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Hey there, tiktakers! We are pretty sure that
among you there are many fans of science fiction stories of mad scientists and other megalomaniacs
who play to be gods, and end up failing. And maybe you think that they all came from “Frankenstein”
by Mary Shelley, the English writer. But the truth is that the origin of these stories
comes from further back, nothing less than from Classical Greece and the myth of Prometheus. Prometheus belonged to the second generation
of Titans. He was the son of Iapetus, a descendant of Gaia and Uranus, the primordial Titan who
represented the sky, who was castrated by his other son, Cronos, with the help of Iapetus
himself. As for who his mother was, different theories
exist depending on the poet telling the story. Many people claim that it was the oceanic
Clymene, daughter of Oceanus, the Titan of the waters, and Thetis, , goddess of freshwater.
Although others claim that it was also the sea nymph Asia, patron of the continent and
mother of Achílles, the famous hero of the Trojan War. In addition to Prometheus, the couple had
three more children, Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. An authentic legendary family,
since each one had their own epic story. Atlas was condemned by Zeus, the king of the gods,
to hold the sky on his shoulders. Epimetheus had his role in the myth of Pandora. And Menoetius
died struck by a lightning that Zeus himself threw during the Titanomachy, the war that
faced gods and titans. Belonging to such an epic family, Prometheus
was destined to leave his mark in history. Especially since, as they say, he was the
most cunning and rogue of the four brothers. And he wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone,
not even the gods. He even dared to face the most powerful of them, the king of Olympus,
Zeus. And he did it in favor of men. In fact Prometheus
was revéred and appreciated by the Greeks because he was the great benefáctor of humanity.
His story begins at a time when gods and men still lived together, and the latter still
ignored evils such as disease or suffering. Zeus was named king of Olympus and among his
first decisions was to define which honors and functions corresponded to the gods and
which to humans. He gave this task to the Titan Prometheus, and he accepted it, but
with the idea of deceiving Zeus to benefit humans. For this, he invented the sacred sacrifice.
He killed and dismembered an ox, and separated it into two parts. One of them contained only
the bones but disguised under a palatable layer of fat. In the other he put all the
meat and the edible part, camouflaged on the skin and the víscera, which gave it an unpleasant
appearance. Zeus was in charge of choosing which part
would be for the gods, and he fell into the trap selecting the part of fat and bones.
Since then in sacrifices the Greeks burned the bones of the animals to offer them to
the gods, and ate the meat. But of course, this couldn’t end well. Zeus
raged in anger over Prometheus’ trick and decided to punish mankind by depriving them
of fire. Without it, men could not cook meat and were forced to eat it raw, like animals.
Given this, Prometheus took pity on them and decided to intervene once again. He climbed Mount Olympus, and from the forge
of Hephaestus, the god of fire and patron of metallúrgy, Prometheus stole a spark,
a seed of fire. He carried it on the stem of a reed, a bush that burns very slowly,
and handed it to men, who were able to reheat and cook the food. And then came Zeus’ revenge, even more terrible
and twisted. First, he punished mankind forever through Pandora’s box, another very interesting
myth that we have already seen, tiktakers. The second part of the punishment fell on
Prometheus. He had him taken to the Caucasus, a mountain range between southern Russia and
northern Turkey, where he was chained by Hephaestus, and sent an eagle to devour his liver. Being
immortal, Prometheus’ liver regenerated again every night, and the next morning the eagle
returned to eat it again and again. This torture should have lasted forever, but
Hercules, who on one of his trips passed by, took pity on him and freed him, killing the
eagle with an arrow. As a reminder of his condemnation and to avoid doing it again,
Prometheus made a metal ring and attached a piece of the rock to which he was chained,
and carried it with him forever. Hence the custom of men to wear rings as a souvenir
of important events. The myth of Prometheus serves to remind men
what happens when they play God and aspire to powers that are beyond their means. Like
creating artificial life, as it happens to the leading scientist of the novel “Frankenstein”,
also called “The Modern Prometheus”. In fact, one of the versions of the legend
places the titan as the creator of human beings. This would be the one with the most influence
on Mary Shelley, and on other writers that made their own version of the myth, such as
Bernard Shaw with “Pygmalion” or Gustav Meyrink with “The Golem”. And us, although we aren’t crazy scientists,
we can also draw a conclusion from the history of Prometheus. That is, although sometimes
we want to become the hero, we shouldn’t play with forces beyond us.

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  1. “Don’t lie who is a fan💤 "Draw

    (ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🔤

  2. Because of coronavirus, all schools of my country will just close and I won’t have lessons until everything is better… So… I will learn history here 😂👌

  3. Hey Tik Tak
    You're history is wrong.
    The Promotheus was a god and he was prison for his hole life cuz he gave the humans the fire

  4. I love learning/reading about Greek or Roman Mythology. The stories are so interesting and at the end they teach very valuable lessons.

  5. Who else wondered so amazed of realizing"this characters are in percy jackson and the lightning thief" hahaha

  6. Honestly, he was one of the Gods in Greek mythology that is in his right mind. He took care of humans and loved them genuinely. He needs more recognition.

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    1.Brought a doll that you know what is the name of it.
    2.Say the doll name 3 times
    3.Then says the doll name and say this word"….. Wake from your sleep….. "and say it with the name of that doll 4 times
    4.Then put the doll in side your cabinet and let the doll just sit there
    But you don't have to hide. No matter morning or night. Then put a camera in front of the cabinet that you put the doll inside. If it's done. Just go walking or do anything you want to do or sleep. If i
    The doll is moving and like it's open the cabinet door so it's just move and close the door.
    I just made this game cause I love darknest😈

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  9. hi i love your vid and i was wondering if you can do a draw my life on romuius and remus the romen gods

  10. But he's a Titan, so shouldn't he have like, more power than the gods? And Zeus was a God, and Titans were pre-existing in Mythology…

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