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OPPO Find X2 Series Online Launch – Uncover the Ultimate

OPPO Find X2 Series Online Launch – Uncover the Ultimate

– What’s up guys, SuperSaf here. Today’s a very exciting day because it’s OPPOs very first online launch event in Europe. I’m in Barcelona and I’m going to
be the exclusive influencer that’s going to be taking you with me on this journey behind the scenes to uncover the ultimate experience. And I’m definitely dressed for the part. So you’ve heard of OPPO before, of course. I’ve covered them a lot on my channel you’ve seen them in stadiums,
football, tennis, car racing. In 2018, they introduced the Find X one of the world’s first
truly bezzleless smartphones and this year they’re
continuing that innovation of high-quality design
with their next generation of premium smartphones one of which we’re going to
find out about today. We’re on the way to the event now and the star of the show, of course is the OPPO Find X2 Pro. Now, I can’t tell you
too much about it as yet but what I can tell you
is that it’s got premium collection specifications. One of the best displays on the market and the fastest charging from OPPO ever. Barcelona, I mean, a great place to have an online launch event. Everybody can, you know,
feel free to feel jealous because we’re here and you’re sat at home. But yeah, what a beautiful place to be, looking forward to having some churros. So, I’ve made it to the venue this is the Auditori Fòrum CCIB let’s go ahead and see Michael. Michael. – Hey Saf. – Great to see you, how’re you feeling? – I’m a bit excited, a little bit nervous. It’s been a long time coming since our last launch event
for the Find X series. – Of course, well, I’ve
been given the challenge to uncover the ultimate. Is there going to be an ultimate challenge that you guys are going to be doing? – There is a challenge. So here you have my phone and it’s actually run out of battery. And what we need to do is charge it. The target is to have it fully
charged within 38 minutes. – That’s going to be an impressive challenge. It’s on zero I can see.
– It’s on zero now. – Can you tell us anything else? – I don’t know if I want to tell you anything else at that moment. – Not just a little bit more, no? – No, not at the moment you’re just going to have to wait and see. – All right, excited, all the best. – Thank you so much. – Go for it.
– Thank you. Hello everyone, I’m Michael Tran and I am the Head of Strategy
and Product Marketing of OPPO Western Europe. We originally wanted to
launch our new flagship series at this year’s Mobile
World Congress in Barcelona however we decided to
cancel our launch event as we wanted to ensure
the safety of our partners guests, staff and fans. This was our top priority. We then explored new ways
to unveil our latest product so I have the pleasure to
be with you all here online to present our new flagship device. But before diving in,
I wanted to take a moment to talk about the incredible
journey we have been on where we see the future heading
in a 5G connected world. OPPO was established in 2004. From the very beginning we’ve
been combining innovation, advanced technology and
beautiful aesthetics. Some of you may know that OPPO started out by making audio-visual
equipment such as mp3, mp4 and digital Blu-ray players. In 2008, almost 10 years ago, we launched our first
feature phone in Asia the Smiley phone, which
disguise the camera in what looked like one of its eyes. Design and technology may
have moved on since then but our ethos has always
remained the same. From our humble beginnings our brand has continued to grow and evolve and today, OPPO can be found in over 40 countries and regions. We have six research divisions and four R&D centres, a
Global Design Center in London and over 40,000 OPPO employees worldwide. Today, we are truly a global brand with 320 million happy
users around the world. In fact, out of every 30 smartphone users there is one who chooses OPPO
to be it’s daily companion. For us at OPPO, the
true measure of success is the feedback that we
get from our customers and the impact that we have
on their day to day lives. In Australia, consumers
rank OPPO number one for customer satisfaction. Not once but three years in a row. This success has enabled us to
build a strong, trusted brand and expand into new
markets around the world. In 2018, we officially
entered the European market but staying true to our brand values we didn’t just turn up and try
to sell you our smartphones. Instead, we integrated our technologies into the very fabric of European cultures, assembled local teams across Europe and partnered up with leading
local art and design centers. We recently expanded into new markets and we are planning to arrive in Belgium Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Uzbekistan in the near future. We’re incredibly excited
to make OPPO accessible to more and more people around the world. This approach has resonated with consumers and has helped us secure a
presence in 10 European countries as well as achieve a 200%
year-on-year increase in sales. We formed key partnerships
with iconic brands such as FC Barcelona,
Roland-Garros and Wimbledon because they share our
ideals and philosophy. Europe is no stranger to the Find Series. In fact, it was in Europe, at
the stunning Louvre in Paris, where we first gave our European consumers a glimpse of the Find Series product, unveiling the Find X,
