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Night Scenes in Cartagena Colombia Clock Tower & Getsemani 4K

Night Scenes in Cartagena Colombia Clock Tower & Getsemani 4K

Clock Tower square at the old city in Cartagena Colombia Old City Getsemani is the neighborhood in front of the old city Getsemani Square

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  1. Who else clicked fast asf for Explorando 😂?

    But I’m subbïñg to who lïkèś and sübśçrîbès to me!🙏

  2. I need to learn Spanish to tell some of these working girls what up….i guess Google translate will have to do for now

  3. Sou do brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷 sou cantante de música sertaneja. É achei essa cidade top tenho muita vontade de conhecer

  4. Muy buenas tomas de Cartagena, Colombia! Felicitaciones por hacernos conocer ciudades y lugares importantes del mundo, que de otra manera sería casi imposible poder hacerlo. Tu tienes esa suerte! Pero me gustaría (nos gustaría) mucho saber lago a cerca de ti. Quién eres!? de dónde eres!? O sea una pequeña biografía a cerca de ti!!! Para no pensar que eres un robot!!! Pareces una beautiful girl asiática?? O me equivoco? Adios y mucha suerte con you great job!!!

  5. Save the clock tower!
    Some premium tail in this one.
    You have a good eye, always remembering it's not the one that winks, but the one that st…ks

  6. Oh man… you're bringing back to Cartagena and how vibrant it is . Great people, great restaurants ,great nightlife then wake up in the morning and take a taxi to Baru for the day with a beautiful Esmeralda if you want ….but here I am bored and miserable looking at Netflix on unexciting Long Island N.Y. ….UUGGHH

  7. I am a PROUD subscriber……you are on to something with the great hd camera work, beautiful sites and hot, gorgeous women.
    thanks, thanks and thanks.

  8. Love the way you shoot your videos.Cartagena vibes….is this on a weekend? is this the place to go when in Cartagena?

  9. I think that is it, you not talking and letting your cinematography speak instead, MAKES YOUR VIDS TOTALLY UNIQUE AND POWERFUL.

  10. The Cartagena they show here is another Patay.,a place in a far Land where all the chip people meet and hookers come from everywhere to please the old expat from the States.- This is the beginning of a ruinos tourist spot.=

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