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  1. Stop the Cruises Now! How dumb are these companies? Seeking profit over life! People still booking trips! Wow so unreal the amount of denialism we are seeing! #stopthecruises

  2. if some of you people would take a bath,brush your teeth,use mouthwash,put on fresh clothes everyday, this sht would get a lot better

  3. If you traveled out of the country or flying please check yourself before you come home or go to work. I know i still see my family and friends going vacations and i know for a fact their not going to see a doctor. This virus has been here awhile and now their looking into it. They thought it was just a common cold or flu. Maybe someone brought it to China and it spread there.

  4. People don’t learn experience from other cruises. They still wanted to travel so no complaints. They don’t take precautions. The longer Quarantine, the better for stopping these viruses spread. Travelers take their own risk and responsibilities. Don’t infect others who stay home with their families and children

  5. Scare mongering by the leftist media to get the governments to push more laws to control us. Its a flu that is a little bit more dangerous. Stay clean, wash your hands properly, stay away from crowds for now and just be mindful of your surroundings. They have already signed a bill in the US where it basically says "we can do anything we want during a crisis" – like now even though it isnt a "crisis". We are signing away our freedoms and rights by the second. Wake up people.

  6. If only we could trust the administration who’s lied over 16,000 times and counting. Perhaps frump shouldn’t have fired 700 members of the CDC so they could have prevented the spread and started testing earlier.

  7. This is an attack people don’t get that the creators want chaos and population control the elite don’t worry since they have the antidote


  9. Vice president Pence said it true use common sense I don't think only older people can get the coronavirus call you looking at the Chinese people gets it this the people who be sick gives it worser also vice president Pence stop the college student spring break is coming don't say the only old people get it don't take that chance and it'll backfire on you stop young college students from traveling all over the place don't take a chance cuz you don't know what it's about so stop the college students and don't let them get sick tell them all to go home no spring College spring break because if you find out the young people get it down a bit epidemic real bad

  10. You all see how the mainstream media believes the Chinese government. Fools are they, fools…. Repent and get right with the Lord Jesus Christ for the devil is about to be cast out of heaven and thrown down to earth…….

  11. It’s so weird, most of people don’t wear masks. Nobody knows that “asymptomatic” people is spreading the virus? Or nobody knows that people in “the incubation period “ is spreading virus?
    Many people are misunderstanding that the only people who have symptoms such as coughing sneezing etc. should wear masks, but it’s not true! The asymptomatic people, “people who feelings okay” should wear masks! It means every people need to wear masks, especially at the enclosed space like a subway, bus, etc.

  12. Don't let any visitors in to America from countries like Pakistan where there is poor fraud healthcare. ..Dr.Hussain
    89% of PM imran Khan of Pakistan cabinet was tested positive for virus…..

  13. USA: NO TEST EQUALS NO COVID_19! Since when do you go to the President to get a medical test. Doctors should have the tests. Covid-19 is extremely communicable. It is transmissible for seven days before you get sick, and for seven days after you think you are well. The virus can live nine hours on surfaces. The average duration of illness is 4 weeks. The rate of relapse, and of secondary infections is very high. You have to stay six feet minimum from other people to even begin to be safe. Covid-19 is not the flu. Not one bit. The death rate is 3.4%. Just release the tests King trumpy. You will be responsible for an untold number of deaths if you don't.

  14. I've never seen more Republicans look like William Morris agents the president the vice-president the governor they all look like they need an enema

  15. If that was my driver shoveling people's walkways on company time, he'd have a big problem. As far as I still know, FedEx Express drivers are paid by the hour.

  16. everyone heard theirs a corona virus and its deadly why some people love to travel and now its keeps spreading goshhhhhh wake up guys

  17. Wait these old people are blaming the cruise ship for them taking a cruise during a pandemic… they must be Americans right?

  18. An estimated 32 million Americans have come down with influenza since this year’s flu season began in late September, resulting in about 18,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In contrast, as of Thursday, health officials have confirmed 97,876 cases of coronavirus infection resulting in 3,347 deaths across the entire globe.