brimming with imagination. Find X was the world’s first pop-up camera with a full screen panoramic display. It was a groundbreaking flagship device and one that perfectly
encapsulated the Find Series’ Spirit of exploring the
fusion of technology and art. And it isn’t the first time either as I’m sure you know the Find Series is our flagship range of devices which has been on this exploratory mission for a number of years. In 2012, the first of the Find
Series, Finder was introduced. At that time it was the
world’s thinnest phone. Then we launched the Find 5,
it had the first 1080p screen an award-winning dark screen aesthetics one of my personal favorites. In 2014, Find 7 came out,
featuring our groundbreaking VOOC flash charge, which
was ahead of its time in terms of fast charging technologies. And, of course, the Find X. But it’s not just the Find Series or even smartphone products where OPPO is focusing its innovation. Today, OPPO is more
than a smartphone brand and this is largely due
to our pioneering spirit and determination to uncover the ultimate in everything that we do. In fact, during OPPO’s
innovation day last year we committed over
6 billion Euros in R&D into areas such as IOT,
AI and cloud services to continue to deliver new innovations in core technologies to our customers. This was on top of the 1.3 billion Euros we committed to R&D in 2018. At the same event, we
also unveiled prototypes of OPPOs AR glasses, CPE products and our Enco Free True
wireless headphones. There’s a common theme across IOT, CPE, AR and all these new exciting
technologies, it’s 5G. As a business, OPPO has
been at the forefront of 5G technology since 2015. Over the past year we
have seen 5G transform from a technology of
the future into reality. In 2019, more than 14
mobile network operators worldwide launched 5G services. 10 times more than the first year of 4G. In this era of 5G, we at OPPO appreciate the great support and cooperation
from all our partners. Last year we announced
our 5G learning project to drive 5G development
alongside our carriers. As full implementation of
5G is set to begin this year I’m honored to announce that in 2020 with 11 more leading carriers OPPO is taking the step further to work with over 30 carriers globally. Through this initiative we work closely with more
partners than ever before to deliver fruitful
progress in 5G technology products and market development providing excellent 5G experience to consumers from all around the world. Over this period we have filed
more than 2,500 5G patents and achieved a number of 5G first. Including the first 5G internet connection the first video call and launching the first
commercial 5G device in Europe the Arena 5G in Switzerland. At OPPO, we believe 5G will
transform the way we live and how we interact with the world. 5G technology will connect
everything around us through a ray of intelligent devices. In 2020, we expect 5G
to drive an explosion in streaming high-quality
video and mobile gaming. The smartphone will remain the centerpiece of our new connected world. So it’s essential to have one that can meet all the demands of 5G. So without further ado let me introduce you to the
latest member of the Find family the Find X2 Series. The Find X2 Series will be
the ultimate party device. One that will not only allow
you to quickly download and watch your favorite movies
and shows, in perfect clarity but to also take advantage
of the new innovations that come with the phone as we continue to see technology
evolve in the 5G era. The Find X2 Pro is our 5G flagship, one that is surely to set new
standards for the industry. As you know, the screen is one
of the most important parts when you’re looking at
purchasing your next smartphone. So, knowing that the display is important we at OPPO are introducing,
the ultra vision screen. In 2020, we think 120 Hertz screens will be the norm for flagship smartphones so to create the ultimate screen we built something that
is smooth, clear, accurate and comfortable on the eyes. The new display found on
the Find X2 Pro let’s you see, feel and experience more than
ever before from your device. It’s like putting a cinematic experience in the palm of your hand. As mentioned, the Find
X2 Series, of course has a 120 Hertz ultra sensitive display providing a more smoother and true-to-life viewing experience. So if you’re watching fast action sports like soccer or motor racing,
the image seems much smoother or even basic things, like
scrolling through apps will be an overall better experience. The 120 Hertz screen on the Find X2 Pro will also be huge for
all you gamers out there. As there is more 100
Hertz contents for gamers as they typically have
a higher refresh rate. So whether it is your daily browsing, watching your favorite
movie shows and sports, the 120 Hertz refresh rate will provide the ultimate
viewing experience. The Find X2 Pro also includes
a 240 Hertz touch sample rate meaning touch reactions are faster. We know for gamers every millisecond can be the difference between
winning and losing a game. But with the Find X2,
they have the advantage. The Find X2 Series also
supports a Quad HD+ ultra high-definition screen. So consumers can rest assured that they are watching
their favorite shows in perfect picture clarity. So we know the screen is smooth and clear but we haven’t just stopped there we also want the color
on the screen to pop. So we’ve introduced a 10-bit,
true one-billion color display to ensure a more accurate
