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Nest secure alarm system setup and review BURGLARY

Nest secure alarm system setup and review BURGLARY

Security alert What’s happening you-tubers Eddie here with NelsonandSons Review!! So you really need to ask yourself how? Secure is your home? Well in today’s video, I’m gonna talk about the nest secure alarm system It’s a DIY fully integrated smart home security system. I’m gonna talk about how to get the nest guard set up I’m gonna talk about how to get one of these sensors plugged in and all set up I’m gonna walk through some of the basic functions of the app itself and then I’m going to show you four different Ways of arming and disarming the alarm because let’s face it We all want to feel a little more secure whether we’re home or not, right? So let’s get into how I got this all set up Alright guys now I want to kind of show you how to get the Nest Guard set up So you got the unit here there There’s a barcode on the back Once you get it plugged in you want to open up the nest app you want to click the gear icon? Here you want to go to add product and then you’re gonna use your camera to scan that and once it scans it It’s a green light there. Now. This one’s already added to my account I didn’t want to delete it but it’s just gonna walk you through a really basic setup process. You’re gonna name it You’re gonna add it to your Wi-Fi and then it’s gonna ask you where you’re gonna be placing it So it takes about a minute and a half to set it up. It’s really really easy So the other thing I want to kind of show you on the app here That’s probably going to be the most important thing Once you get this unit set up to your account what you want to have set for all your security levels So you want to click again on the app on the gear icon down here? You want to go down to security and Then you want to go to security levels. Now this one is set for When it’s turned off we have the open tone So when the garage door is open, it just gives you kind of a bong noise a tone when you open the garage door So that’s when the whole system is completely turned off and this one is called Home and gardening It’s exactly what the what it states is when you’re home You want your door sensors and/or window sensors to be active you want motion turned off So obviously if you’re moving around the house, you don’t want your alarm to go off while you’re moving around the house So now you can you can change that entry countdown on there. You just click entry countdown the door garage door I have set for Motion detection is turned off You can turn it on if you want just leave it turned off and then the door open. I have 45 second countdown So if I am home, I have it on home in guarding and someone comes in through the garage door It’s gonna take 45 seconds before the alarm goes off and she’s gonna kind of talk to you and say the garage doors been open So that’s more of a personal preference on how long you want to set that for you can have no delay 15 30 45 minute 2 minutes or excuse me, 1 minute 3 minutes 5 minutes So it really depends on personal preference If someone does come in while you’re home how long you want it to go before the alarm goes off. So and then on the other one is When you are away in guarding the entry countdown I have set for no delay because you want it to go off immediately if someone breaks in or it senses motion It’s gonna go off right away and Then the leaving countdown when you arm it I have set for one minute that’s been seeming to work out fine for us You hit it. You have a minute to leave. We just usually said it once we’re in the car in the garage We just say home in a way We just click the away button and it has one minute to arm and we’re already on the road and going so Now we’ll give you when you’re out and you do forget to arm it it’s gonna send you a little notification Saying it looks like no one’s home. Would you like to set the alarm? So you just click it and you can set it so That’s one cool feature of you can set it from anywhere if you’re at work you get all the way to work and you forget That you arm your alarm. You can still do it from work. It doesn’t matter where you are As long as you got cell service or Wi-Fi you’re good to go So now the other thing is this unit actually has a built-in Motion sensor built into the actual mist Guard unit itself. It’s right on the frontier so the front of this where it says nests is where you want to point it to where you want to get most of your Coverage as a 90 degree field of view and it’ll go up to about 10 feet is as far as it’ll it’ll detect motion So we have our setup here in the kitchen front room area sliding glass door We got a bunch of windows there so that kind of projects out and you can see if anybody’s there now The other thing is if you have a dog that’s about under 40 pounds. It won’t set off the alarm So if you have a dog, that’s home while you’re away like if you have it on full security mode And you have a dog that’s roaming around if he’s under? 