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New Rolex Datejust 41 – Baselworld 2016 – Jubilee Datejust Unboxing & Review – Ref 126331

New Rolex Datejust 41 – Baselworld 2016 – Jubilee Datejust Unboxing & Review – Ref 126331

This is Watch Your Style. My name’s Eric. Today I’m going to be unboxing for you and
going over the new Rolex Datejust 41. Rolex came out in the Baselworld 2016…they
came out with a couple of different watches. I did for my last video the Daytona stainless
steel with the ceramic bezel, which is actually a very nice looking watch; but they also released
for their 41mm Datejust II line, which I don’t even think it’s called the Datejust 2 anymore. But pretty much, they revamped the 41 and
what they did was they introduced the jubilee band and then, of course, they also…they
put a two-tone with rose gold. So the example that I have for you today here
is the two-tone, jubilee rose gold with the chocolate dial, which right off the back,
for me is one of the ones that just looks the most eye-catching out of all of them…just
because I tend to look the way that chocolate dials look with rose. So one of the first things that you notice
is the obvious and blatant in your face is that it has a jubilee band, which I feel like
it was overdue and we were waiting for that. And I think it came out awesome. Now, a very important thing about this watch
is that don’t let it fool you. It’s actually a whole different watch than
the previous 41mm, the Datejust II. This is a totally different watch, and what
changes on this new Rolex Datejust Jubilee is, believe it or not, the case actually is
a bit slimmer than the previous model and the bezel, the width of the bezel, they kind
of changed the angle of it to make it look…it appears to be a thinner bezel. So, for some of you guys that were maybe not
happy with the previous bezel, especially on the Day-Date II, they fixed that, so it
looks a little bit better. I’m not going to lie. One of my honest opinions is that when they
changed the Day-Date from the 41 to the 40, I feel like this is the case that they had
to go with. These are the changes that, for me, would
have just not been so rough and a different change. But, here we are. This is what we got. So let’s go over the movement. One of the major things that also changed
with this new Datejust reference number 126331 is it features the new 3235 calibre movement. Now, I wanna tell you that this movement is
completely different than the previous. It’s almost exactly to the new one that comes
from the Day-Date 40. The only different is that it doesn’t have
a date function. And one of the main features that this new
movement has…it has a 70-hour power reserve and it runs on 4 Hertz and it’s extremely
accurate. It’s actually one of the most precise and
best movements that Rolex has every produced. So, that’s one of the new things that you
get with this new model. Another thing that I want to go over is, before
I run out of time here, is the bracelet. Yes, it has a jubilee bracelet, which is what’s
so special about this watch besides all those changes I just told you. Now, when it comes to the clasp, I’m still
50-50. Part of me likes it, because I feel like with
the traditional Oyster-lock clasp, it kind of gives it more of a masculine look, but
at the same time too I kind of almost wished it would have had the hidden clasp. So I’m kind of like 50-50. I’m not sure yet if I completely like it yet,
but that’s that one thing that I’m not really sure about yet. I feel like, other than that, the watch is
amazing. It looks really nice, really good looking
watch. It’s king an MSRP of $13,050. It’s about standard pricing for this line
of Rolex. There’s still not out yet in the pre-owned
market, so I really cannot guide you yet on what to pay for a preowned one, but my guess
would say that eventually, in the future, they’re gonna be probably in the area of $700
more than the standard one. $700 to $1000. That’s like my rough prediction. I don’t know yet. We’re not there yet, so we’ll have to see
what happens. So, remember, when you hear that there’s a
new Datejust 41mm, it might not necessarily be referring to the Datejust II, because now
we have two new cases. They’re not interchangeable in parts and it’s
a whole different watch as a whole. So, as far as the Watch Game goes, the Oyster
Perpetual Datejust 41, in my opinion, is a heavy piece for depending who’s wearing. OK? This is very complicated. Guys, don’t get offended out there. Please, don’t send me hate mail. Personally, if I saw some of the ladies out
there wearing it, I’ll be like, �Wow, nice looking watch!� Some of the guys, not so much. I mean, it’s still a nice watch. Don’t get me wrong, but you’re not gonna be
doing much bullying out there with this pieces. You know? I would just call it an intermediate Watch
Game watch. Maybe for the office during the day, when
you perhaps don’t wanna be so shot out, you know? If you wanna really be into the heavy Watch
Game, I mean you gotta go for a Day-Date II. Nevertheless, it’s still a 100% quality piece. And I just, you know…I love it. I love the combination. I just see it more perhaps on my girlfriend’s
wrist. So, if you’re in the market for your next
watch, send me an email at [email protected] And if you like this video, please like and
share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!