deeper and richer visual. This combined with our Quad HD+ display and the fact that every single
device is color calibrated before leaving the OPPO factory has led the Find X2
Series to receive an A+ top-tier display rating from DisplayMate. Its ultra-sensitive screen
reduces blue light by 40%. While the AI adaptive display quickly adapts to the environment
for the most comfortable yet immersive viewing, so
consumers can be rest assured not only is it a beautifully
clear and colorful screen but it’s also safe and easy on the eyes. What’s more, the Find X2 Series received full care display certification from TUV Rheinland. As I mentioned earlier, 120 Hertz screens will be the norm for flagship smartphones. Similarly, maybe other devices will offer one-billion color display. Today, I would like to introduce you to O1 Vision Engine, the
O1 Ultra Vision Engine has two key functions,
motion clear and HD enhancer. Firstly, motion clear,
considering most mobile devices or videos is currently in 24
frames or 30 frames per second, motion clear provides
the ability to upgrade 30 frames of video to 60 frames or even 120 frames per second delivering optimal high
frame rate video experiences. So, if you’re gaming or watching sports motion clear can reduce the
blur of high-speed action on the screen with customers in the game in perfect clarity. The Find X2 Pro is also HDR 10+ certified and is the first device on the market able to convert standard
definition content into HDR-looking videos,
thanks to the industry first hardware level STR to HDR video. HDR Enhancer is supported by partners including Amazon and YouTube. Coupled with Dual Stereo
Speakers and Dolby Atmos the Find X2 series brings an
upscale cinematic experience everywhere that you go, one
that is perfect for sports social media videos and action movies. So, to recap, the Find X2 Series is like having a mini
cinema in your pocket. AI adaptive, true billion color display, HDR video enhancer, Quad HD+ resolution, 120 Hertz refresh rate,
Dual stereo speakers, with a great screen,
naturally it’s important to have a great camera to capture content both videos and stills. As always at OPPO we focus heavily on the camera capabilities
of all of our devices. We know that it’s one of the most important features to consumers. The Find X2 Series is our flagship series. So, of course, we’ve gone one step further to create the best camera on the market. But don’t just take our word for it we’ve teamed up with DxOMark
to put it through its paces. Can you guess where it ranked? That’s right, we’re incredibly proud to say that it ranked first place. For many of us today our smartphones are our camera of choice. They help us capture our favorite moments our best memories and
ultimate experiences. However, we know in some environments the smartphone’s camera still struggles. Well today, we would like to
show you some enhancements that we’ve made to our camera that we believe will help us create the ultimate smartphone shooter and secure first place
through DxOMark rankings. The Find X2 Pro comes
with a tri camera setup. Including a 13 megapixel Telephoto lens a 48 megapixel Ultra Wide-angle lens a 48 megapixel Wide-angle primary lens designed exclusively for OPPO. Put it another way, it is as advanced as an entry-level DSLR camera. What’s more, the Find X2
Pro brings in dual native optical image stabilization technology. In a bright environment it uses low gain to improve the dynamic
range and overexposure. In a darker environment it uses high gain to suppress noise and enhance
the quality of night shots. Working in collaboration with Sony, we’ve introduced the IMX689 Sensor exclusively to OPPO to take
picture-perfect shots at night. Thanks to a 96% increase
in the sensor area and 130% increase in sensitivity the Find X2 Pro is able
to let in more light and therefore take higher
quality nighttime shots. The main camera on the OPPO find X2 pro adopts a customized, 48
megapixel Sony sensor IMX689 which has a big sensor
size making it the biggest among the 48 megapixel
mobile camera sensors. Everyone knows that taking pictures is actually about capturing life and doing everything possible
to capture it more accurately. The size of the single pixel
reaches 1.1 micrometers combining four pixels
reaching 2.24 micrometers so on the Find X2 Pro we have introduced the industry’s first all pixel Omni-Directional
PDAF technology. Through this breakthrough technology, each pixel becomes the focus point. For the user, all this means for you is that you can focus
faster and more accurately even in dark environments. In fact, it has a first-time focus success rate of up to 97%. When developing our camera technology, we always do so with the
end customer in mind. For us, there are two types of customers. First you have the general consumer – they just want a camera that
is fast, clear and accurate. They want to point and
shoot with confidence then when they look back
at the picture later it’s captured in exceptional quality. Then there’s those enthusiasts out there, those professional photographers. These guys want maximum flexibility they want to be able to adjust the setting, edit images and so on. With the Find X2 Series we
have met both their needs. Night and low-light
photography is another area where consumers have been asking for more. So we have introduced
Ultra Night Mode 3.0. For the first time, Ultra Night Mode can be used across the full focal range so that you can capture more