  19. There is really no death in Nebraska.. Half these states with reported "positives" are patients flown into the area for special hospital care. Most of this is hype to up ratings AT YOUR EXPENSE.

  20. I thought they were concerned about crowds huhh because of that virus lol oh okay let's forget about it hey let's get those votes.. Stupidity at it finest..
    Germs everywhere.. Cough 💨💀Cough💨 😔😷

  21. Hitler loose he has whole world as one huge bio lab science experiment globally! Get your self to see what happening globally people !

  22. It's crazy to be too clean, we are after all about 9% virus in our DNA. I worked with industrial sanitizers one year and killed all my good bacteria. I got soooooooo sick & tracked it back to cleaning.

  23. This is a disgusting media driven (YOU) panic attack that is nothing more than a Corporate Deep State money grab in a easy target National Election year
    USA in the first 2 months of 2020 , 19 million people got the flu
    180,000 people hospitalized
    10,000 people died
    Yet not one single peep out of the selectively reactionary lap dog media
    You should be ashamed of being politically manipulated like swap meet sock puppets, and you wonder why America cares not one bit about your constantly crying “Wolf Wolf “ when it’s only the misshapen shadow of a church mouse

  24. The US Gov is lying to you… the US is officially the SECOND HIGHEST DEATH RATE per CONFIRMED INFECTION in the world behind Italy and AHEAD of China and Korea! If you trust Trump's word that everything is under control you better think again, at this rate the number of deaths in the US will surpass 100 in the next 5 days.

  25. that's 80% of people that can walk around and get vulnerable people sick faster. I'm not worried yet about getting the virus, but I Worry about having it and spreading it. Maybe the strain in Italy is just more aggressive, or they must have a large aging population. Something is up over there.

  26. An intense UV System might do a better job sterilizing public areas to halt the spread in place of customs inspectors?
    Electrostatic sterilization would be cost effective.
    Elemental copper, immediately and safely halts the growth and spread of pathogens. A thin coating of copper would handle that in the form of a colloid or ionic mist of copper, created in a self contained unit sprayed in the ventilation or air of public areas using a transducer would most likely work best cost wise and for effect it works in air and in all surfaces this way; a simple and safe unit for speed of manufacture for global distribution to completely halt this virus spreading and any other future virus or pathogen. Better to think long and short term fix, halting the spread is crucial to our civilization as we know it instead of waiting 6-12 month for vaccines by which time the virus will already be near critical mass spread. If it cannot spread it cannot continue to exist. The proof this would work is the massive body of reputable scientific research online if you care to google it, this is voiced to the educated troll and you know who you are. Please only comment if you can add to this in a positive way.

  27. Can you not bring some positivity with the successful containment of the coronavirus that other countries have experienced like South Korea, Canada…

  28. With this covid19 scare tactic will I still be able to buy my playstation 5?!
    All this is premeditated. The covid19 virus has been out for over a decade. The powers that run the banks control it all.

    Where there is a virus there is a vaccine. To create the virus they also create a vaccine. They want that money to get it though.

  29. The 1100 crews will still be left in the Grand Princess cruise ship to have their quarantine 😥 😮 😯 ????
    Only paid passengers to leave the ship ??
    The Japan Diamond Princess cruise 2.0 on going …..

