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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 9th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 9th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I really think this coronavirus is a plague because I noticed only Caucasian and Chinese those are the two most racist race in the world I think this is a sign from God LOL

  2. Sure seems like a world government scam to control the masses. No more riots in china lockdowns likely to become martial law..

  3. How could anyone consider allowing this president to continue lying to this country. I pray God 🙏 sweeps up his people soon. This is just to much….

  4. Greetings….

    I’m stuck on a cruise ship, and I want to to be tested right NOW, so I can get out of here and get on with my life.



    Lots of folks may wonder why all guests and crew on Grand Princess are not getting tested even though it is said that new test kits are being churned out by the many thousands each day.

    So….. in answer, please consider the following scenario:

    Commercial lab in business park busy with skilled employees and test equipment handling ordinary business of processing biohazard blood, stool, urine, saliva samples sent to them by hospitals, medical clinics, doctors and etc., tests whose timely processing may be crucial to patients being treated at these facilities.

    So a bunch of vans pull up and a guy runs in and says something like “Hey, I got 3000 virus kits that need processing, can you have results ready by 3 pm this afternoon?”

    Yeah…. right?

    Though there are supposedly hundreds of thousands of kits currently being churned out, there is also a huge need for biohazard handling facilities, trained lab technicians, lab equipment, record keeping and procedures to be set up and organized.

    So, at least for a while, tests will be given only to those exhibiting flu like symptoms in order to separate the few that are infected with COVID-19 (who require special handling) from the 30 to 60 MILLION Americans with same symptoms each flu season suffering with ordinary flu, colds, allergies, etc.

    Hope this helps explain current situation a little.

  5. it is sintetic virus, made for reason, so…we need untivirus. Who did this, and who have keys to chemicobiologic laboratorys???

  6. I hate the president and Senator Cruz but I hope they don’t catch it or die. I’m still human to care about people, even if I hate their policies

  7. I don’t feel so good, I have pressure in my lungs 😬 I have asthma but idk if it’s that or something else 😢

  8. Poor people are now wards of state… equals prison like conditions… corps will try to take advantage.
    Since, most can earn $30 per inmate annually. More for children.

  9. And, I,m wondering about cruise ship(just few dosen people have virus), when same time in China more catostroffic situation.and Italy,.. where is vacsin?Why nobody rush? What about Train system.Nobody clean Subways, how suppoust, with xloring trains,stationx…What you, waiting for?

  10. Haha, I'm loving the DC reaction to the 'hoax.' Trump is refusing to let administration members get tested and to impose some protective measures…there you go, Republican senators…your guy is really taking care of you. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  11. And of course they have to show false inspiration at the end .. Brown and white coming together after a tragedy. ( psst! Ignore the fact that we're murdering minorities with no retribution) BUT YEAH LET'S COME TOGETHER AFTER TRAGEDY THAT AFFECTS THEM MAJORITY👍…😂😂 still doesn't work everybody knows you're the 👿DEVIL👿. Your behavior and policies prove it daily.

  12. So Trump is talking about throwing yet more money at the economy…every wonder where that money is coming from? Each and every time he does this, it bumps up the deficit. He bumped it up 26% last year. But of course, that's how Trump manages his businesses…he runs them into debt, and then declares bankruptcy, leaving his investors wondering what just happened as they trudge off to find a refrigerator box to live in. Only in THIS case, the buck stops here. There's no one to pass on his debt to…except us. His 'perfect' economy is being shored up by constant infusions of government (read: your) cash. It's fake. And you better get your fridge box NOW, because they're going to be in short supply when he finally cashes out on America.

  13. The main stream media is the metaphorical equivalent of a sewer running directly through your living room.They have propagated a false world wide panic.They are wholly owned by the deep state criminal cabal.

  14. I returned from the Philippines and Japan last week after a two-week vacation. Landed in LAX no monitoring no questionnaire just a welcome back from the Customs officer.

  15. Wow, @ 9:44 the news states: 22 million kids rely on hot lunches and for many; its their only hot meal of the day…… my question is" where are all these poor kids in America that don't get any hot food at home?

  16. What annoys me is that they dock them in the United States. Like Get them tf out of the US. No one wants them here

  17. Payroll tax cut do it Trump and don’t take any risk protecting the truckers if we take a hit cancel Christmas.

  18. I disagree. This is time to panic. It's a little too obvious that containment has failed. Plan for the worst.

  19. Fear-mongering is the most dangerous thing that can be done during a crisis, especially when it comes to the spread of disease. This channel creates dis-ease regularly and should be quarantined from the public until further notice. NBC is making money off of this information and should be completely ashamed of themselves and embarrassed by themselves.

  20. Nothing coming out of China is to be believed. Not their news not their number of cases dropping down….NOTHING.



  23. She was lying about the 401Ks. We're heading into a global recession. Remember 2008? People lost millions out of their 401Ks.

  24. Oh so these four Republicans have been infected for about a month and we're just now hearing about it? One of them shook hands with Trump? No wonder he's been hiding and not crisscrossing the country doing his rallies!!!

