but, why I’m down? my relationship sometimes, I’m in the beginning of long distance relationship it gets me down so much because every weekend I always saw my boyfriend like after work on weekend, we have no work so we try to spend more time the fact he moves to other country, so I have nothing to look forward and we don’t see each other too often like once a month or maybe once in two months it gets really depressing in that sense, it makes me down the most but, it’s like one time problem that wont last forever right? for me, I don’t have much problem thank you Molita sorry, but I don’t have lots of dramas in my life but I am more to “social media depression” like when I open up instagram for too long, I will think like “why my life is so shabby?” that’s what I feel it happened to me and I unfollowed everyone oh, I mute back then there was no mute I just unfollow because I think I will get very toxic if I see what other people do in their life and so much better than me, I just unfollow as a detoxification method of mine, cause I am afraid that I will feel more down that’s what happen to me also that’s for your own sake for me, I also have problem in social media, I hate when at night, I scroll instagram over the night I go to explore, looking at a girl in bikini and think my body is no better than her, shit, scroll again, I can scroll till 3 am, i just did that yesterday night, after seeing that it’s been 3 am, i get more depressed, I just waste my time I could have been editing, I could have been so much more productive, that’s the cycle, I think I have to be like Sunny what do you adore about each other? for example, personality, style, achievement, or anything this is a good question i think it’s like complementing each other the title is complementing ya compliment game who gets the first turn okay i’ll start i’ll start first em, for molita, I really like the style of her video it’s very kind of my aesthetic and I’m very picky of what I’m watching I like Titan because generally I like her positive vibe and her humor, I really like her and I know her in person and she is just who she is in the video but, everyone has different type of aesthetic, I like your color, it looks very clean the type of very clean video, I wish my video was like that it’s what I feel the flow in her video, I wish my camera was like that, I wish my editing was like that, I like her smile also oh, thank you for Titan what ya, I’m very envious of your instagram feed because her feeds, I wish I could pull that off but what I said before, everyone has their own aesthetic vibe, and in my opinion, Titan’s feed is really my kind of aesthetic vibe, I always tell my friends, I really like this type of feeds I really like her feed because it looks very korean you know the photo of you laying down the table like that? which one is that? your boyfriend took picture of you doing this i was like babe, I want to take picture like this babe, let me take a photo like this, and he was like babe you look like having super down mood oh, really, I really like your feed she’s like typical of very korean girl yes and I really admire how effortlessly pretty she is yes, right? she only makes a pose and it’s been really good for her no it’s not for us, we have to put on so much effort we need 100 pictures to make one good picture me too! I am not done with you wait for your turn your peachy feed, your type of makeup, i wish i could pull off that makeup understand? molita and I have the similarity type of makeup but I really want to have wing liner and great false lashes and also highlighter, when I use it, my face looks so oily I don’t know how to use highlighter well, you gotta teach me in our future collab i really like the way you do your makeup that’s very nice thanks, this has been 12 hours don’t look at this detail she looks very perfect we talked that our face is like vegetable and also her personality yes i just met Molita today so it’s like I know Titan for the longest time and in myopinion, among influencers in Indonesia, I have a very consistent friendship with her like whatever it is, we always stay in touch always the same you know why? because, this year, one of my resolutions is, I realize, the older, the less of number of friends yes, it’s true so, when I meet someone I can connect, I will put an effort, if they don’t put an effort, sometimes I get hurt because I feel like I’m connected with you I want to be your friend not because you are influencer, but I just want to be your friend for Sunny, she puts an effort back, I feel like we bond and put effort to each other okay what I admire from Sunny I admire her friendly and very easy going personality she is calm I don’t know how to handle compliments my heart also said please stop I am a silent person, but she can talk about everything guys, I want to cry I can’t handle and one thing, when she meets someone, first thing she does is complimenting that person really? she is encouraged to say you are so pretty and so on oh really? I am not courageous enough to compliment someone I don’t realize I do that but it’s good it’s real I’m confused, how should I handle compliments for Titan, I admire her body her body is so sexy so sexy her boobs are big oh my God and her arm is tiny she looks good in bikini I can’t do that I hold my breath guys I can’t even hold my breath she has got child guys but she doesn’t look like she has got kid but the skin has been different with unpregnant woman Titan is a smart girl she is smart she does not raise such trifle question she raises such a great question that makes people want to answer she’s very deep really deep person you can connect in that deep level i also don’t know how to handle compliments you like, oh shit I’m just like what should I do next, next, cry okay, for me, I already said, I admire how effortlessly pretty she is, she is very wise because you have been through type of phases, problems, I like you for being so self-aware, you also know your negative points, so I feel like you are almost perfect no for aesthetic, she is really korean, she is way more beautiful than video and picture for Molita you wait for your compliment? no I want to say that she does not need to look for good angle anymore yes all angle work for her for molita, i really like her humbleness she has zero arrogance, very real, and I can feel she has a very helpful soul and when she asks, she has no secret agenda she is also really smart at looking for her youtube makeup topic she made best and worst liquid lipsticks she’s so smart! I was like, why don’t I think of that idea? that’s so smart so, I also discover lots of local product from you so, that’s the questions that we can answer today and to be honest, I really enjoy this collab yay because i feel like you guys are sisters and I feel connected, the flow is okay, it’s not awkward at all and hope you guys enjoy watching the video so, I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget that I also make collab with Titan and Sunny so don’t forget to subscribe Titan and Sunny and check on our collab video okay? so, that’s all! thank you so much for watching! see you next time! bye!

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  12. Just wanna dive in a little bit, based on my previous relationship .. LDR (Long Distance Relationship) doesn't work. I had about 4 yrs and at the end we're separated but we become good friend. I'm married now with another man. Love it !

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