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Placing the Ring Alarm Motion Sensor

Placing the Ring Alarm Motion Sensor

You’ve connected your Ring Alarm devices to your system and now it’s time to place them around your home. Let’s place your motion sensor. A motion sensor looks for
movement in a large area. While a contact sensor
monitors one entry point, a motion sensor watches a room and senses if anything’s
happening anywhere in the room. A motion sensor works
best when it’s placed six to eight feet high. This keeps it out of the way of kids, pets, and accidental bumps or kicks. You can place your motion sensor
on a wall, or in a corner. The corner will monitor the most area. First, clean the area where
you’ll place your sensor. This makes sure the sensor
will stick to the wall well. Next, before you stick
the sensor on the wall, let’s plan the setup. The base goes on the wall first. Then, place the sensor into the base. For more information about
Ring devices, go to

Reader Comments

  1. I'm watching these videos as they are released. Can I safely assume the next video will be about the range extender? Also, it would be a missed opportunity if there isn't a video on the solar security sign. Thank you.

  2. I have two dogs both are under 20lbs and the motion sensor was tripped because of them during practice mode. Should I change the sensitivity to low as it's currently on medium??

  3. Under the "Tech Specs" for this device, on ring's own website, they don't even list the motion detection range capability. Is it 2' or 2,000' (hyperbole inserted)?!? ring really should either include better literature with their equipment &/or at least have a more informative experience on their website…

  4. I have 2 cabinets in this room in both corners with a height of 6 and a half feet. can i hang the sensor above the cabinet? Will it work?

  5. I was not thinking earlier and stick the sensor next to the front door and it is very close. What if somebody come up to the door, knock it or press the ring door bell would it be triggered?

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