Reader Comments

  1. Is there a reason why you wear sunglasses indoors? "Sun" glasses, implying that you use them when there is sun light. Conclusion: You either have a small pp, or are insecure. #nochin 👍

  2. liked your personality, simplicity and honesty…liked your good knowledge of every aspect of the watches you review…I think I am going to get the same watch but with the oyster bracelet, saw it few days ago at the rolex dealer here in KUWAIT and wanted to give my self some time to think it over…its beautiful

  3. my favorite part of the videos is when Eric says " as far as the watch game goes…." and then lays it out for us. Keep it up Eric, love the vids!

  4. I purchased my Rolex last year, lovely watch and I wear it everyday. my question is how to clean this piece?. it gets dirty so easily especially around the edges of the date window and the bracelet. I saw some people dumb it in water with a bit of soap, but I'm scared to do it.

  5. Erik, you like a 41mm better on your girlfriend's wrist? The watch it s criticised for beimg too big compared to the old 36, too big for a guy for that type of watch, and you like it better on a girl?

  6. Chocolate 🍫 face is the goods! This is so bad ass. Btw you must have a pretty big girlfriend to wear a 41mm. My wife is about 5'3 110 and wears a 36mm datejust and it looks perfect.

  7. lol eric you are really mumbling nonsense with "watchgame" and "office watch". I just stoped right there. Please note that 99.9% of the people dont care about your watch or any watch. And we are talking about a insignificant "watchgame" assholes who are not impressed by this 13k piece? Care. I dont know what type of offices you are referring to, but this watch is definitely not an office watch. Unless you are running a office with ho's and drugs involved.

  8. You're right about women wearing this watch. More and more women are wearing bigger watches. IWC is definitely making bigger watches for women. Elle MacPherson wears a yellow gold Daytona and a yellow gold Sky-Dweller. Ellen DeGeneres wears vintage men's Rolexes. It's a thing now.

  9. It's nice though I have to say, I strongly prefer the jubilee on the smaller 36 watches and I have to say I prefer the look of the 36mm jubilee clasp. On 41mm, jubilee looks a little bit too dressy, yet you have that big sports buckle. I think this will need a redesign, it doesn't feel quite coherent enough a product.My favourite in the datejust 2 range is the all steel 116334 dark rhodium dial with diamonds on Oyster. That is one sexy watch.

  10. I think this is the most beautiful Rolex

    1. 126331
    2. 114060
    3. 116610LV
    4. 116613LB
    5. 116718LN Green dial
    6. 116618LB
    7. 116655
    8. 326935 Chocolate dial
    9. 116710BLNR
    10. 228238 Beige retro dial

    This new Datejust 41 is by far the most beautiful Rolex today.

  11. Hi Eric!! Just not my style, Personally I preffer oyster cases… the best thing in this chapter is ur glasses… can you tell me which brand and model r?? Thx!!

  12. Hello Eric, Nice video!

    Can you do a video for datejust ii 116334 dark rhodium Diamond and compares to the some of the new datejust 41mm with Diamond?
    I want to see how you and everyone thinks of them.


  13. I love the yellow gold with black diamond dot dial. Perfect for a suit and tie event when you don't want to be too loud.

  14. Mr.Eric,What should be the ideal salary per year in order to buy one of these watches (A salary range would be nice ) ?I am just finishing my engineering next year.So want to get my goals straight. P.S.:- I just love your reviews 🙂 Thank You

  15. CRM what would you get a nautilis 5711 or patek aquanaut 5761, the one on rubber strap? what would you choose… i blame your vids for loving patek!!