beauty in low-light conditions. But we didn’t just stop there. We took low-light photography
to the next level, introducing the Ultra Dark Mode. So check this out, these images were shot in the same environment but the one that you see on the right has been taken by the OPPO Find X2 Pro. The ultra wide-angle lens
has also been upgraded so customers can take
clearer pictures of objects within a wider range thanks to
the improved wide-angle lens. The Find X2 Pro introduces
super Macro Mode photography and video capabilities. With a minimum distance
of only 3 centimeters it enables users to capture
superior detail close-up shots. OPPO has a pioneer with the 10
times hybrid zoom technology. So we’ve continued to work on this to improve the overall experience. Trying to capture the
perfect subject while zooming can be a bit tricky or
even zooming in smoothly can create the perfect effect on a video. It’s not as easy as it seems. These days the zoom function of a smart phone has become so versatile
that we wanted to make sure to integrate the best version
of it for the Find X2 Pro to build a seamless experience. On the Find X2 Pro when zooming
between the different lenses we’ve been able to
minimize the jump feeling brought by lean switching and
provide a smoother experience much like that that you experience adjusting the zoom on a
DSLR or mirrorless camera. And finally, for the serious photography enthusiasts out there, the Find X2 Pro comes with the ability to
shoot in 12 bit RAW images. This provides the maximum flexibility for those looking to edit their images and capture rich content,
clear and natural shots. But with the Find X2 series we haven’t just upgraded
the camera for images as we know the 5G era is the era of video so with the Find X2 Pro we have also looked to
uncover the ultimate in video to let customers capture content that makes the most of the screen. To capture the ultimate video content you need enhance stabilization features. The Find X2 Pro includes just that. We have enhanced both the
Ultra Wide-angle video and the Ultra Steady video capabilities. With a larger view
angle, enhanced stability and clearer image for video recording the Find X2 Pro delivers
improved video stability in all scenarios. Whether you’re running, mountain biking or riding a rollercoaster, the improved Ultra Steady Mode guarantees the ultimate video
stabilization experience. After solving stability
issues of smartphone video our next challenge was how do we make sure the video pops with color? To achieve this we have
introduced live HDR mode in video. Live HDR brings a hardware-level
real-time HDR fix through integrating
functions such as 10-bit through HDR and color tuning. This improves the image
quality, the accuracy with better balance of lighting while avoiding overexposure
in bright areas and lack of details in dark areas. To go with the high quality video images we also need good sound. The Find X2 Pro supports three
mic stereo sound reception which can reduce wind noise,
record sound at 360 degrees and zoom in on a subject on the video for clear crisp audio. – Morning guys, we’re in Malibu today as you can tell it’s
pretty windy. Much better. So behind me, is the famous
El Matador State Beach and we’re going to head down
there and take some pictures. So without further ado, let’s go. – It is truly the ultimate camera and video setup on a smartphone. But what’s the point of having all this high quality footage if you need complicated software
to piece clips together. The Find X2 Series comes with Soloop a smart video editing platform which makes video editing
more user-friendly. Through Soloop, users can
categorize videos intelligently personalize videos with
templates and filters and quickly choose and
add a background music. It’s never been easier to edit your own videos on the fly. The Find X2 Series is
the ultimate all-in-one content creator and editing
suite on the market. Now everyone can be a video pro. Since the Find X2 Pro has
all these amazing cameras we’ve also partnered
with National Geographic on a special project to demonstrate the Find X2 Pros camera
and video capabilities. So watch this space. The camera capabilities on the Find X2 Pro really create the perfect pocket shooter to capture the ultimate
content in any environment no matter the distance or lighting. The images maximize the
details of the environment, ensure it is well lit
and can help you zoom in even on the smallest or most faraway details. It is truly our best
performing camera to date. With the Find X2 Pro consumers can capture amazing content combine this with the increase
of gaming and video streaming 5G and it’s honestly, the battery is going to be so important. Not only do you need a battery and a smartphone that is energy efficient you also need one that can quickly charge to meet our fast-paced lifestyle. Luckily, that’s something
that OPPO is famous for. We launched our VOOC flash
charge technology back in 2014 when we launched the Find 7. Today there are more than 145
million OPPO smartphones which have been equipped
with this technology. Then in 2016 at MWC we
announced Super VOOC pushing the boundaries of fast charging yet safe charging. With the Find X2 Pro we have introduced the latest iteration of super flash charging
innovation, Super VOOC 2.0. With the peak power performance of 65 watt Super VOOC 2.0 can charge
the Find X2 Pro’s huge 4,260 milliampere battery
