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PERFECT Watch? 5 Reasons Rolex Explorer 214270 Is AWESOME

PERFECT Watch?  5 Reasons Rolex Explorer 214270 Is AWESOME

PERFECT Watch 5 Reasons Rolex Explorer 214270
Is AWESOME [0:00:00]
Antonio: All right, guys, today we’re talking about the Rolex Explorer. Is it the perfect watch? And I’ve got a special guest here who is
going to help me answer this question. Are you ready, guys? Let’s get into it. [Music] All right, gents, so we’re talking
about the Rolex Explorer. Is this the perfect watch? And, I’ve got a gentleman, Casey right here
who I’m going to describe as a watch nerd. Casey: Accurate. [Laughs]
Antonio: Accurate? Yeah. When I went out there and I put together my
list of watches – luxury watches that I wanted to buy, the Rolex Explorer was definitely
in the top five. I just simply saw it in stock at a store,
I was able to get a great deal. In opinion, this is the perfect watch for
me at this point, so I went ahead made the purchase. But, guys, is the Rolex Explorer the perfect
watch? For me, there were certain things I was looking
for, Casey, and we’re going to talk through this. But, number one is I just simply love the
look of the watch. When I wear it – it just feels great. Casey: Absolutely. There are a lot of reasons to buy a watch;
love I would say is number one. There are times that you’ll run into a watch
and watch nerds like myself are people that call themselves watch experts will say that’s
not the right choice, but if you love it, pull the trigger. The watch, you’re exactly right the styling
is great, it’s comfortable. It’s bold, but it’s also classically styled. Antonio: Now, what about accuracy? So, my understanding this is certified in
the case chronometer like give or take two seconds over the period of a day? Casey: Absolutely. So, superlative chronometer is suggesting
that it’s even better than it exceeds the parameters that make it a COSC certified which
is a chronometer… Antonio: Okay. So, is that actually a term, superlative chronometer
or is that made up by Rolex to make it even super like better than chronometer? Casey: That’s an excellent question. I believe it is COSC’s term. Antonio: Yeah. Casey: Rolex may have said, hey, let’s… Antonio: Okay. Casey: Let’s make it extra special just
for us. Antonio: Now, it’s also actually very comfortable. Casey: Yes. Antonio: And why – I mean you talked about
steel, you know, steel I thought is pretty versatile, but what I really like is it just
feels very light on the wrist. But, can you tell me a little bit about the
steel that they use here? Casey: Sure. 904L steel is extraordinarily strong. It’s corrosion-resistant, it doesn’t scratch
up too much. Antonio: Now, what about the – the bracelet
– the oyster bracelet which is very comfortable. Casey: Sure. Antonio: It has the adjustment that like that
snap adjustment? Casey: Yeah. An extra half a millimeter in case you are
a little hot or ate a little too much salt. Antonio: Yeah. Casey: Or you’re just feeling like you’re
swelling up a little bit and it gets tight, you can adjust it. Antonio: Now, what about durability? You’re telling me earlier this casing is
designed from a solid block of steel? Casey: Correct. Instead of multiple pieces being put together
like a lot of watches, that case the oyster case the reason it’s the only watch that
can actually be called waterproof is because that case is cut from a solid block of steel
and then sealed so tightly that you can wear it doing everything. You can jump off a cliff into the ocean with
it, it doesn’t matter. You can wear that watch anytime… Antonio: So, what about shaking the watch
and does that – does it affect the accuracy or anything or the movements? Casey: It’s good for it. Move – move the watch around, it’s winding
itself. But, it also has some shock absorbers inside
there. Antonio: Okay. Casey: To protect the movement just to make
it a little bit more accurate to be able to sustain shock a little bit better than your
average watch. Antonio: Okay. And, what about temperature all these other
like stuff like that? Casey: That’s part of the legend of the
Explorer. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were
going up Everest and that’s kind of the lure of the Explorer is it was made for anything
in your life. Antonio: Let’s talk about value because
I mean the elephant in the room is this watch is expensive. This watch brand new costs more than a lot
of people’s currently what their car is worth. Why would you ever spend that much money? How can it truly be a valuable watch? Casey: There are few parts to that. Value in terms of market value, that watch
I particular and Rolex is a brand is going to hold its value better than most watches
because the demand is so high the brand name is great. Everybody knows it, most people would tell
