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OMEGA Silicon Balance Spring Si14

OMEGA Silicon Balance Spring Si14

The balance spring: although it is
one of the smallest components in a mechanical watch movement, it is among the most critical, playing an important role
in the watch’s precision. It is the heart
beating inside your watch, responsible for the oscillations
that define the accuracy of a timepiece. To eliminate inaccuracies that can be caused
by exposure to everyday shocks, OMEGA turned to
a completely non-magnetic material with incredible resilience
and unmatched stability: silicon. Traditionally, separate metal components
are assembled to create balance springs. It is nearly impossible
to control their exact geometry. Not so with silicon. A computer-assisted process
allows us to get
perfectly formed balance springs, in a single step, directly from silicon discs. The result is a component which is three times finer
than a human hair, it resists shock, is oblivious to magnetic influence
and… it will keep its shape forever. These properties allow OMEGA to offer
a full four year warranty on every Co-Axial watch
equipped with a silicon balance spring. Quality is
always in the detail.

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