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OMRON HeartGuide™ Instruction Video

OMRON HeartGuide™ Instruction Video

The Omron HeartGuide combines the every day
usability of a traditional blood pressure monitor with the technology and convenience
of a smartwatch. In this quick video we demonstrate how to record accurate blood pressure measurements.
Begin by placing HeartGuide on your wrist like a traditional watch with the monitor
positioned on the outside of your wrist. From here, there are three important items to check
prior to recording your first measurement. Step 1: Using your index and middle fingers
together as a guide, leave approximately 1 inch between the edge of the band and the bottom of your
palm. Step 2: In order to secure an accurate measurement, adjust the band so that it fits
comfortably yet firmly around the wrist. As a good gauge of fit, you should not be able
to insert your index finger beneath the band. Step 3: Ensure the watch’s inner cuff
is positioned correctly. If the upper and lower sides of the cuff are overlapped, the
lower side should be positioned underneath. After following these steps, press the start
button on the side of the watch to begin measurement. Once the posture screen appears, raise or
lower your wrist until it is at heart level. After approximately two seconds, the monitor
will start a measurement and the cuff will inflate. During this process, it’s important
to keep the watch still. Do not move, turn your wrist, talk or look at the watch display
while the cuff is inflating as it may affect your results. Once the measurement is complete,
the light will emit a light vibration. Results can then be transferred to the Omron App for
further review.

Reader Comments

  1. When will a continuous blood pressure devise the size of a watch be created with downloadable capabilities?

  2. FDA clearance but absense of an active heart rate monitor in my view makes me wonder if it is worth buying. It also begs the question whether the heart rate monitor feature on the most commonly available fitness trackers which cost less than a fraction of this product, are just gimmicks. There must be some reason why Omron omitted to include a heart rate tracker on this product. Could it be that the presence of that feature could have dented the products prospects of FDA clearance. I wonder.

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