in just 38 minutes. Super VOOC 2.0 uses an innovative
bi-cell battery design to deliver maximum
charging power to 65 watt. This means you can use your phone and charge it at the same time. Super VOOC 2.0 not only delivers improved charging performance
but also enhanced safety. OPPO has placed five
safety protection measures throughout the adapter, wire and handset to ensure maximum safety during charging. What’s more though, with the
patented twin battery design, we have introduced additional
cooling capabilities to ensure safe and fast charging. This industry leading innovation has once again been
certified by TUV Rheinland. Behind the performance of the device and 5G connection of the Find X2 Pro is Qualcomm Snapdragon
865 mobile platform. With an 865 Modem
providing one of the most advanced 5G platforms on the market. The Snapdragon 865 flagship processor will improve the overall performance of the Find X2 pro by 25%. Plus with its 12 GB of large memory and 512 GB of storage,
this device is the workhorse that delivers the ultimate
in performance all day long. The Find X2 Pro also supports IP68 so it is splash, water and dust resistant. This makes it more equipped
to resist everyday accidents such as spilling coffee or tea onto it. But it’s not just the hardware
where the Find X2 excels. We’ve also come on in leaps and bounds with our OS software ColorOS. To complement the Find X2 Pro’s
amazing hardware components is OPPOs ultimate version of ColorOS 7.1. To tell us more about
it I have a short video from my colleague, Andy. – Hardware is the carrier,
software is the soul. While providing users the
best display and camera system we also bring the new
ColorOS to our consumers. Based on Android 10, ColorOS 7.1 introduced a lightweight
look, a new sound system and strength in the
privacy protection system. Faster and smoother than ever. We’ve worked with Google
to integrate their software into our hardware, bringing
a smooth and delightful experience to the OPPO Find X2 Series. Here, I would like to thank Google for their ongoing support for OPPO. Now, please welcome our partner
and friend, Mr. Sameer Samat VP of Product management at Google. – Hi everyone, congratulations to Andy and the OPPO team on the
Find X2 Series launch. OPPO is one of the largest
and fastest-growing partners in the Android ecosystem known for their deep investment in creating amazing experiences
for users around the world. It’s been a pleasure working
with the talented OPPO team to build these fabulous
devices over the years. At Google, we’re very excited about the capabilities that 5G will unlock for consumers and businesses
and we’re thrilled that 5G is coming to Android first. OPPO’s Find X and Find X2 Pro devices are at the forefront of 5G
and show what’s possible when you marry beautiful
design and engineering with the fastest, most modern network. For example, the Find X2 5G is capable of the highest
quality YouTube experience with vivid HDR and
immersive 360-degree videos all while on the go. We can’t wait for people around the world to experience the Find
X2 and the Find X2 Pro. Thank you OPPO, for the
ongoing partnership. We look forward to your continued success. – The partnership we built with Google has greatly optimized
our system experience. It is based on Android
10. The Find X2 Series supports the full ecosystem
of Google mobile services and are Android enterprise recommended. It’s a seal of approval that
our hardware and software have met Google’s strict
enterprise requirements and we provide high quality
Enterprise Services. ColorOS 7.1 is our best-looking
operating system today. It comes with a lightweight
design and lighter icons, new icon options and more
than 70 original themes, redesigning sound and
100 special wallpapers from international renowned artists. ColorOS 7.1 also comes
with our brand new Dark Mode which is one of the most
discussed features on Android 10. We have optimized it to another level. It applies high contrast
with pitch dark interface an immersive adaptation of
not only the system apps but also 90% of most
new third-party apps. Finally, colorOS 7.1 has been updated with all the latest security
and privacy functions today which users demand, with App
Lock to encrypt selected apps, Private Safe to create an actual safe for your confidential files and apps, Personal Information Protection Mode to protect the information
overlay. Sorry guys. As earlier at the start
of this presentation I mentioned that we wanted to
see the charging capabilities of the Find X2 pro, as you can see here the 38-minute mark, the
device has charged to 100% so not only does the
Find X2 pro have a large 4,260 milliampere battery,
it also has fast charging, our fastest charging capabilities. All right, let’s get
back to the presentation. The Find Series embodies
OPPOs spirit of exploration and pursuit of excellence. And we would like to announce
that Academy Award winner British actor, Eddie Redmayne has become OPPOs Global Brand Ambassador. His passion in performing arts and pioneering spirit of exploration are what embodies the
spirit of the Find Series. So here is a clip of
Eddie with the Find X2. – In the early stages for me it’s always just about
looking for a way in. And the wonderful bit is the research. We sort of need to explore the fundamentals. Start with what’s in front of you and then once it’s properly in you then you can begin to color it in and make the detail a little more curious. I always think it’s a bit