  16. Does a day function really bring a watches game up that much? It was mentioned in this video that this new date just has basically the same movement as the day date just without the day function.

  17. I just bought 1 of these. I live it but I'm going to have the clasp changed back to the hidden clasp with the Crown. not sure how much that is going to cost me. does anyone know if rolex will change it for me?

  18. Everyone has Day Date…I like this DJ2 in rose gold with Jubilee because not many people will own one. Also a 40mm DayDate is too small…and I don't want to buy a second hand 41mm President.

  19. Everyone thinks that other watch brands copy and follow the lead of Rolex but I noticed that Rolex tends to follow trends set by brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. AP truly made Rose Gold the new standard for luxury watches and all the grand complications by makers like Vacheron Constantine and Patek Philipe are also in Rose Gold. Yellow gold is starting to be seen as tacky and Rolex seems to be switching over as well.

  20. I was thinking about this watch as I wore the Datejust in the 90s… then sold it as it started to seem dated. But in a way, they really never go out of style. Glad to see your review. Well done.

  21. Only a clasp. The watch itself; its jubilee bracelet and chocolate dial are stunning features. At this time I am struggling to make up my mind whether to buy the 36mm or the 41. Both are very attractive to me. I'm leaning towards the 36mm with jubilee bracelet and champagne dial.

  22. I absolutely HATE this watch. Almost everything about it. Yet I love the Stainless (or WG) 2016 DJIIs. That said, I watched this entire video, since Eric is good, and taste is subjective.

  23. I wanna buy this one but the shocking fact that its not water resistant !
    even the cheapest watch nowadays is a water resistant .

  24. Eric, Most viewers are not the top 5% or even 10% earners. So having a DateJust 126331on the wrist is a big deal. And yes if I had one on my wrist I would be stuntin'.

  25. People are arguing over 5mm. I've worn 36mm and I own a 126331 with the oyster bracelet at this moment and it's almost impossible to tell the difference. I'm 6ft3 200 pounds and I can rock anything from 36 to 48. It depends on which model it is.
    relax, guys!

  26. Eric-Which watch do u think is best to purchase for a third watch this rose gold datejust or the rolex batman….

  27. I just ordered the Datejust 41, SS & WG with the jubilee bracelet and blue dial for myself. I would agree though that the two-tone with yellow- or everose gold makes it more feminine and looks good on women aswell. Either way, any feedback on the watch I ordered? 🙂

  28. Yellow gold is better on the date just 41 for me than the two tone rose gold. Rose gold fits the day date much better in my opinion.

  29. Actually bro, i'm hesitating about choosing a date just2 or a day date 2, i love both of em. I don't wanna do a mistake, it's a lot of money for me, which one would you go for if yd be me?

  30. Are the features the same as the one with datejust 41 chocolate dial with diamonds or just this one with the index?

  31. Hi Eric,
    Good and open communication also about ladies part, view of my point is I choose to see watch more than the speaker, in this video watch %30 speaker %70 (roughly)

    I think you got my point Bro.

  32. $13,000.00 I would say “you can’t be bullying around with it, it’s more like for my girl friend! 🤔dude. That’s not chump change unless you’re like a super rich man.

  33. I bought this watch brown and rose gold… felt it looked to feminine on my wrist. So I traded in for a white gold and steel with the diamond blue dial. Now it looks way more masculine. Its my favorite and most comfortable watch to wear, even more than the Day-Date.

  34. Eric a 1972 rolex datejust two tone rose gold white dial a bit strech bracelet still vintage ref number 1601 what would your store buy it for

  35. Hey Eric I'm completely sold on this watch, I'm even about to sell my steel ceramic sub to buy this watch. Do you think they will come out with a concealed clasp any time soon? If they are it might be worth to wait. If not I'm buying this version, with the diamond dot chocolate dial. Thanks in advance.

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