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New Rolex Yacht-Master (Blue Dial) Review – Should You Buy this Watch?

New Rolex Yacht-Master (Blue Dial) Review – Should You Buy this Watch?

What’s going on guys. My name is Eric. This is watch your style,
where I pretty much discuss different watch trends coming in and out and what’s hot and
what’s not. Today, I have here the Yacht-Master. Yacht-Master
1 men’s 40mm. This is the new one released in 2012 with that new Sunray dial. You know what? I haven’t seen too many of
them out there, even though I’ve sold many of them, but I really like this watch. Why? The other one was a really nice classic design.
Very successful watch by Rolex. They probably sold millions of the other one, with the silver
dial, which I’m not sure if everybody knows this, but the dial on the previous one is
actually a platinum dial. It’s made out of platinum with like a bead
blast on it, before they obviously apply all the insignias and all that. And the bezel
itself, the actual inner bezel, the insert is platinum as well. This time what they did around is that they
did it a little bit different. They introduced this blue dial. It’s called I believe the
Sunray blue dial. You know they get crazy with these names. Sunray blue dial. And the most important thing besides the dial
to me, what also makes a difference is this new clasp, which Rolex finally stepped up
the game with the clasp. For years they were using that stamped design
clasp. It’s a good clasp, but this is like a whole other level in clasp-sphere. Now, something that I want to point out about
this new design of the Yacht-Master is, in the watch game, this is the next level when
it comes to the steel Yacht-Master game. When you see somebody wearing the previous
model with the silver platinum dial, it’s a beautiful watch. I’m not going to hate on
it. I think it’s a fantastic watch. If you want to buy something that’s a little
bit more next level beyond the standard Sub or something like that, the Yacht-Master is
a good choice. Good for everything. Fits with everything.
Since it’s silver on silver, it matches with everything. However, the bad thing about it is that although
you might have a 2009 with box and papers and you picked it up in mint condition, some
people might not give you that credit. They might think it’s a 99. Whereas this one right here there’s absolutely
no confusion. It’s a brand new model. This thing changes the value of the watch, the
fact that it has the blue dial and this on another level. The other previous one, you could pick one
up probably around as low as 55 to as high as 7500 depending who you’re buying it from
and what year and condition. Whereas this one retails around 12,000. If you want to
buy it at the AD, that’s your choice. I think that the right way to buy this watch
is pre-owned. You are looking to spend around 9200 dollars. So this blue dial it separates the men from
the boys in this Yacht-Master. When someone sees you with this watch, you’re like “Wow,
that’s the brand new one!” That’s what still you see right now on the
expressway. A lot of ads still with this watch. As far as the blue, you don’t see a lot of
these. And when you see it, you’re in that category just like the green Hulk Submariner,
that it’s like a brand new watch. There’s no confusion. There’s no mistaking it. So, if you’re looking to get a nice watch
in the 9000-dollar area that’s pretty versatile, the Yacht-Master with the blue dial. Very
nice. I like it and I’ve sold many of them and everybody’s very happy with that watch. So here’s the bottom line. If you’re thinking
about getting that new Yacht-Master with the blue dial, I think it’s a really nice watch.
Goes with everything. Very, very good for the daily use. I really like the blue dial. I don’t know
what it is. They had it before with the two-tone and the all-gold and they never had it before
on the stainless steel and platinum. Ever since they added it, immediately when
I saw the billboard, I was like drawn to it like, “Oh my God!” It’s a solid watch
for around that price range. If you liked this video, please remember to
share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. Feel free to
leave me some comments and tell me how you feel about this new Yacht-Master with
the Sunray dial. Until next time, this is Eric, Watch Your Style.

Reader Comments

  1. Is a beautiful watch but I'm not fan of Rolex. Every year I hope a new design of Rolex and only see the same watches every year, I know that the company's has Dna in his designs but believe that Rolex cans present new generation in his watches because the other company's every year breaks her dna a little bit and presents new models that ap, vacheron, Piaget, Jaquet, etc. and Rolex is stagnant in the designs and in the past. This is my poor opinion. Thanks.

  2. Hi eric im from the uk love my watches specially rolex have a big collection. I would  like to know how you got involved with the watch business and how you started out love the videos keep it up.

  3. Hi Eric your rigth it is a big change my wife pick me up one and I love it she got it for 11300 and I wouldn't change a thing rigth on money thanks for review she went all out anniversary gift best gift ever

  4. When I win the lottery, you are the guy I will buy a watch from. These videos show just how passionate and knowledgeable you are when it comes to timepieces.

  5. great video telling the truth, I did not need to buy the program to know it is a scam?, i use ANDY LANK METHOD for daily income.

  6. there is no 40mm or higher in datejust in jubilee bracelet fluted bezel on the website , they dont make it or what

  7. Loved the video.  Fell in love with the blue dial.  Bought it new from authorized Rolex dealer for $10,200 (inlcudes tax).

  8. Just picked one up and I love it.. The blue and orange goes great together and it seems more casual than the two toned SUB I traded in. Thanks for the great advise..