40 pounds about then it won’t go off. That’s I’m not too sure I’ll have a dog so I don’t know how well that actually works or not so and then the other the other thing that you can add to it is There’s cellular backup and there is like 24/7 monitoring by Brinks security and I think it’s about $19 a month and or With a three-year contract or it’s about 30 bucks a month a month a month so that just kind of gives you the professional monitoring built into this and Also when it is on a way in the garden full security mode if someone does break in and they see it right away If it doesn’t go off for some reason if they try to unplug it or tamper it Try to crush it the alarms gonna go off and it’s gonna send out a security alert. So it’s pretty foolproof It’s real easy to set up We’ve had it here for about a month and a half and we use it all the time. It works really really great I highly recommend this product. It’s just it’s awesome for us So here’s the motion sensor that we’re gonna hook up in our bedroom. So I’ve got the app open here I’m going to show you guys how to add it. You just click the little once you’re on the the main Nest screen it’s gonna load And then there’s a little gear icon you press that then you want to go down scroll down to add product I’m gonna click add product And then there’s a QR code on the back of this thing. So once you hold it up to the camera here It’s gonna scan it And then it’s gonna ask you Let you know when the door opens and close detects emotion. It kind of just gives you a brief overview of what it does So hit next It’s connecting to the nest guard right now. So now it’s telling me to pull this tab out because that’s the battery tab so I’m gonna pull this off and Then you get the little blue ring And what it’s telling you on there making sure the the light Glow blue ring tap next once it’s glowing blue So now it’s talking to the nest guard and then once it’s all connected it turns green It says it’s finishing adding to the nest guard And it’s all set up And say continue to installation that’s gonna kind of ask you where you want to put it so I want to put it on a wall and The motion detection is saying it’s up to 15 feet So next I’m gonna put it in the corner not the wall so you can do wall or corner So we’re going to do the corner. You just hit next and then What you want to name it so you there’s either built in ones or you can do Think your own so we’re gonna do master bedroom That’s gonna name it that so there is this little plate so we’re gonna have to take off this backing plate and attach This so we can do a corner mount because it’s a little corner blade here So now I’m gonna show you how to take this backing plate off took me a minute to figure it out But you’ve got to be you just got to get something to pry it with this is from the nest doorbell But you can just use a flathead screwdriver as long as you pop this little cover open. So you feel it See it pop open like that kind of opens and then once it does you kind of put your finger to twist it? And you just really got to grab it and give it a really really really good tug And it comes off you kind of got to be aggressive with this thing It feels like it’s gonna break but it won’t the plastics are really really really really sturdy plastic So the other option that this thing does as well it offers a path weight light. You can see it glowing right here So I have all mine turned off just because obviously battery life’s gonna suffer quite a bit with that But it’s kind of another cool feature especially if you have it somewhere where you hardly you’re walking or hardly go into you can kind of give a Pathway light and it detects motion So I walk around motion detection when you’re doing it. So that’s a kind of a neat feature So now we’re gonna get this mounted to the wall I’m gonna use a screw and the adhesive it asks you to do if you want to use either one But I would just do both that way. It’s never gonna come off the wall. So I’m gonna pull the little adhesive off here Anything that says when you’re mounting it is to be between five feet and six point four feet. So I’m 511 So I’m gonna kind of do it just above eye level That way we’re within that threshold because if it’s too high It’s not gonna get any Oshin down below if it’s way too low It might set off to offer and you can have something block it like this lamp so between five between five feet and six and a half feet is kind of where you want to put it so I’m gonna stick it just about a Little above eye level for me So we’re gonna push firmly cuz we got that adhesive on there and just get yourself a screwdriver indoor drill I’m just gonna use a screwdriver so I don’t over tighten it And there’s gonna always be a stud in the corner of your wall. So it’s gonna be nice and tight and that’s it And then once you get that bracket up there Grab the nest motion detector. Give it a good push And that’s it Alright guys now that we got the bedroom all set up. I wanted to show you here on my garage door It’s kind of the same function. You’ve got the adhesive. You’re just gonna stick the sensor