like learning to play a tune. Until you have those lines in your bones you’re not really able to be free. The reason actors do
plays for months at a time is because you never quite get it right but are always looking, hoping,
striving to find more. – Here is a recap of the main features of both the OPPO Find
X2 and the Find X2 Pro. You will notice that both devices are equipped with the best
versions of our screen. For the camera, we’ve made no compromise on the capabilities of the Find X2 Pro with most powerful lenses currently available on our smartphones. And to store all these
quality photos and videos we have equipped the Find X2 Pro with 512 GB of storage,
so you never have to worry about having to delete
content from your phone. And now the price. The Find X2 Pro will be
available from early May and will be priced at 1,199 Euros. The Find X2 will be
available from early May and will be priced at 999 Euros. With all new hardware,
innovative new features and functionalities and
new and improved software, OPPO has created the
ultimate flagship device in the Find X2 Series. It’s brimming with
creativity in areas like 5G, audio-visual, design, photography software, hardware and gaming. It will be your trusted partner as we continue to move through the 5G era bringing new possibilities straight into the palm of your hand. Before we let you go, we
actually have one more surprise please enjoy. As we mentioned earlier
today, OPPO is much more than a smartphone brand. Through our 6 billion
Euros in R&D investment OPPO has been pioneering new and emerging 5G products and technologies. It’s my pleasure to
unveil one of those today. I’m glad to present to you
a brand new connection hub for smart homes and
offices, OPPOs 5G CPE Omni. It’s the first 5G CPE ever
to support millimeter wave and sub-6 Gigahertz simultaneously. Omni is equipped with two
separate antenna modules for 5G signal in
different frequency bands. It features what we call O-Motion 360-degree 5G antennas which rotate back and
forth in omni directions to capture the best 5G
reception on mmWave. Then for sub-6 GHz there
is O-Reserve 5G antennas. These antennas analyze all eight antennas to automatically select the best four and establish 4×4 MIMO or sub-6 Gigahertz. The result, Omni is the
strongest 5G CPE product anywhere by any brand. As for 5G performance, Omni is equipped with the Snapdragon X55 5G Modem. The peak download link rate reached 7.5 gigabytes
per second in field tests and it’s applicable to any carrier’s customization or frequency
band on 5G and 4G. Finally, I wanted to highlight the multiple connection
protocol which Omni supports. As an ideal connection hub
for all possible scenarios, Omni not only not only supports
the latest Wi-Fi 6 high-speed and unprecedented
coverage Wi-Fi networks but also Bluetooth 4.1 and ZigBee 3.0, for most of the intelligent devices of your homes and offices. Basically, you don’t need to install any extra gateway devices for a connected and seamless experience. As I put it earlier, OPPO believes 5G will transform the way we live and the way we interact with the world. It is crucial that we
introduce Omni to you today in the first place because 5G CPE is the possibility that connects every
intelligent device around us. I know that you are still
waiting for one more thing and that’s the OPPO watch. But you have to wait a little bit longer, we’ll do a separate launch for the watch as it deserves its own presentation. But what comes next in
2020 and beyond for OPPO is a more brimming IOT ecosystem. One that we look forward
to sharing with you. So next time when you think 5G think OPPO, thank you. – So that’s the keynote done and we’ve got the device here. Let’s go ahead and get it unboxed. All right. Here it is, we’ve got
a really premium design. It’s ceramic and for the back there’s also a vegan
leather option available and it’s symmetrical so
the glass on the front is also curved in the same
way as the back is curved. But let’s look at my favorite feature and that is this beautiful display. Quad HD+ resolution, HDR
10 and most importantly 120 Hertz refresh rate, this
thing is sharp, it’s vibrant and so so smooth. You’ve got 5G which means
you’re going to be able to quickly download high quality content and experience it on
this stunning display. OPPO are saying, think 5G think OPPO. So we’ll see how that goes. Now let’s take a quick
look at the cameras we do have a triple rear
facing camera setup. There’s a primary camera,
there’s the ultra wide and there’s also the 10x hybrid zoom. A 4,200 milliampere battery with Super VOOC 2.0 65 watt charging. That’s going to get you from 0 to around 100% in just 38 minutes. And of course we’ve got all of the premium flagship specifications. Qualcomm Snapdragon
865, 12 GB of RAM 512 GB of storage, this
thing is an absolute beast. I can’t wait to spend
some more time with it especially this display
and that’s it from me guys. It’s been a really fun experience. I hope you guys have also enjoyed this behind-the-scenes coverage. Something different, something
we haven’t done before myself or OPPO, if you
want to to see more of it then definitely let me know. This is going to be unboxed properly. Detailed SuperSaf-Style on the channel. Make sure you go ahead and check that out you can’t miss that. And I think that’s mission accomplished for uncover the ultimate experience. Thanks for watching, this is SuperSaf I’ll see you next time.