  30. هذا جند من جنود الله لان العالم كله حاربوا الموحدين الذين خرجوا من الباغوز وقتلوا وشردوا لانهم يطبقون شرع الله ويدافعون عن المظلومين والان تتدخل العناية الربانية وقل من الوقت ستطحطم الانظمة العالمية الفاسدة وتمسك الشعوب زمام الامور ان بقي هناك شعب بعد كورونا اللهم زدهم من عذابك وعقابك كل من حارب داعش وحرض على قتالهم الشهيد من داعش باربعين شهيد فغار الصحابة وقالوا لما يا رسول الله قال عليه الصلاة والسلام انتم تجدون على الحق اعوان وهم لا يجدون اكبر شرف للمسلم ان يكون في صفوف داعش كما تسموهم او تنظيم دولة الخلافة الراشدة

  31. D.C. Reverend Gave Communion Before Coronavirus Diagnosis. Reverend Timothy Cole of Christ Church Georgetown was diagnosed on Saturday evening and is currently in “stable condition,” Reverend Crystal Hardin, Cole’s assistant, said at a news conference. Hundreds of visitors were exposed to Cole at the Episcopal church in recent days, according to the Washington Post, as Cole served communion and shook attendees’ hands.

  32. Theres definitely a more, relaxed feel to the way politicians address the people. i think trumps opened up a whole new game of ball lol more sarcastic and practical

  33. How about some common sense here? These ships are one of the main reasons this virus is all over the place. How about they put a ban on ALL cruises world wide- and forbid them from doing any cruises until this is under control?

  34. There's absolutely no reason to be afraid at all. You can only get a cold from someone caughing directly into your mouth. This is all fear mongering FONT FALL FOR IT!

  35. How stupid can people be. The first case started on 1 December 2019. If you were planning to make a trip, vacation or especially a dumb cruise knowing these ships are contaminated and people are coming up positive and even dying all over the world and you completely disregard all warnings you deserve to come up positive for Coronavirus. People are stupid. How are you going to file for a lawsuit against the cruise line company when these Dumb people sign up and pay thousands of dollars when a disease is running rapid worldwide? I hate people when they do wreck less things. Don’t go on some dumb cruise in Asia, come back to wherever you call home with your family infected, your family infect your neighbor and they infect their neighbors and on and on. The whole country of Italy is in lockdown, this is really serious. Don’t be stupid get yourself checked out or self quarantine to prevent the spread.

  36. Everybody better be paying attention to the money they carry around with them because of the Coronavirus that nobody thought about. 🤔😢

  37. I am wondering if any of you who own this channel ever read comments. Do you suppose you further the cause by your repeated attempt to create divide? You are really so pathetic.

  38. awesome. by a video doorbell, and help diminish the bit of privacy we have left so that all the governments and hackers can keep up with everybody.

  39. Here calm your fears about this virus once and for all, the numbers dont lie

  40. CRUISE SHIPS SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN TILL SUMMER. Airlines should be shut down until the virus is no longer a threat. If Trump working on the Trump/China Trade Deal back in December, 2019 when the COVID-19 was creating havoc on millions in China, and close down of millions. TRUMP HAD TO KNOW AND SAID NOTHING. Nothing would get in the way of Trump's New Trade Deal, but it did. THIS IS TRUMP'S FAILURE, AND LIES…

  41. Suspend all cruise ships! They are the Mecca in viruses spreading like wildfire. Countries all over the world must Prohibit cruise ships until this virus stops. PEOPLE STOP JUMPING INTO CRUISES IN THE MIDDLE OF A CORONAVIRUS. facepalm

  42. there are wonderful people in the world however there are only the Demonic ones reside in the government mainstream media and Hollywood

  43. Let’s send all the “ nonbelievers” who think Covid-19 is a Democratic hoax to that nursing home in WA state! Wait until it reaches D.C.!

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  45. You people sell fear like it's your only talent… this isn't journalism. It's not even decent plagiarism. Just a sad ratings grab using tragedy as a manipulation device.

  46. Really, where is the apology from China for spreading the virus to whole world by concealing the truth in the first place, if China came forward with the discovery of the corona-virus in Wuhan patient back in December, world, more importantly, China itself, would have avoided the pandemic, it is absolutely not acceptable to push the responsibility to US when China spread the deadly virus to entire earth.

  47. Why are we talking about politics all the time , the election can wait . Who cares about prince harry have there been any new technologies developments discoveries what about weather volcanoes and earthquakes floods around the world why are we glorifying the elite so much ?

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