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New York City mayor addresses coronavirus as cases in the state rise – 3/9/2020

New York City mayor addresses coronavirus as cases in the state rise – 3/9/2020

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  1. On average, researchers say this family of viruses can survive between four and five days on various materials like aluminium, wood, paper, plastic and glass. Google studies

  2. HAHAHA. The mayor had to remind people No putting Hand Sanitizer in the Mouth, Nose or Eyes. This is what Americans has come to?

  3. People carry this virus with no symptoms. Good luck controlling this reactively instead of proactively. Also, the virus sits on surfaces a lot longer than he is stating. Dont touch your face until you can wash your hands, people.

  4. Trump has empowered all of us to go about our lives and has put out guidance and precautions. Great Job Trump. I am glad that the New York Mayor is following the white house updates.

  5. The problem is it's too little too late.All measures will be overwhelmed within days or at most 2 weeks. So since there will be school closings and travel restrictions etc at some point soon anyway, much better to start NOW.

  6. Psychological rubbish, "New Yorkers listen"…..don't tell people how to act…..guys talking like a child.

  7. Has anyone seen any footage of these huge numbers of infected Americans waiting in lines for e.r. visits? Any interviews of Americans falling down in the streets and dying. How about forced trips to the hospital because the ‘disease detectives’ have determined you are a risk?
    You do realize with a state of emergency you have no civil rights? Yeah, they are gone.

    So if there is a 3 fold increase in cases in the last 5 days, but prior to that almost no increases over 1.5 months.

    How could that be? Short of the video of the old folks homes and a few people stretchers I’ve seen no evidence. This feels like a lot of bullish/t,country wide. Almost like someone has an agenda. Hang in there.

  8. Amazing, we get more information and rational thinking from NYC than from the President of the United States.

  9. Everyone is still in denial it's amazing people don't even want to hear it I went out the past couple days and it got in at least 3 months food and I ordered some nights bolts for my scorpyd in broadheads got a bunch of medicine too

  10. Yo I just did stock and I got at least probably 6 to 8 months food and I can practice intermittent fasting if I need to.

  11. Itsfunneh everybody still denying Jesus Christ even though mainstream is saying all these crazy events keep happening sooner and sooner just like the specific verses in the Bible but you all would still deny God have fun is all I got to say you think the devil is scary who do you think created him?

  12. You should watch the videos people posting about coronavirus on Instagram of hospitals and graveyards from Iran they are scary

  13. Do these folks know what they are doing? They are all playing behind the curve. Schools should had been closed already, media outlets running infomercials every hour to educate folks on self- preventative practices. The health system would easily be overrun. To level out the trajectory, anticipate and be imaginative in your efforts. But no spread mechanism is more potent than our schools. Kids use the rush hour subway, converge in schools, interact vigorously and recklessly, take public transportation to track it all home, share the contagion with family, and repeat the next day. Shut it down like yesterday when it makes most help. You will ultimately shut them anyway when it may be least helpful.

  14. Corona virus hangs in the air up to 30 minutes, according to a study by the Chinese in an enclosed space.

  15. This is so unprofessional! You need to have already set clinics for the people that are in need of help. Who is going to pay the bills of the people who need to work? Yes, you need to save the people who are older and already in sickness and all humanity but you guys/gal's knew this outrageous crazies was coming to the USA! Why was there a wait to point out cases!?🤕 You need to provide medical attention efficiently and have a better understanding of what your working with. You can't just say call your doctor 😠 Not everyone has a family doctor to reach out to! People can't even afford health insurance😠

  16. No no no no we need to remember that healthcare is a privilege and not a right.
    These low-income deadbeats need to feel the pain of not being able to afford good health care. How else will people with money and influence be able to have the immediate attention and care of the fine physicians who work so hard to be reimbursed so well.
    We need to show the poor what it means to be lazy and feckless and not have the money for deductibles or proper health Care.
    My favorite Bible verses where Jesus offers to heal the leper as soon as he pays his deductible.
    Now everybody get out of my way because I've got to watch Fox news, vote Republican and pray to Jesus about being a compassionate Christian.

  17. Instead of BS-ing this moron and his sidekick idiot "governor" should have been building emergency field hospitals at Floyd Bennet Field for the possibility of thousands of infected patients. Instead he peddles his typical useless "News You Can't Use".

  18. lol what if the person with corona virus infects 3 other people at school and when the 24 hours is up the other 3 people come in not knowing they have it and infect 3 more people?

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