  9. I have the GMT Master II BLNR (ceramic blue and black bezel) and just went with a new SS Daytona, white face, but this watch really looks good and I'd like to have it. I just don't know if I should add it as my third watch or replace one of existing ones. Thoughts? What would you do?

  10. i wish my wrist was smaller, the daytona and this watch looks too small on my wrist, a shame because i loved both.

  11. looking a little ruff in this one dude – you been partying behind the scenes of "watch ur style"?

  12. yo I never buy a rolex but by damn that watch changes everything nice watch , it is another level !! would I pay 24k !! now that's the issue my money devaluation doubles and triples comparing to us or euro . So it feels way inflated for your price not for mine which is astronomical inflated lol

  13. great video! very educational and informative. I enjoy all your videos. please continue making them. love it that you incorporate the price ranges… I have a question, are the blue dials exclusive to the 2012 model or do they make a blue dial for the older version? also do they have an all gold and two tone model that's 2012 and do they have the blue dial for those older than 2012? I'd appreciate it if you could provide me the price ranges for the aforementioned watches I named as well. thank you for your time and expertise. I will continue watching your videos, liking, and subscribing. Great content!

  14. What do you say a 2015 Daytona 116520 goes for on trade? I am thinking of trading/selling mine and picking this watch up. Also resale wise are these two on par?

  15. Great looking watch I agree, I believe there are two sizes 37 & 40 mm, is either one classed as more collectable than the other ?

  16. Hi Eric, spot on with your comments! I saw a guy wearing one in London on the underground and ever since I've been thinking of flipping my ceramic sub for one of these. That blue dial has to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.

  17. The yachtmaster is no way beyond the sub as you have said. Is only beyond on price as the resale value sucks compared to the subs. The ceramic bezel on any sub looks so much better than the platinum bezel on the yachtmaster which looks exactly like a steel bezel

  18. I love this watch paid $9700.00 for it and worth every penny. the best part of this watch is it has a very small smudge that looks like a imperfection by the 6 marker on the crystal and it's not a smudge it is a holographic crown lol awesome piece.

  19. I really like this watch! My only problem is getting the Platinum bezel scratched up… how much does it cost to have the bezel fixed if it got scratched??

  20. Eric, which one do you prefer between this YM you presented in the video and the YM black Rhodium dial with the blue hand?

  21. Im about to sell my dj2 fluted blue dial since it became discontinued. I am thinking about getting this watch.. should i go for it?

  22. Eric–
    First time buyer potentially, I'm really stuck between the GMT II Batman and this Yachtmaster. Which would you suggest, I feel like we have the same taste/opinions on watches.


  23. But  you can't buy a new watch just because a new one has come out.   We all get older, and like us, new watches do too!

  24. Its beautiful..I love the 40mm YMs..I opted for the Dark Rhodium dial..116622…probably the most Ive ever spent on a watch…and no Regrets

  25. Hey gentlemen, I'm currently selling an amazing Rolex Yacht Master Platinum myself for USD$8,625. If you're interested please visit the shop:

  26. no point in spending money on a watch when they are not going to look at the watch. they are going to be admiring your thick and beautiful unibrow.

  27. I really like this watch ??
    But I have question .

    What the best watch for daily use???

    I wont buy a watch can continue with me for many years

    Thank you for your videos, it’s so great ???

  28. I just looked up your store and realized your in Miami, definitely have to come see your store. Great videos keep it up

  29. It's strange how different people have different motivation for buying a Rolex. Personally I couldn't care less about whether somebody saw me wearing mine and thought it was from 1999, 2009 or2018. I don't wear a Rolex for attention. Anything that is attention grabbing runs the risk of catch the wrong person's attention and getting nicked.

  30. This is too much of a qustion mark. Overall, a beautiful piece, but the seconds hand interferes a bit. Same with the cyclops. Other than that, just beautiful !

  31. I had the blue dial.and the more classic platinum dial side by side in my hands at.the AD, both ref 116622 from 2012. I though the platinum dial was the perfect match for the platinum bezel both being samdblasted. I found the blue brass sunburst dial clashed with the bezel. I know some people find the grey dial a little bit more boring but to me it's just pure class and being solid platinum it males it more special. That's the one I took home.

  32. Hi Eric
    I had the mid size buy metal blue yachtmaster then 2 years later changed it for a silver and platinum mid size.
    Then the blue face full size came out I wanted one but could not afford it straight away and then the dark
    gray model came out ….blown the blue face out the water .
    I bought the watch and am happy with it I have had 4 rolexes but this one is for keeps keep
    your vlogs up and stay with watches stay away from the car vlogs.

  33. frist person i ever heard say the blue dial is better than the previous. there's a reason the blue face ym is sitting in stores when every other stainless steel watch is sold out lol

  34. Hi Eric
    I have a 2017 yachtmaster with the new dark gray dial…..I think the yachtmaster
    is a classic style.
    But one thing I don't understand why do Omega have a 007 James bond model
    and Rolex a batman .
    Stupid names and would not spend top money on one the second thing
    how long before the bubble bursts for Rolex.
    It has to happen what's the next thing to get in to.

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