you Rolex is the finest watch in the planet and everything just feels great when you put
on a watch that you love. Antonio: Now, we are having a conversation
with a friend, you know, Derek, and he has a luxury watch it’s in the $400 range that
is a great watch and has the same value in terms of he can resell it for $300 more than
actually what he purchased the watch for. Casey: Absolutely. Well, he actually purchased it for $400. It’s actually I think retails about $1,800,
but he bought it in a way where his dollar is safe. Antonio: Okay. Casey: So, at the end of the day, if you buy
it right, then your dollar is protected which makes watch ownership more exciting because
on a lot of watches if you buy it new, you’re going to take a bath on the resell market. When you get tired of it, you need to move
it especially if you need to move it quickly, you’re going to take a bath on it. It doesn’t matter if you buy it for $500
and sell it for $500, you wore it for free. If you buy it for $500,000 and sell it for
$500,000 you wore it for free. Antonio: Well, that’s quite a range there. So, is the Rolex Explorer the perfect watch? Gentlemen, that really depends on you because
there is no perfect watch for everybody, but there is a perfect watch for you with particular
needs at a particular time. For me, I’ve been wearing this watch for
the last month and I absolutely love it. [0:05:00] Now, guys, if you want more information
about watches, we’re linking down in the description and Casey
here, Derek over here, I’ve been talking with these guys they love watches. They’ve got a new kind of program that they’re
putting together. Basically, you have access to experts who
aren’t trying to sell you on any watch, but just simply actually running you through
a training program so that you can actually understand what it takes to find the perfect
watch for you. So, guys, if you’re interested, I’m linking
to them down in the description of this video. Go check it out. And, Casey, man, I appreciate it. Casey: Absolutely. Thanks for the time. Antonio: Yeah. I want to hear about this watch because he’s
got a pretty cool watch. Are you ready to see it, guys? Casey: [Laughs] This is the Hublot ultra thin
that’s 45mm. It’s kind of the opposite of what Hublot
is known for. It’s not big, it’s not bulky, but it’s
a nice piece. If fits under the sleeve nicely, it’s really
well-made, made of titanium, great color on the leather strap with the white stitching. Antonio: Yeah. Casey: It’s one of my favorite features
about most Hublot watches is the clasp is very comfortable. Antonio: Yeah. Casey: Sapphire crystal back on almost everything. And, you can notice the leather is actually
stitched to rubber instead of just straight leather on your wrist. Antonio: Okay. Casey: It’s going to protect it from the
moisture, from what’s coming out of your skin and that strap is going to be a little
more comfortable. So, it doesn’t have to be such a thick leather,
the rubber is doing all the hard work. Antonio: Oh, that – that in itself is worth
an extra $5,000, right? [Laughs]
Casey: Absolutely. When somebody sees a watch like this that’s
a watch guy, then they kind of have to come over shake your hands ask you where you bought
it because it’s an exciting time to buy a watch that you love. Antonio: Well, guys, you know just a little
bit of back story. We just met up here Sunday morning and just
at Kerbey Lane if you’re familiar with Austin, Texas, fun place. Casey: Austin legend. Antonio: Austin legend. Yeah. But, guys, really quick as you can tell these
guys know a lot about watches. I say these guys, Derek is right over here,
he’s kind of out of the video hiding. But, we are going to, yeah, working on this
program and I think it would be something very interesting. So, again, guys, I’m linking to it down
in the description. Go check it out. Casey: You may find yourself at a page that
says we haven’t launched yet. Antonio is actually giving you early access
at the time of the shooting. We haven’t launched. Right now, our course is invitation-only,
but you can go to the website, give us your e-mail and we’ll let you know when it’s
fully available. And, like you said it’s always good to have
a watch guy on speed dial. Antonio: Yeah, exactly. And, I do have a couple and that I can reach
out to you and it’s just nice to have someone that you can trust that can help you make
an informed buying decision. All right, guys, take care. See you in the next video. [Music] We’re talking about special watch
club for – gosh, all these birds all these… Casey: [Laughs]
Antonio: Let me reshoot. I can cut that, so tell those bastards to
shut up. Casey: [Laughs]
[0:07:44] End of Audio

Reader Comments

  1. – Click here to check out Casey's website if you're interested in that club I mentioned!