here then you’re gonna stick the little magnet on here and I’ve got this one set up to the highest low just because of the this Is the doorway area. So now that when you open the door, it kind of gives you an audible chime. We open it and Then when you close it So if this one does motion up to 15 feet and then also the contact it does that as well? so now the other really really cool feature about this home thing is when you’re on home and Gardening so when you’re on home and gardening and someone would break in It would go off the alarm would go off at in or if you open the door So I leave early in the morning before my family does I don’t want to disturb them So what I do is you just come up here and you press this button right here It turns green and now it’s kind of a silent open. So when you open it, it won’t make a chime noise And the alarm won’t go off and as soon as you close it, it goes back to home and guarding instantly Alright, so now I’m going to show you the four different ways of arming and disarming the system So right over here, we’ve got the unit itself here that you can do. You just press this button here, which is a way inverting Gives you the visual green and the audible 1-minute to exit to turn it off. You just hit the off button over here and Then it’ll prompt you for a pass In there, you just hit the X or the checkmark button here The other way is the nest tag, which you put on your keychain, you can give this to your house sitter your cleaning lady Whoever you don’t want to have a code You can just give this to them or your kids if they come home early That way they can just run in or when you’re leaving you can harm it and Then when you’re coming back home It disarms it now the other way is on the app itself You’ve got this function on this side here where it says security you can harm it there And then you can just turn it back off on here the way there’s no coach to remember and the other function that we use the most is You push on the main nest screen you press your home here and you just say that you’re going away you have to exit and then when you get back home, you just say that you’re home and It disarms it. So the other way here is with the Google Home Hub so I’ll make a video another day on how I get the Google home hub set up with the ecosystem of the nest but this Way is another pretty cool way if your hands are tied up. All you got to do is say hey, Google I’m leaving Ok You have one minute to exit setting the nest guard – away in guarding have a great day So she gives you the audible and you can see the visual of the green the countdown So in one minute, it’s gonna armed the system So now we’ll just turn it off with the little nest tag here Disarmed so now it will not the the Google Home Hub will not let you disarm disarmed it with audible with your voice Because it’s just more of a security feature if someone did come into your house All they would have to say is hey Google disarmed the alarm so it won’t let you disarm it So that’s not what’s one way of arming a– but not disarming it So another cool feature about this unit is on the back here. There is actually a panic button on the back. So for some reason Your home and I don’t know what happens intruder happens or a terror But you want to set off the alarm All you got to do is hold this button on the back And a little red ring will come around and once the red ring goes away It’s gonna go off so we’ll give it a try. So we hold it Security I use this here Disarms it so now I want to show you guys how loud This alarm system is I got a little decibel meter here on my iPhone I know it’s not the best thing but I just kind of want to show you how loud it really is Security alert So you can see there our peak Was 108 point seven? So it’s very very extremely loud works. Awesome Alright guys, thanks for watching. I hope that video was helpful of the DIY Ness secure install Please leave all your questions and comments below hit that like button hit that subscribe button Hit that little reminder Bell and please tell all your friends and families about me. I’ll catch you on the next one P

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  1. this seems god, until you find out that nest got hacked.Same thing that happened to ring… random people watching you in your home. Except in the case of nest, the hackers told them that there was a nuclear bomb on the way to the US! Can you imagine how scary that must have been. I had to switch to an system. The cheapest price I could find is on

  2. Google implanted a hidden microphone in it, to allow the Google Nazi Youth to listen and spy on customers, and sheeple don't take time to do their research on this crap, sad!

  3. Thanks very informative video. You were the first that I've seen to describe how to use the motion detect feature in the sensors. I knew that the sensors had double duty as both door sensors and motion detection in one but never seen someone describe how they would work as a hallway motion detection.

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