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  1. Who gave these two a guillotine!!!!! Link can’t even comfort his own daughter when she’s crying. Does no one else remember the snowy owl debacle. WHEN WILL SOCIETY LEARN

  2. This is nonsense you are opening your psychie to this evil propaganda. It's not funny, clever or cute in any way. It's sickening

  3. shoutout to the furby that lived thru the paint shaker, still think it shouldve become a permanent member of the crew

  4. While these are weird things to put into a Guillotiné… I caint help but think there are weirder (Things) to put in. Like… a sock full of cucumbers.. idk 😂

  5. Google says:
    Technically wood comes from trees, Trees are dicotyledons. Coconuts come from palms which are really grasses and are monocotyledons so they could be classified as grain.
    Me: Wow, I certainly didn't know that.

  6. looks up federal laws on owning a functional guillotine

    Also, this would have been a perfect segment for C.C.R. to make an appearance for multiple reasons.

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