  2. i really like Bulovas, i will be purchasing two watches soon and give you a review. i have 2 vincero watches and honestly i was not happy, they look nice but honestly very cheap. The handles messed up within a few weeks of wearing it without doing any extreme physical activity. When contacted customer service they never replied back and up to this day waiting on a response. Never again.

  3. The perfect Rolex for me is a SKY-DWELLER, Oyster and white gold with the blue dial. The beauty of having time zone 1 and 2 , the date and month displayed so flawlessly is just perfection in my mind. If you can afford just 1 premium watch only then this is the perfect one.

  4. the only rolex explorer for me are the 36mm ones. i stick with my speedy. the only thing is it is not swimm proof. 5 atm but the rest is 100 times better than any rolex in that price range.

  5. My perfect watch:
    I love watches. But I also question why I need one (or many). There are so many places I can look for the date and time! My last boss never wore a watch. He said "I can look at my phone." He was always late for meetings. 🙂 My ex-girlfriend questioned my sanity when she saw how many watches I had. During our year and a half together she bought me two watches!! Like The Doors said "People are Strange."

  6. I agree. It's a true James Bond. Understated, over accomplished, swimsuit to suit and boot, meet the parent to a ​rock concert.

  7. I'm sorry but this is the most stupid video ever:

    It doesn't take a watch 'nerd' to tell you something that's basically on the Rolex website…and this says nothing about the Rolex Explorer 214270 at all…where's the talk about the history and heritage of this watch? The fact that the Explorer was taken on the first successful ascent of the Mt Everest in 1953?

    Instead this 'nerd' uses what reasons?

    1. Subjective looks
    2. Accuracy (still worse than a g-shock)
    3. Comfort of the bracelet/strap
    4. Case made from single piece of steel/Relative waterproof
    5. Rolex value??

    Guess what? This pretty much sums up ALL Rolexes, or even by extension, 90% of luxury watches worth their salt

  8. Funny also bought the explorer 38mm around a month ago. What sold me was the clean dial easy to read for a guy with glasses. Also perfect balance between business and casual. Liked it better than a sub.

  9. Sorry if this is out of the topic but i would like to ask if a one button suit jacket is suitable for an interview. Thank you for your help.

  10. The perfect watch is a pocket watch that keeps accurate time. And it doesn't have to be expensive. That's why I get a watch pocket added to my pants when the suspender buttons are put on and the leg length adjusted. Pocket watches are also good with vests — I have several of those.

  11. I’m a Watch Guy with a large collection and to my mind the Explorer is, without doubt, the perfect watch. It’s a tough Rolex Sports model with excellent durability, good water resistance, anti-shock and anti- magnetic protection. On top of that, it’s black dial and clean look makes it extremely versatile. You can swim in it or wear it to your sister’s wedding. Very few pieces can do it all, but the Rolex Explorer is such a piece.

  12. WTF is this guy saying?! Rolex's watches are the only waterproof watches?! Why do you think some of their watches are rated to 100 meters and some 3,900 meters? No watch is truly waterproof. And 904L steel isn't "superstrong". 904L steel is just more corrosion resistant than 316L steel.

  13. For me , it’s the datejust . I really can’t get myself to buy a watch without a date complication !

  14. The Rolex Explorer 214270 is very awesome. Other than the Rolex President, the Explorer 1 is my watch of choice. Yes, it is a perfect wristwatch and worth every penny.

  15. I think the adjustment is a little more than an extra half a millimeter.

    "Finest watch on the planet" is a stretch.

  16. Amazing piece, congratulations! It's worth mention for everyone thinking to buy one on the grey market (used watches) that the previous version had a smaller minute hand, i think that was produced until 2015 when they fixed the mistake (yes, it was a mistake).

  17. One of my major pet peeves is when someone makes a purchase and then puts it out to mass consumers to justify for them why it was such a great purchase.

  18. This is a great watch. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have a date window. Other than though it's nearly perfect.

