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  1. They are from eastern Europe and minors …thousasnds of them in gangs across Europe ! Laws are too weak for minors…they know that they wont get punished when caught !

  2. If the female Gypsies thieves are below 18 and they punch you. In case you response by violence you will end in jail for sure. French law protects adolescents and young ladies. The gypsies gangs know that well.
    Most of them don't have identified cards.
    The French metros doesn't have as many cameras as the London Underground. And in general camera surveillance of public spaces is forbidden in France. That is good for citizens but bad for tourists. France is a pays libre. Very very libre for everyone. So Paris and Brussels are a heaven for thieves and much much worse people lately. You know what I mean.
    Paris is so beautiful to spent your time in the smelly and ugly metro. Save some money and book a central hotel in order to avoid metro. Or at least save money and call one of the three biggest taxi companies by phone. Check internet for taxi companies phones. Don't just find a taxi on the street. Some taxi drivers are not real and can steal you, especially during late night.

  3. I've been to Europe and UK many many times after 96 I said go riddance i get offered to go back but I say no thanks it sucks over there

  4. what a video, in been in paris two times and i realized was infected with gypsies and african people who always have an excuse to get close to you and then you inmediately realize those fuckers are pickpocketers, i think there´s no need of a sixth sense to notice, only to look at the way they look and they always come in gangs, i thinks is quite obvious

  5. Notice all the brand new expensive nike air hurache & Tn's that their all rocking bought no doubt with stolen money from hard working people..the EU is a complete sham thats designed destroyed the big cities of Western Europe!!

  6. Paris has lot of pickpockets Metro Zone 1 even more cheating streets gamblers are in Paris, esp Eiffel Tower. They are collective thugs, they sometime wear very professionally with young sexy girls and women…!!!..They have Units, high level thugs managers, streets sellers, phone operators, everyone is well connected and dis appeared when police arrive near to them..My freind lost 300 Euros in 2nd day of his visit becouse of these thugs, he thought Paris is so wonderful city, full of security etc..Police is so weak, one time I was taking photos when Police arrest group of street gamblers,,the next week, I saw they are still working…..Can't be trusted France Police..I lost my Phone in the RER yesterday..!!…Police need to give them punishment, otherwise I feel, the general law feed these thugs!! Law is so weak !! Anyway the real French people hardly steal, most these guys comes from Eastern Europe, Arab and Africa..So be extra careful when you are dealing with these people..

  7. I almost got pick-pocketed in the station near Louvre museum. A young white boy around 15-17 years old approached me and my friend asking me if I need any help. I was lost at that time, and I told him I cant get out with the ticket I bought. He asked me to show him the ticket and he kept staring on my wallet. Then a staff came, and that boy ran away. And then I realised that he was trying to snatch my wallet. Also bad experience in Paris like two black guy pestering me and tied my hand with a string without asking my permission near Sacre Coeur church etc… they always target on Asian tourists like us. Never travel to Paris anymore.

  8. Romanian gypsies female gangs. They give a desastrous image of Paris. Others scums are ethnic gangs in the big Paris suburbs, from black or Arab origins, and who are specialists of chinese tourists aggressions.

  9. Thanks, now I know I should watch out for hook nosed, fat-assed, bleached blonde hair gnomes speaking Russian and getting too close for comfort. And the stupid East- Asians always like dressing up like snobs when they come to Europe, they become easy targets.

  10. Omg!!! Those are the three girls who stole my wallet inside the Eiffle tower!!!!! Last October 10, 2016 at around 6 pm!!!

  11. Please help me. How can I get my wallet back?? ☹️☹️☹️ I don't have much and I work hard to save up for a trip and they took all my money ☹️☹️☹️

  12. I do not understand anything . Why does not anyone although they also call the police? 😳 French police have to know that they are thieves in the tunnel path 🚫🚫🚫🚫

  13. and if you try to defend yourself the you will be arrested by the police.. What a shitty country with such pathetic law !!!

  14. All the morons here instead o blaming the Paris Police for not arresting these thieves, they are blaming the countrys from where they came like : Russian, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria , Serbia ..etc . What if they were born in France, would that make those thieves less criminal ?

  15. Il faut prévenir el conducteur du train afin qu'il prévienne les autorités des transports…
    Au lieu de filmer inutilement comme ça.

  16. I'm from Japan and even the Japanese people do those stuff to the foreigners and to the same Japanese people as well. Humans are so evil)) lol

  17. I am from Balkans, if I caught her stealing from me like that I would smash her head against the wall or floor until it bleeds.

  18. Excuse-moi si c'est en Chine au moins 3 ans de prison, on rigole jamais avec ces gens mais en France on vit avec eux chaque jours, hélas Paris est vraiment romantique avec ces pick-pocket! Déçu !

  19. Looks like Paris can use some of the street justice we practice here. A pickpocket gets caught, a mob of 100 people stomp him. Police arrives a little later to reduce chaos.

  20. Remember, Asian tourists are easily victimized by these animal pickpockets in Europe because most Asians have a false belief that western countries are better off than Asian countries in terms of manner, honesty, and wealth; Nothing is more further from the truth because I've traveled to Europe twice and there are many animals that surpass Asians in crimes, dishonesty, and cruelty! Be aware of thieves and pickpockets in Europe, Asian people!

  21. And this is what Americans admire? Europe? Russia is against westernization and this is reason why. Strong anti-westernization made Russia unique and strong in this world.

  22. Between the smoking everywhere, the filthy streets, dog shit everywhere, overpriced everything and these human trash, Paris is just a cliched tourist trap. Probably better safer and cleaner destinations to visit in many other countries. Food is good I'll give them that, but extortionately expensive

  23. based from comment below, that since the Police won't book or do anything about tourist or anyone with positive ID. If the victims were tourists then they could freely beat or rape the shit outta these little girls?

  24. If I know that's the girl who steal it. I would kick that fucktard bitch on the face. I don't fucking care abt those fuckers have gangs.. but fuck it. Buy your own money you fucking Romanian bitch.

  25. Paris has same problem as London. Full of Muslims and Romani gypsie pickpockets thieves. We should both be more like Poland.

  26. I’m japanese. Gave up going to France, Spain, Italy because of rampant crimes against Asian tourist. If you go to police station, full of Asian tourist, cops got so used to it that everyone not expecting them to do anything.

  27. What would happen if I caught them stealing from me and I beat them? Would I get in trouble since I am a tourist?

  28. ほんとに外人てガイジしかいないね。日本のアニメとか一生みないでください。日本のアニメは日本のもの。フランス人どもが見ていいもんじゃない。

  29. Does Paris Gov't allowed someone to punished those suckers pickpocketers? because i have 50,000 VOLTS STUN GUN, I'M ABOUT TO use it, THEY TOOK MY WALLET w/( 855 cash euro) if you caught em..SHOOT EM…hell it with.

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