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Patek Philippe To Release These Watches?! This is Unbelievable!!!

Patek Philippe To Release These Watches?! This is Unbelievable!!!

Alright, so Baselworld is around the corner,
a couple of months away, and now we’re gonna talk about Patek. Now, Patek is really hard to make predictions
because honestly, they’re so secretive and on top of that, conservative that they might
not even come out with anything, cuz that’s the way they are, so I’m gonna go ahead and
give my picks, but of course they have a business empire to run and they’re gonna have to release
something because that’s just what they do nowadays. I mean, a long time ago, brands didn’t have
that pressure I feel at least, that they had to release something every year, a new variation,
a new model. Now with the whole form of Instagram and social
media and all that, I feel like it consumes so much that new models become old models
in a matter of months. So for these picks I’m gonna stick mostly
to the sports models. I just feel that the Nautilus and the Aquanaut
are the ones that are a bit more easier for me to predict because Patek has a lot of different
model variations and they can go pretty much anywhere with this, including brand new variations
that we’ve never seen before, which would make it a little bit harder to predict. But look, they’re very conservative man, and
I don’t see them coming out with exactly what the public wants, alright, so I don’t see
them coming out with a 5990 rose gold blue dial. That would be like instantly a hit. They’re not gonna do that. If they did it, I’d be stunned and worried
at the same time. But I have a couple little variations that
I’ve thought about for quite some time that would be the ones that I would wanna see. So we’re here in the Miami Design district,
which is home to Miami’s flagship designer stores. If you’ve ever been to Miami, you might have
been here. You might have not, but next time you come
down, save a little money, work a little extra hard before and get yourself something nice. Alright, so I kind of feel that at this point
we need another all gold Nautilus. All we have right now is the 5711 and the
5980 and there’s an absence for another model. You see for me in my opinion, I do like the
5711 in steel, but in rose gold when you compare it to the 5980, I just like the 5980 better. But it would be nice to see maybe perhaps
a 5726 or 5712 in precious metals. You see, that would be nice with the gold
bracelet. That would be ideal and it’ll give us more
options, but again, they’re so conservative that they really don’t wanna give us exactly
what you want. When I saw last year that they came out with
the 5726 with blue dial, I was like, OK maybe they’re giving in a little bit, so we’ll have
to wait and see what would happen, but that would be definitely one of my picks, which
then leaves me to my next point. I mean, is it time for finally we get a 5990
perhaps in rose gold? I mean, the watch has already been out for
quite some time and I think we’re ready for it, and I think that they’re possibly gonna
at some point obviously discontinue the 5980, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a 5990 in rose? I mean, I think that would be ideal. I think that would be the nicest thing of
all is if you could get a 5990 in rose gold, it would definitely be a hit. I don’t know what they’re gonna do with some
of those 5980s. I don’t know, you know? There’s always gonna be speculation. There’s always gonna be this or it’s gonna
be that, but the 5990 almost seems like it’s teed up to finally happen, so it’s either
gonna be that watch, the 5726 or the 5712, would mean one of those has to finally come
in precious metal, but then again, it’s Patek. They’re so conservative that if they feel
like it, they would just never give us that option and it’ll just never happen. So I guess it would be clear to predict that
there’s a big possibility that we might get one of those. One that I don’t think we would get, but I
would love to see, would be a 5711 in yellow gold with a black dial, almost a throwback
to a watch they used to have, the Jumbo, that was super popular. I think we kind of need something yellow from
Patek. I mean, it has blown up and there’s no way
they can say that they haven’t sold more Nautiluses in the last ten years than they ever have,
but a 5711 black in all yellow would be ideal. I think that that definitely for me be a keeper
and something that I would want. I don’t know if they’re gonna do that because,
I mean it’s like, this in other words, is not even so much of a prediction, but almost
more of just what I wish they would make. What is it that I would want them to make? If I was up to me, that would be my vote,
5711 yellow, black dial. So now we go on to the Aquanaut. You know, there’s not a lot of options there. Ever since they came out with the 5968, I
personally love that piece. Would I like to see it on a metal band, not
really. I’m not that crazy about actually the Aquanaut’s
period on the metal band. I kind of liked the idea of them being ultra
sporty with the rubber strap. So, is there a possibility that maybe we get
a 5968 in rose gold. I mean, tell me that wouldn’t be nice! That’s something that I would like. Then they might go crazy and just do a 5968
rose gold on a metal bracelet. I don’t know if I’ll like it that much, but
it would be very bold from them and bold is not what they do. I was already stunned enough when they came
out with the 5968 already with the size and the way it looks. So, 5968 rose gold. I’m sitting there praying and hopefully they’ll
do it.

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  1. Your all ways 9n an ego trip ….with the flashy cars walking around look at me
    love high end watches.
    But can't understand P. T are so expensive it's an advert to have your wrist
    cut off .
    There is a curtain price around 10.000 sterling but after that it's ridicules
    all the most of this model or that.
    It's Disney land and for the car ….hire it don't buy it ever heard the expression
    We never own any thing we are just custodian of things.

  2. Gold black dial Patek 15711 4:48, really a stunner and very classic. Something to pass to future generations.

  3. And people may just be able to buy them. People won’t be buying as many watches during a financial crisis.

    I’m personally just waiting for the bubble to burst which will be happening in the next couple of months.

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