  19. Nice watch. A slightly cheaper option and just as nice looking (plus the reliability, comfort etc.) is the Oyster Perpetual with the "Explorer, 3,6,9 dial (blue face). Retails at just under £4k.

  20. I own the Rolex Explorer 214270…It's the best timepiece I've ever owned…Accurate…Reliable….BEAUTIFUL….🕒

  21. Beautiful time piece…but why can't they do something with the back …like a nice medallion similar to what Omega does. Makes the watch look so cheap with a flat piece of smooth stainless steel when your paying so much. I'd love to have one tho.

  22. My Rolex Explorer I had it's number 5 "notch" fell off after Rolex service. Never again will I buy another. It's been a money pit.

  23. Interesting point that nobody seems to mention. The Explorer is actually 39.5mm. Compare that to the OP 39 which is actually 38.5mm. It's no wonder the explorer wears bigger

  24. I think Rolex is the only one that uses the term “superlative” chronometer. They use the term because Rolex standards exceed the standards imposed by It COSC. Therefore they throw “superlative” in there. I don’t mind it as their watches are truly amazing, but I’ve never heard of another company adopting that term, I believe it’s pretty much a Rolex thing.

    Also, I realized this guy has no idea what he’s talking about the second he said Rolex is water PROOF. I’m sure he meant water resistant and Rolex is not the only water resistant watch, there are literally thousands of other water resistant watches that have various degrees of water resistance.

    And then to cap it off he starts bragging about a Hublot?! Overpriced, ugly, gaudy watches for people with more money than taste. Classic. Hahahahaha.

  25. The Explorer is a true under the radar gem. Unfortunately, it is not the perfect watch. The main problem is that since it is considered an entry level watch, the want and desire to swim upstream is really hard to resist. I think subjectively it may be considered a perfect entry level Rolex. As for the one watch to rule them all, Daytona Ceramic, you pick the dial color.

  26. Why do I have a Rolex Explorer Rev. 1016? Because my mom bought it for my dad. I loved my dad. He's been gone for a long time; but when I wear his watch, I feel like he is with me.

    The watch looks great. I love its simplicity. Most of my other watches have the date complication; I have come to hate that.

    I've had it serviced by Rolex twice now and, I am sad to say, they replaced the original domed acrylic crystal with a semi-domed crystal. Someday I will replace that with a domed crystal.

  27. I'd never take a £6000 watch on a scout camp let alone anything rougher….I'll take my Alpinist and its better water resistance , lume and freedom from worry.. And I could buy a replacement for less than the cost of a Rolex Service…

  28. Recently bought a Citizens Diver 200m 12/7/18 for $254.00 blue on stainless steel awesome yet my Rolex that I bought in 1984 stolen from my luggage by United Airlines luggage handlers 🔥 burns my hide to this day. I purchased a stainless steel Rolex from on onboard the USS Alamo LSD 33 ship store. The watch had been there for almost a year for $750.00 in today's date that would've been about $1,900.00. When I complained about the watch theft. United Airlines blamed me for not securing the watch better and I should've had it in my carry on luggage…..freaking travel crooks!

  29. Yet if I get another Rolex, I will opt for the explorer, or the Tudor Black Bay Dark…..which will be a birthday present to me…

  30. I've had mine over four years now. It's a fantastic, versatile watch. My only grope is that I wish it didn't have the maxi case that makes the lugs bigger.

  31. No it's too small and the case shape doesn't look good on other straps imo.
    My perfect watch is the Speedmaster saphire on a Rolexes oyster bracelet. Yes it fits.

  32. If – according to the Swiss – a quartz watch can't be considered to have complications because it uses a battery, motor and computer chip then a watch where computers are used in the manufacturing process can't be "perfect".

  33. perfect watch in what sense? value preservation or creation? i felt that since explorer 1016 is getting more and more expensive, perhaps the tritium 14270 (from 1989 to before early 1998) should be the next inline to grow in value while you enjoy the watch by wearing it on a daily basis to watch the gradual beauty of the patina on the dial. And i think this 214270 is way too big and 36mm is perfect size.

  34. That's a scary character there. I know less about Rolex Explorers than I did before. FYI Bet that guy on the left is a prisoner and held there against his will….

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