  25. People should read this article !!!

  26. I wouldnt miss those house members and congress men. Just sayin. Hope they hang out with Trump alot!! How quick Karma hits. Where's your gas mask now Matt? Not so funny is it?

  27. I like the way they kinda play it off because most of the deaths are the old and infirm. huh? WTF have we become…??

  28. This is Media Terrorism.. all of these liberal Communist news networks are spreading nothing but fear. Just the same as ISIS.

  29. With whats going on worldwide if you are willing to risk the health of yourself&your families fine thats your right and choice.But you don't have the right,if people start getting sick on your cruise to expect to just walk off when your cruise is over without some time isolation for the virus to run its course,as not to effect the population.
    Thats a fact and all should be quarantined,not "self quarantined" until the ships occupants are deemed totally free of risk of infecting others in the population

  30. They are still don’t want wearing mask? Are you okey ? They don’t want wearing mask and now a lot got corona…impotent telling You…. If you want corona and you do not wearing have to do wearing everyone NOW do not anger wearing mask Chinese or India peoples or Italy ..they just want protect self them…

  31. Federal government must shut down ALL cruises in the US until this pandemic passes. Seeing this ordeal still thinking to go to cruise?? You are truly brainless…

  32. Everyone knows the president 100% tested himself. There is no way he could go without that infornation.

  33. The passengers left behind on the COVID-19 virus infected Grand Princess still have to eat their meals that are being prepared by the crew? Why can't the US Government arrange take-aways for them from outside caterers now that the ship has been berthed? That would minimise the possibility of further cross contamination and spread of the COVID-19 virus on board the ship among those poor passengers and crew, and it would not cost much either!

  34. Meanwhile in America Uncle Trump devised a plan…!!! No testing… No infections…!!! Absolutely GENIUS…!!! Maybe every county needs to follow America’s Example and stop testing…!!! No testing, no new infections – Hallelujah Coronavirus pandemic solved..,!!!

  35. Can someone fill me in on house values? I just got a home but I live in Colorado and the housing market here is crazy expensive!

  36. It is said that the corona virus is most likely to be mild. The point is: who in their right mind wants this nasty thing in their body. We are not even sure of any long term effects it might have. Everyone stay safe and stay healthy.

  37. They gotta lower the bills for businesses by 50% or more during this virus time. They cant pay the lease, rent, electricity, gas, water, internet, materials and taxes to run a business right now. Where's the relief for businesses too?

  38. So what happens for us working people when we can't work anymore because we have been quarantined are we thrown out on the streets

  39. So, these ppl on board the ship, they were not informed about the risk of cv? And if they were, and Chose to go irregardless, and got sick and or were quarantined, its there own fault.

  40. lol so they have the ill unload first, contaminating the boarding ramp. Then they march the uninfected off the ship.

  41. No no no no we need to remember that healthcare is a privilege and not a right.
    These low-income deadbeats need to feel the pain of not being able to afford good health care. How else will people with money and influence be able to have the immediate attention and care of the fine physicians who work so hard to be reimbursed so well.
    We need to show the poor what it means to be lazy and feckless and not have the money for deductibles or proper health Care.
    My favorite Bible verses where Jesus offers to heal the leper as soon as he pays his deductible.
    I get my news from my juju beads at the big Christian Church where we shake the tambourine and run the building.
    Everybody knows that sickness is brought on by sin and the devil. You are under attack by a demon spirit.
    All this science goobly goop can go on forever but the bottom line is that the demons and the devil is coming after you.
    At what point are we going to have politicians who make it legal to burn witches at the stake again?
    Everybody knows these demons are amongst us everywhere.
    People with red hair, people with birthmarks, people who are left handed and so on. In fact Jesus just told me that you're a demon and I'm going to talk to my politician about burning you at the stake with the police tying you down and setting fire to burn you up with a purity of Christ.
    Now everybody get out of my way because I have to build a new colony in Salem Massachusetts and call it the grace and love of Jesus land, because we are washed in the blood of Christ, so therefore we can do no wrong.
    Now everybody get out of my way because I've got to watch Fox news, vote Republican and pray to Jesus about being a compassionate Christian.

  42. Propaganda!!! They claim that many of the 22million kids eating free lunch at school don’t get any other hot meals. Quit exaggerating in an attempt to get views.

  43. Personally I haven’t been going out to eat at restaurants of any kind near as much. Merely because of trying to avoid crowds of any kind…

  44. What the amount of homelessness going on in the United States I don't see this virus ceasing soon. Until we fix that issue because you're testing what you call normal citizens but not the homeless which are around us everywhere the virus will continue to spread and progress. Wake up America

  45. God will helps America and American people be cause God bless America in God we trust Amen jesus is the Lord always Amen 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️

  46. Look at what is planning for here.
    Some one stop this crazy crazy ride., this is not what I paid for and I demand a refund.

  47. If you want a free good long vacation get on cruise boat. If this isn't a full-blown panic I don't know what would be. I think the president is going about this all wrong unless this was all planned to wipe the economy out and Usher in a world currency. We're going to all start out with enough for dinner. That's all

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