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  4. Buying an @oppomobileindia device is once in a life time opportunity.after that we never choose oppo again .no software updates ,@colorosglobal 7 trai l sucks with lot of issues and no one cares .no updates and @JioCare WiFi calling is not available . #OPPO #Android

  5. Oppo find x2 pro – water resistance and dust resistance,65w charger,ceramic back,ultra darkmode 3.0,android 10 or color os 7.1,but that price is big but that design is so good. Im gonna buy it next year

  6. I was seriously waiting for oppo to launch this phone so i can sell my Note10 Plus and give you a try but you guys stink because you spent multi millions in sponsoring the Football WorldCup yet you cant give relief to your customers. You will never be as big and capable as Samsung or Apple but you sure are acting as shitty as them from the start. And SUPERSAF i am unsubcribing from your channel just because you dumped your role of a reviewer and because a paid model.
    what a shame

  7. china and everything they do, or most things they do, to replicate things other developed countries do and compete; their products, their visual, their accent, etc; is like a high level prostitute. we wish we didn't want to want it or need it (or something like that; hard to explain). there's something cringy about watching them, seeing them, listening to them replicate the earlier developed world. i doubt the prostitute reputation will ever leave them. it's like a birth mark. well, you could remove a birth mark with laser, surgery, but can't remove it from their history.

  8. I need oppo Mobil
    Not Mani
    Pilis Help MI
    Village .. Indian
    Nena… Rako parera

  9. SuperSaf is the star of the show. Awesome video. Oppo I can't wait for this phone, definitely going to check it out now!

  10. I appreciate how Oppo doesn't compare their flagship with other phones, but I feel sad about the price

  11. Brought 6+ oppo device's they really lacked updates so when Android 12 is released on every other phone thats when you will get Android 11 that's a garantee.

  12. I bought reno 10x zoom cause full screen and not camera bump. This find x2 is worst sadly
    120hz and newest chip won't make a difference, just minor upgrades with tons of marketing

  13. Great Device, but very boring and tedious presentation, can improve that in the future and make it more dynamic

  14. I'm using the Find 7 from 2013 til now, 7 years already hahaha
    I've updated the ROM to android 6, so it can support most top games/apps at playstore
    The screen also still in good condition, sometimes my friend ask me "have u buy a new phone recently?" Haha because the colour of the screen is so nice than their new phone, lol, really worth the money ?
    I think i will buy FindX2P, i need new camera lens ?
    The Find Series just too good
    #OPPOFindX2Series5G #UncovertheUltimate!

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